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Let's get one going cause I want some screens for my folder

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bls post more

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90% if the comments on tron's twitter page are cancer

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Oh god tron and xvg fags are the fucking worst.

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The most normie comment there is
>I don't know that I've ever had spare cash desu
Leaving aside the fact that this guy is shilling ripple like he's the only person to have heard of it if someone gives you a tip like this you should always have some capital to be able to invest. I was talking to my 'smart' friends from uni about crypto and I asked why they weren't investing in crypto (only what they can afford to lose) and they said because it's too risky.

I don't want to sound sanctimonious or or superior or whatever but some people are just destined to be poor

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well yeah kek everything that's profitable in life is a risk

i felt a bit bad for the normies who got into XRP right now by thinking it was gonna go to $100 at first but now it's just funny

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>everything that's profitable in life is a risk
I'm sure they'll buy in in a couple of years once it becomes properly mainstream and established and safe - i.e. the point at which you'll only be getting a few % a year

The XRP thing annoys me because I hate that useless coin and it immediately exposes the normies who don't understand market cap
>Bitcoin is $17000, Ripple is $2. It's like buying bitcoin at $2!

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go back

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Learning about IQ + delayed gratification has convinced me that some people are destined to be poor.

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>I don't know that I've ever had spare cash

This is what I tell homeless people. Do you know what a lie is anon?

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Whats a whitepaper, TRX/XVG investors. AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA

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you can tell who's going to make it at a very young age.


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kek his comment immediately made me think of this as well

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reading posts like this makes me want to volunteer at the first mars mission with spaceX.

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White paper is racist brah

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muhfuggin’ wypipo ‘n dey why-paypuhs

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HAHA ugh god. Remember that dude who took out a second mortgage at BTC when it was 20k and sold at 13k?
>I have children to feed
The dude must be absolutely livid right now, because you know he's following bitcoin. Normies have hands of butter and nothing but youtube to help them.

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hahahha yes, that was fucking great

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Dont even start pretending that people here read white papers anon. Half tue fuckers in here trade based on which logo and memes they like the most.

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Please anon, I need more of this.

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Sadly, it works well
I can't guess the exact percentage, but a lot of /biz/ runs on secondhand information

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The dude in the OP is investing based on social media hype on major websites, which is at least way better method than "that wojack picture on last nights shitposting thread is funny, im gonna put in 200 dollars".

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My dad is telling me not to get into crypto because it is high risk but idgaf I'm only 18

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>be me
>been in crypto since 2013
>have made over $300k
>have never read a single whitepaper

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Most people don't know anything about crypto dude. Only this year have people even heard of it, much less even have a dollar alone in the market.

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This is why the name of a coin is really important.

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whitepapers? why not blackpaper? you racist white boy.

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What actually are whitepapers? Aren't they just the goals of the company and the rollout stages/ideas?

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idk man I've never read any, I wasn't kidding

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Thats the roadmap, AHHHHHHHHH

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Imagine being this guy

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they are suppose to be scientific papers that layout coding and mathmatical calculations for the coin.
If you dont read whitepapers i do recomemnd reading BitCoins whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Basically, a white paper should by todays standard include a roadmap but it really should include things like coding, and formulas and network structure.

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The shitposting thread happens before social media hype. Wojack wins.

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You're retarded look at the top part of the screen

cd.. cd cd code ls etc are all normal things for a coder to type when they navigate through the pc you fucktard

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Codefags, pls explain

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They used to be highly technical papers about the tech behind the coin but as the industry matures more and more they become more like roadmap, product and marketing plan papers than pure tech papers.

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naaahhh, you would ls first and see there is no code plus she uses pwd (print working directory), she's already in code...

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I am still researching before investing so no, but good luck anon

I did read a whitepaper from some crypto tho I don't remember the name. It was interesting but I did not understand half of what I was reading

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And they're still gonna be rich. Fuck this gay earth

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Pics old af he probably bought in at 100 bucks probably rich af bangin your mom rn

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>theres people on this board that never read Satoshis whitepaper
Fuck off /biz/

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Why are you talking about pokemon lol

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They're pretty much bullshit these days so reading them for most shitcoins is pointless.

