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a thread that absolutely nobody asked for and probably nobody wants, but if you want to know the opinions of a 27 year old guy who wears gym shorts like 6 days a week here we go alright alright

first up we have Baby's Dancing Baby Bear jsk in white

"it looks really cheap, it looks plain and poorly defined. the material doesn't look good. it needs more layers. it looks like some quincenera shit and if this is high fashion, honey we're all doomed"

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i don't want to die.

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/co/ is better for that, or /v/ when games done quick is running

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okie dokie scrote <3

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>this looks like something i would see in a hot topic
the painful truth

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Radioactive cupcake is the Lizzie dress

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>Are you going?
>Are you renting a hotel room?
>Are you cosplaying? As who?
>Do we want to plan a lolita meetup?

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Well, if they’re actually going to host it this year then I’m along for the ride!

Most likely. I know some people in DC- not the kind that would invite you into their house, or vice versa.

I wish I was more decisive about what to wear- I might end up just going in normie clothes if I can’t figure out in time.


Please, do tell.
Getting black out drunk is an essential part of the con experience!

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This was the biggest con I had ever been to a few years ago. I wonder what to expect from this, if I should make a nice cosplay for it, or just wear a coordinate and people-watch. And yes maybe get drunk enough to start talking with strangers

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I still think it will get cancelled (they haven’t announced any guests, and did anyone read the article in the Post today about Bowser banning dancing at weddings?) but I live on the Yellow Line so I’ll go for a day if it happens.

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I think a lot of people still want to cosplay and will be doing so, even if they're just wearing something for a second time.

I'm pretty sure they're only offering an all weekend pass at this point, so assuming it isn't cancelled it might be in your best interests to attend another day at least.
Update: damn, covid restrictions cap at 500 people per indoor space for big events. Unless they end that by August I don't think this is happening

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>Update: damn, covid restrictions cap at 500 people per indoor space for big events. Unless they end that by August I don't think this is happening
Don't let the current restrictions worry you too much, anon. This stuff is changing quickly as people are getting vaccinated at a rapid pace.
Even states in the northeast (blue states that tend to have more restrictions) are planning to fully reopen soon. PA is lifting all restrictions aside from masks on Memorial Day. NY is planning to fully reopen on July 1.
I'd expect DC to follow suit in the not too distant future.

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Do you know the name of this dress? I only know that it is from Infanta. 嬰 梵 塔

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Y know what? I'm bored so I'll spoon-feed you this time but please learn to use lolibrary or Google


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I'm curious /cgl, what does your overall wardrobe look like? I'm just getting started with lolita and only have 3 brand pieces, but I've been doing LARPs for a while and have several handmade kirtles and related garments. I also have a couple of genuine vintage dresses, one from the 70's and another the 60's. If you have cosplays, that could be another category.

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Kind of like this. As I am a lifestyle goth, I wanted to branch more into gothic lolita and aristocratic lolita. My twin is more into old school lolita. My favorite brands tend to be Punk Rave, Eva Lady, Atellier Boz, etc. :)

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>50% lolita, 90% of which is AP
>40% otome/other jfashion
>6% vintage
>4% comfy/room wear/gym clothes

But I wear otome/other jfashion 80% of the time. My go-to for work is a MILK dress with a cardigan or jacket, plain tights or ankle socks (no lace), and low heels or flat shoes. I wear a lot of fruit prints. The dress code is business casual. I want to get a Vivienne Westwood suit, but formal situations are very rare at my workplace. I guess I lucked out, especially for my industry!

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I wanna be friends

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Finally, a person of culture

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It was banter you daft bint

>AP sweet 100%
>Posts solid black dress

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why do itas do this shit with their feet?

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fuck off tripfag

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It’s obviously from Tiktok, so it could be just an unfortunate still, while she is moving. For all we know this might not even be the finished coord (as in, she gets ready step by step). I‘d like some context with this one.

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Old thread is autosaging >>10580271

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looking for meta triple frill op in black/white colourway

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Still looking...

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Moité Cross Print OP in black (2014)
finders fee for whoever can hook me up with this dress lol

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Whelp, here goes nothing!
Ballerina Print in the OP or JSK. Pink is highest priority but I am open to black or sax.

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best luck to y'all I'm looking for the same colourways as well

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I saw some funny-looking usakumya knock-offs and was wondering if anyone has more to share.

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holy shit

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Baby the Stars Milk Bears?

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This has such 1970s vibes to it I kinda love it.

