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same fucking topics for hours.

ls this a buy signal?

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It was until you posted. Time to dump some more.

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No it's a massive sell signal, nobody is interested anymore in this shit. Nobody to pump our bags, they're only going to plummet further.

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What's worse is that half the threads aren't even crypto related. Its ogre, at least for the remainder of this year.

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Yeah fuck this shit as biz addict I keep refreshing and nothing new

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Everyone really is losing interest. Starting to worry a little. We are crypto marines at this point

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slime-ball here. nope you need to wait a week or two more for them to capitulate now

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drop off the volume, make him think its the bottom
domp it again

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Yeah entertain me goys im in despair

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>ls this a buy signal?
not quite yet. check out the archive from the depths of the 2015 bear. you could go days without a crypto thread.

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The top demographic on /biz/ are normies, it's friday night, do the math

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its 9am in europe nigger

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Yes it is. Post a gore and loli thread. Watch the amount of S O Y boys. Heres a hint faggots. Until all the S O Y boys are gone from this board, crypto will never moon as the institutional investors know that normal faggots are still in.

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No one cares about yurop. you are irrelevant

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lardwhale no one cares about amerifats

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Tbf we've lost a lot of them, also vast majority of the pajeets have went back to the curryhouse

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Reddit is also dead
really make me think sadly i'm too scared to invest more

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be smart, draw the lines and execute the right actions

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/biz/ always """""dies""""" during weekends because its full of numen and normals who go out drinking
weekends are the comfy time period to be on /biz/

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remember the ones still monitoring the market are the ones who make it.
those who lost interest will come back when they see MSM reporting the golden bull

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shills dont work weekends

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having a life = numen
wew lad

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Go back to your women are whores thread young cuck.

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