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Which part of I am still researching didn't you understand? I'll read Bitcoin's whitepaper today if I can

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>she needs to join our startup

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> Don't know nothing about investing
Why are niggers so illiterate

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Changing directories is common but she's clearly lost and has no idea what she's doing or where she's going. She also doesn't have enough knowledge to know that posting a picture like that would make her look like an idiot

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she's basically navigating through her files in mac, but in the terminal. She's doing a horrible job of it, however. Its like opening up a random windows folder, wondering if she's in the directory code, backtracing back, manually checking if she's in code again several times, when she was in code in the first place.

Also she seems to proud of printing "Hello world! " , literally every coder's first program.

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Not a coder but cd means change directory and the .. means go up 1 level. Basically whoever typed this is trying to change folders but doesn't even know the command to do it

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weak hand betas btfo

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He's right ya know. TRX is a 5+ year hodl.

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>both hands on keyboard

How did she take this photo?

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this was confirmed as just a nigger trying to get free btc donations

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Explained eth to my father
Laughs it off as a meme
Week later phonecall. Can you buy some Bitcoms?
This year is the escalation

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Ooga booga

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that girl at the end: typical future roastie

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my sides
best brainlet shit Ive read in a while

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That's what the code is for

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If you want to go up a directory, the command is "cd .." (with a space), not "cd..". Yet she does it 3 fucking times and still doesn't get what she did wrong. Anyone who is teaching a coding class better know that since it's fundamental knowledge.

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chad took it

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probably also own only 100 trx and think he is gonna become a millionaire.

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Full version here
Hello world

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>has no idea what he's talking about

fucking kek

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This one is even better

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lmao web 4.0 and lots of roadmaps coming up. I love people like this that can buy my bags in the coming years.

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She's printing hello world using an array because she's initializing a very high level framework and she's checking that the installation of the framework went right and I've just made that up

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I've committed myself to finding projects that normies will buy in to before they do (desu they are usually all shilled here at least once).

That way, I can buy in before them and dump on them near the top.

Who's with me?

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cd.. works on windows

>> No.5993952


That's not so bad. It's just newb coding, that's all.


Honestly, those are both fucking terrible for uniquely different reasons.

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She's using terminal on a macbook.

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I can't wait for the correction for these faggots.

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oh god

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>Revolutionary piece of code
Pick one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_inverse_square_root

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>so true OMG guys overcomplicate things

what a stupid fuck

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fuck they leaked the TRX source code...


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>he doesn't base his entire portfolio on wojak quality
niqqa wtf r u doing

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>hello world
haha is it even her laptop

>> No.5994379


Shortcutting code at the expense of losing it conceptually can hardly be called revolutionary. This is the same mentality all the assholes on CodeFights have for writing sorting algorithms in under 60 characters. It makes the code completely fucking illegible. There's a line between the left and the right images where quality coding exists.

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This is an actual text I got from my mother out of the blue. Peak normie is here.

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>if(x < b)
>return b
>/*Returns b if x is less than b
Wow, what a fucking useful comment.
Also why not just give them meaningful names, this has upset my autism

>> No.5994463

David why are you on the 4 chan? The news said its a hacker website!

>> No.5994500

is it normal for a mother to know what a meme is ?

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>> No.5994578

dont forget
>else if a < b && b > a
because a is less than b doesn't necessarily mean b is greater than a

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The woman hasn't even left the room and she's already chowing down.

>> No.5994625

top kek

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>Just a meme coin

There are people who have become millionaires by Doge alone. It is no longer a meme. Think about. People got filthy rich from a literal joke coin.

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Sure, code legibility is important but come on man, your comparison is quite dishonest.

>else if(a > b && b< a)
Yeah, better specify that b should also be smaller than a when a is bigger than b!
>Else return 5 because I'm so random yay :D
That got me good.

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Checked. No. Probably not. I’ve been talking to her about crypto for a few months. She has no idea what a meme is. She’s seen how much money I’ve made so she had me by some LTC and XRP for her. She doesn’t know how to trade it herself. I’m waiting for her to ask me to buy her Pepe cash next.

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Thats funny because on Verge's website it says black paper, its only like 16 pages though

>> No.5994745

True. That’s how you know crypto is a joke. A potentially very lucrative joke. I’m gonna buy some Pepe cash knowing full well it’s a joke but also that I can make money. It’s possible for both things to be true.

