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Are we done talking about cryptos now? Is there any meaningful discussion yet?

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Kinda, ebay threads started popping up. Advice to flip pokemon cards. Anons selling rare pepe plushie for $200.

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come back in june

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fuck cigarettes, fuck soda
it's all about water and weed

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Cigs, coke, weed the trinity

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i have something. but there needs to be a way to have 100% certainty you are who you say are DIGITALLY. how can we achieve this without something like a brain interface or a device implanted in us that reads and cryptographically sends our encoded DNA through an oracle?

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private keys and pub keys you fucking retard

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this is only the beginning

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anyone can steal your private key anon

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What is ai blockchain integration, Alex. My friend jihan is working on it.

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