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my mum knows about memes, crypto, 4chan, shitposting / the holocaust being a myth.

i think i took things too far

>> No.5994783

Delayed gratification is the main thing. Its funny how since I broke 6 figs (back under now), I'm more aware of the bullshit going on. The vapid brunches, etc. Idk. Maybe biz broke me. I used to be fairly normieish, found biz in 2016. Most of my habits have completely changed. Encouraged me to become well informed on my countries tax laws, basic economics, etc.

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My sides.

>> No.5994808

my parents know about memes from normiebook

>> No.5994842

Your mum probably isn’t as old as mine. In fact I’m probably closer to age to your mum than I am to you.

>> No.5994910


I admire what he managed to figure out there. You're right, it's revolutionary. I just think that in this day and age, if he came up with the same sort of solution to a problem, he probably would've found a more elegant way to write it.

>> No.5994931

anybody got the vid of the kid livestreaming the phone call with his parents to tell them he lost their money in tron

>> No.5994963

My mum is in her later 50's and I'm closer to my 30's than 20's if that counts for anything.

my fucking autistic brother who is 20 says things like "kek" and "spreging out" IRL and my mum asked me what he was talking about one day, ever since then I just filled her in on memes.

The other day when I was at her house and took a shit in her toilet she walked past later and said "wtf it smells like the holocaust in here"

sent my sides on a moon mission

>> No.5994969

>tfw i literally just sold 82M Doge for 48 BTC now sitting on bittrex.
I finally fucking made it. Year of the DOGE.

>> No.5995009

wow a family of autistic memers. if i were a third brother in that house i would kill myself

>> No.5995079

understandable, have a nice day.

at least my mummy isn't a retard jew that wants my money, thats nice.

>> No.5995107

There’s another way?

>> No.5995152

With time comes refinement, very true. Although what is "elegant" to you might be useless or bloat to someone else.

>> No.5995166

It worked for LINK tho. Shit has no business being $1 but here we are

>> No.5995176

Yeah my mom is 72, so she’s peak boomer. She has no idea what 4chan is. Not a clue. If she knows about Pepe it’s only because Hillary Clinton mentioned him.

>> No.5995308


how to be the king of crypto

>make coin with big supply to get that sub $1 """"cheap"""" coin feeling to normies
>distribute 35% of the coins to yourself + 10% to a company that is also owned by yourself
>use buzz words and attention grabing expressions with no real meaning
>announce announcements all the time. no need to do actual work just shill all the time
>make 10 year roadmap so when the market crashes, you get pseudo-intellectual normies cry out "ITS A 10 YEAR HOLD YOU NOOBS. JUST HOLD WE GONNA BE RICH" while the whales (justin included) dump on all the retards

justin sun is a smart man. you on the other hand, are the retard

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>Shit has no business being $1 but here we are

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>These are the people I am stealing money from.
I feel no remorse.

>> No.5995445

Kek we are practically the same person except i have a sister cheers future biz/llionaire

>> No.5995485

>did you read the safety instructions?
>nope, i'm on a autism watch group

>> No.5995487

This might be illegal

>> No.5995604

Since coming on 4chan, my disgust has grown exponentially. The only things pure in this world are mathematics and philosophy and being 100% natty /fit/. I've recoiled from the world.

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it's actually quite comfy desu

>> No.5995657

>exit scam with business holdings in china and US
>go on the run for the rest of your life and likely have all of your assets frozen in the process
Hows he gunna cash out if his wallets are watched and his accounts are frozen?

>> No.5995712

> wearing gopro while typing cd in a terminal
software dev is a bubble

>> No.5995713

Stop being a faggot the world doesnt exist to please you get down that pedestal

>> No.5995716

Well.., this is the cringe thread

So thanks for that anon?

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>concatenate("hello", "word")
>look at the top part of the screen
>you're retarded

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Shit why didn’t I think of crypto watch group. I know all about this shit. I could break it down for lobotomized normies for cash. I can finally stop sucking cocks for money

>> No.5996019

This test is mostly solid but, here's the thing. If I was one of those kids, how would I know if that lady isn't gonna jip me and actually come back with a second marshmallow if I wait? To me pretty much everything has an element of risk assessment and in the real world that lady could have lied and made me wait for no reason, or could have even intended to bring back a second marshmallow but was unable to deliver for whatever reason. Just because I am promised a marshmallow if I wait doesn't absolutely guarantee me one if I wait. Every situation is unique in someway but you can use history of similar situations to understand what will probably happen but there are so many factors IRL that you are not guaranteed anything.

>> No.5996091

They're kids, you tell them that a big guy with a beard brings presents to all kids in the world in a few hours and they believe it

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>> No.5996157

I think I know who you are, David.

Shall I drop some hints?

>> No.5996183

>ITT normies laugh at other normies.
I bet not even a 1% here actually read whitepapers.

>> No.5996206

>oh no, the project failed due to X and Y
>too bad, investing has its risks you agreed to when buying our shittoken
>have a nice day sirs ;)

>> No.5996222

>how would I know
Cause if she doesn't you round kick her

>> No.5996313

What's the point really ? When you do and conclude that you just wasted your time reading some badly written bullshit about a scam coin, it eventually moons a bazillon times more than the good whitepaper you struggled to find

>> No.5996491


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>> No.5996592

yes my name is David D. Davidson

>> No.5996600

That's the point you fucking imbecile

>> No.5996868

>going on 7 years of fucking around with crypto
>made 200k
>haven't read a single whitepaper

desu famalam if you're reading whitepapers you're probably a virgin

>> No.5997122

she used both pwd and ls and then still tries to change to a nonexistent directory
clearly she's not too good with the machine

>> No.5997193
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>only made 200k in 7 years
come on mate.

>> No.5997224

It's the most single important document by these companies and if it took you 7 years to get 200k you're a fucking retard kek. You "fucked around" because you don't know what you're actually doing.
2M here.

>> No.5997237

I do, but I don't code. So most of it for me is theoretics of "what problem are we solving, how we're hoping to solve it and how we're proceeding about this" it's mostly speculation if they will end up succeeding anyway. The market just may not be right for their solution and BAM, failed token - good paper.

>> No.5997313 [DELETED] 

Kek this is how it feels to be whale I'm putting some nice green dildos in the back of the orderbook and the price keep magically increasing on the front

>> No.5997393


>> No.5997790

its a peer reviewed academic paper outlining the technology and its potential applications

its not even close to layman writing so most normies wont attempt it

>> No.5998108

If you started with literally two dollars and nothing more that would be impressive

>> No.5998317

>millenial cs kiddies
Maybe not "revolutionary" but certainly not "terrible" to find a way to calculate inverse square root without a division back in 1996.
The only way that code could really be "improved" is to put a comment with a link to a journal article or something describing the technique.
So bizarre how "optimization" has actually become a dirty word with modern programmers, when there are still many use cases for judiciously-applied optimizations especially for cutting edge applications where resources are scarce or fancy compilers haven't been developed

>> No.5998476
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Wow I looked. She can do hello world in Python? Impressive.

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A whitepaper is like 20 pages lads they're not that fucking hard to read

>> No.5998805
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>tfw phd student
>tfw field is cryptography
>tfw read several academic papers every week just as part of the job
>tfw have naturally also read several whitepapers for new cryptocurrencies
>tfw virgin

>> No.5999135

As if my mom would speak to me in English... Alex

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I mean crypto being risky is absolutely true. Avoiding it because you're risk adverse is perfectly logical.

There are perfectly intelligent people who look at the space and would rather go a less risky route.

There was a time in the last few months that my investments shrank in half in a 4 hour period, a lot of people don't have to stomach to watch that happen, true after it did that it went back and tripled in value but that sinking feeling is too high a cost for some people.

>> No.5999245

no one person has "cashed out" of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of any crypto.

>> No.5999530

>babby's first corporate exit scam
it's not like he's going to run with a comically large suitcase full of dollar bills. tron will simply underdeliver on its promises, as justin continues to be hard at work every day, and then it'll be oh, we tried, what can you do

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>> No.5999650

women: just fuck me up senpai

>> No.5999734

If only you knew how bad it really is.

>> No.5999984


>a nigger in a balaclava having 75k in equity.

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>I know the difference between x11 and SHA-256
WOW HOLY SHIT. You're telling me a WOMAN knows the difference between two hash types??!?!
Only normie faggots care about gender. Your research and opinions should not be more or less valid because of your fucking genitals.
I swear to christ STEM papers need to just remove first names. No one gives a fuck if you're female but pajeets and asspained beta autists.

Women on twitter in infosec are cancer.
>Look at my paper on writing a basic echo server in python

>> No.6000176


How could you invest and not have any idea what a market cap is? God, these fucks deserve what they're going to get.

>> No.6000333


How come there's no niglets in this test?

>> No.6000366


>> No.6000749


Pretty sure they knew what the result would be.

gibs me dat

>> No.6001153
File: 29 KB, 624x418, kekkkkk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new one

>> No.6001183
File: 38 KB, 337x384, Exactly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. So many anon's here are misogynist, or hate a coin cuz of females involved. And then the other side thinks women involved in anything tech is so kewl omg (muscle icon)

Anons pls try to hide your profound hatred for women, I want as many ppl buying crypto as possible...I'm here to fucking make money, so everyone is welcome.

>> No.6001288
File: 377 KB, 612x612, 1479720138607.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's basically your mom will die tier

>> No.6001310

I understand and share your frustration anon, keep in mind this is REALLY dumb money chasing gains. No research, all buzz. And if you look at the BTC crash it's the same kind of money that losses it all when it falls down and they panic sell. The remaining money gets funneled back into good / stable coins.

>> No.6001327

You never coded in your life it seems.

>> No.6001335

>lots of roadmaps

Don't, they take this seriously.

>> No.6001350
File: 92 KB, 600x828, say thanks immunity cat if you want its up to you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6001368

I don't hate women, but I do hate that when women inevitably become involved in something that was previously dominated by men, it turns to shit. Letting your emotions make your decisions and being inherently risk-averse isn't how you make it in crypto, hence why there are few women who will make it.

>> No.6001395
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>> No.6001449


>> No.6001461
File: 341 KB, 2048x1285, 45C6BA29-C70D-47F5-ADAE-4C0D1C012C92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holt shit.

>> No.6001522

Half the world's population suddenly becoming interested in buying crypto, and making poor trades that benefit you = bad?

>> No.6001594
File: 79 KB, 681x612, 1515091257634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6001596

>What does a man profit if gains the world but loses his soul?

Better to be poor and free with 2d then rich and slave to 3d.

>> No.6001605

Don't get me wrong, I love taking money from idiots, but when women enough women get involved in crypto and get burned with their stupid decisions, government regulation will soon follow, I guarantee it.

>> No.6001647
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>> No.6001684

And then she went and complained about the guy having two marshmallows and demanded equality and her getting half of his second one.

>> No.6001762
File: 33 KB, 575x556, tired.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

christ when that happens it'll go to shit

>> No.6001779

What a wet dream for /pol and /biz, all of crypto, 100s of billions in a speculative market, was ruined by women. Find a way to blame jews and mooslims too if possible.

>> No.6001881


There was actually a test done like this to compare the races. The black kids almost always took the candy bar, and liberals just said it's because they're always without, and not that they have poor impulse control and lack of thinking into the future.

>> No.6001947
File: 231 KB, 1536x1214, B8779091-FD5D-4862-B64E-18425EDF4CD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6001980


>muh blaming jews, the most hated race of the past 3,000 years.


>> No.6002086

Muslims aren't supposed to gamble, last I checked. Multiple generations of inbreeding will also likely cause bad market decision making.
Jews are already in crypto and doing just fine. They're smart and love money. No probs from me.

>> No.6002122

kikes are behind most of crypto coins anyway kek

doesn't mean I'll mix ideology in with it and not make shekels too

but women - especially western whores - will definitely bitch so much they'll ruin crypto to a certain extent

>> No.6002151


>> No.6002168

Parents don't like the life you lead? 'Fuck you, Mom and Dad.' See how it feels when you're makin' their fuckin' Lexus payments.

>> No.6002242

daddy goodstick is /ourguy/
Thank you

>> No.6002317
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>> No.6002394

Jesus Please put me in the screencap

>> No.6002419
File: 1.54 MB, 1818x856, cmon son.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.6002471

I live fucking paycheck to paycheck and I was still able to save up enough money to invest in crypto. It's incredible how people try deluding themselves.

>> No.6002510
File: 8 KB, 225x250, 1511372511123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Honestly, those are both fucking terrible for uniquely different reasons.
>that one fucking centrist faggot that is so set on "lol both sides r dum stop arguing lol" that he calls the inverse square root "bad"
>probably has never "programmed" in anything but HTML

Kill yourself.

>> No.6002576



>> No.6002612

not realizing the potential of web 3.5

>> No.6002653


I like your family.

>> No.6002701

>not knowing this meme (birch) (marks)

>> No.6002715

>muh code legibility

what are notes?

>> No.6002720
File: 418 KB, 1204x943, Screenshot_12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6002789


This guy just reeks of being a cuck. There really is a developing phenotype of the numale.

>> No.6002796


This made me feel less bad about riding waves

>> No.6002805

Jesus christmas

>> No.6002816

>anyone believing he had an actual mortgage

>> No.6002841

>only falls by 25 cents
muh correction
jesus christ.

>> No.6002887
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>> No.6002929

>not realizing that compiled code is the same just that one is gay the other is not
>expecting diff software results based on 'muh comments'


>> No.6002941
File: 9 KB, 157x214, 1514529889381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a good son. Great job!

>> No.6002990


>> No.6003011


>> No.6003014
File: 351 KB, 1440x620, Screenshot_20180106-170916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6003050


>> No.6003112


>> No.6003164
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>> No.6003190

The funny thing is though... The majority of you on this board are what I would consider normies. Nowhere else do I see cunts getting excited over a 5% gain (moon to you fags) and panic over a 2% dip (crash according to you). You also shill the most played out, mainstream coins. Pathetic.

Anyway, invest in KIN, HTMLCOIN, and XLM and hold for 2 months.This is my only tip.

>> No.6003218
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>> No.6003301

my rage the post

>> No.6003314


>> No.6003354


>> No.6003379

I feel the same way

>> No.6003401

man the fast inverse square root magic number is also regarded as like the one of the most ingenious coding solutions ever, just baka

>> No.6003425


>> No.6003436

buy FUN

>> No.6003504

if you're fucking retarded I guess
I usually don't put a command that's failed in 10 more times

>> No.6003565

fucking kek

>> No.6003568
File: 555 KB, 1854x651, do i look like i know.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6003597

fucking kek

>> No.6003647

why do you keep posting this?

>> No.6003718

>addressing 4chan boards as one person
You're a fucking retard. You're so fucking stupid. You probably don't even have the foggiest clue as to why I'm ripping into you right now. Pathetic.

>> No.6003799

Sucked in. What a fucking loser.

>> No.6003866


>> No.6003962


>> No.6003975

i simply don't care.
Women are not risk takers by evolutionary design. Men are expendable because 1 man can impregnate 10000 women.
I look forward to the day when everyone uses it, whether they know they're using it or not.

The crypto space doesn't "need more [normie|woman] investors", that just increases the bubble. it needs retail adoption for sustained growth.

>> No.6004060

>Nowhere else do I see cunts getting excited over a 5% gain (moon to you fags) and panic over a 2% dip (crash according to you). You also shill the most played out, mainstream coins. Pathetic.

>he thinks these are our genuine reactions


>> No.6004100

>what are notes
they are the things not present in the code youre defending

>> No.6004143

plz no I need tendieeees

>> No.6004153

I don't like that gif

>> No.6004264
File: 40 KB, 509x404, IMG_1881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kill them. Kill them all.

>> No.6004303
File: 302 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fresh OC

>> No.6004322

he took another mortgage to buy bcash at 6k

>> No.6004378

yup, i missed recent gainz because stellar logo looks like PURE SHIT

>> No.6004434


Im defending efficiency in general not just that particual code.

>> No.6004482

Wait....was ETH the Web 3.0 and Tron is now Web 4.0?

What the fuck happened to Web 3.0??

>> No.6004566

He almost bought the top of the pump and then sold at the support level. Fucking retard

Buy high, sell low normies

>> No.6004647

Its a piece of shit that can't scale like BTC so we will just skip ahead to the next gen although Tron is definitely not next. That is TBD

>> No.6004682

no wayyyy, he can't be that stupid.

>> No.6004756

I have a friend who just got into crypto

She litterally made a crypto Twitter and YouTube and shills all the normies coins

>> No.6004784
File: 29 KB, 200x200, 231154984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a drink

>> No.6004822

>implying they'd even let you volunteer

>> No.6004844

this is about as cringe as what OP posted.

>> No.6004882

You nigger

>> No.6004974
File: 1.09 MB, 930x660, 1500051828367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6005072


>> No.6005091


>> No.6005099

>peer reviewed academic paper
no it isn't, what the fuck lol

>> No.6005150


>> No.6005207

Okay but the discussion was over two code examples, dummy dummy.

Agreed though people don't care about optimization, they just want want works at the time of writing without regard for future proofing.

>> No.6005213

fucking saved lmao

>> No.6005277

shit didn't realize I was on /b/

>> No.6005285

Good, fuck that soycuck

>> No.6005402

Actually doge is far from meme
Does shitload of transactions, people use it to transfer between exchanges, used in trading pairs, tx fe is 1 DOGE
You meme

>> No.6005444


>> No.6005518

even the "not even close to layman" part is bullshit lol

satoshi's paper is easily understood by the layman -- like every one should be

>> No.6005520

How the fuck are any of these ICO's gonna develop anything on ETH when it can't even handle cryptokitties, ethermons etc. The network has been clogged for weeks.

Meanwhile Money Skelly is too busy tweeting about stupid shit all day instead of working on a solution.

When Plasma?

>> No.6005595

>The applicant pool is quite diverse with more than 140 countries represented, Mars One said in a statement. Nearly a quarter of the aspiring Mars colonists are from the United States. Ten percent of the applicants are Indians, the second largest group in the pool.

>> No.6005620

Yeah but at least we know what a whitepaper is

>> No.6006046

if they did that to a kid they will develop trust issues for the rest of their lives

>> No.6006141


>> No.6006286

>told my mom to buy bitcoin
>get her set up on coinbase / GDAX
>talk to her a few days later
>she tells me she bought litecoin because she couldn't afford one whole bitcoin


>> No.6006415

she did you a favour

>> No.6006493


>> No.6006774
File: 76 KB, 710x577, 1513578388000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, you've just found out why coins like ripple and tron pumped
Introduce your mom to binance and go all in on whatever she buys

>> No.6006880

>XRP.png not XPR.png
Anon you missed a fantastic chance

>> No.6006989

underrated post

>> No.6007164



>> No.6007211


Litecoin moons

Don't expect any of those milky rewards now anon

>> No.6007222

They'll immediately eat it and complain until they get the second one.

>be fire rescue during Hurricane Wilma
>Florida City, the southern most city before the keys, severe evacuation warning... city is mostly niggers
>no shelters were supposed to be operational
>Governor ordered a shelter of last resort be opened
>Got all the niggers in, told them that there will be no services here, it's literally a school building and that the supplies that we give them have to last them for however long the hurricane goes. Every man for himself.
>we gave them a phone number only to be used for serious emergencies, it's the personal number of our station. We made it clear WE WILL NOT DELIVER MORE SUPPLIES.
>after a certain hour, there will be a first responder blackout, if anything happens then... no one will come to your aid. No police, fire, rescue, etc...
>immediately we get called that they devoured all the food and if we can send more supplies, ASAP
>"No, we're busy. And we have no more supplies, bro the hurricane is coming any minute now"
>Of course they started a fire before the blackout just so we'd go. They were complaining and crying for more supplies (we later found out a gang formed and was hoarding most of the water)
>Our lieutenant pussied out and ordered that we, at the last moment, rush and give them half our personal station supplies
>blackout happens
>later we check the machines and laugh at them begging the whole night to fight the cat 4 storm to deliver more supplies and even started ANOTHER FIRE hoping we'd still deliver more food
>we were only allowed to eat every 10 hours and carefully logged our water consumption since we didn't know how long the disaster was supposed to happen
>we later found the school/shelter was covered in shit and piss... and women were prostituting for supplies

Fuck black people, they're monsters.

>> No.6007321

i had 2 normie friends ask me how to buy ripple

we done lads

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