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>baby the void sees all

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this coord is the ultimate replica fit

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Is the cosplay to tranny pipeline real?

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Unpopular opinion thread part 2: Electric Boogaloo
starting with: fatphobia isn't real. And i'm laughing at every single fatty screaming about it whenever a new release gets mentionned.
Sizing in lolita is now more 'inclusive' than ever and if you can't fit your lard into that then you should probably go on a diet.
Being fat (or 'plus size' like they like to tell themselves) isn't beautiful. A bit chubby can be cute but being fat is never beautiful i've never seen a fat girl's body looking good. Their face and their makeup skills can save it but they look comical

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Pity? No. I almost feel a bit of nostalgia for the younger people that do this. Reminds me of simpler times in high school when I could just go and socialize even if I didn’t have money for anything other than food.

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I’ve seen tons of people come and go in the Lolita community and I agree. I don’t think gender specials are MORE annoying on average, but they are definitely more visible and easy to ostracize. Anything a gender special does that’s annoying is 500 times more memorable than if your everyday average cis ita would do the same thing.

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yeah I actually do think its weird and sad to buy formal clothes and then only wear them for special occasions. they're beautiful. wear them! but at least I do understand as they aren't made to be used for daily wear. unlike lolita where its (usually) built to be both durable and cute.

No but those things aren't designed for daily wear like most lolita is.

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>90% of the Lolita community

That's why I don't interact with 100% of the lolita community. lonelita for life.

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She looks constipated, the makeup is actual shit.She should just stop cosplaying bc she doesn’t even look like the character she’s supposed to cosplay. And what do u expect? She’s a Danganronoa fan

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This is obvs a joke cosplay op why are you so triggered

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Is this baninibear attempting to cosplay?

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Mikan from Danganronpa

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Go back to Tumblr.

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Shut the fuck up Satan, I would totally tell her to stop cosplaying until she can afford decent material in real life.

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I wanna do a webcomic about lolitas, mostly horror related. What would be your dream comic/graphic novel/manga/video game about lolita?

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Considering how I would spend $0 because I don't like/care for that print, yeah, $1400 is infinitely more than I would ever spend on it

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i am actually danish

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small world

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Ibitsu already exists, anon

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Poetic justice. Serves her right.

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previous >>10601291

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Maybe it's the special set or something

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Is it just me or does someone else feel like AP has someone new making banners for their website? The most recent two or three feel somewhat off design-wise to me. The current background looks odd, too.

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>Not all of them are closed. The emergency state is not nationwide.
Yeah, but we can only rely on SS to post scans or someone leaking scans from weibo and I think the state of emergency applies to those in these regions.

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Is the 5th colourway sax? Im trying to decide if I buy this week or wait! I really hope it is..

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Really want to see close ups of the other dresses on this

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show me all your gold

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Hi, if youre a girl and you look like Tomoko Kuroki somewhat or cosplays as her then leave your tag/contact (discord or whatevers ) or ask for mine.

>picrelated is Tomoko

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you are a pedophile

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no one fucking wants you, that's why you keep having to remake this thread

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you must be 18yo to be in here

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I like how we have proof that cgl just doesn't have jannies at all

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I'm having pictures done of some cosplay and lolita wigs, and I could use some help styling them; accessories, makeup ideas, and wig styling.

It's more "fashion" than strictly cosplay or lolita, so I'm open to any kinds of ideas, from cute to edgy! Help me out!

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Only need it for a single wear / project. It's for a photoshoot. Might keep them around for other things afterwards, but I only NEED them one time.

>> No.10606700

no one can help you style those since simply trying them on will turn them to rats nests.

>> No.10606702

Kill yourself

>> No.10606717

There's several threads you could've chosen from the post this but instead you scourge us all with a post that will sit at the edge of the catalog for a month. May all your wigs be ratty.

>> No.10606721

Such a waste . . . . . .

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>/cgl/ general: http://pastebin.com/2E2BmDDc

Why doesn't the /cgl/ general link work? Can someone help me out?

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I'm looking for a replacement. Don't reply to this thread if you don't want to help find a replacement.

>> No.10606996

I don't want to help find a replacement!

>> No.10607069

you didn't ask for a replacement faggot.

>> No.10607142

In general most of the links in the sticky post are dead, and the pastebin was a just a collection of sites and blogs that are long dead.

>> No.10607449

IRCC paste bin made/purchased a bot (yes everyone is) and made it delete ANY pastebin not linked to account with "pornographic" content ie lewd words regardless of context while just making the bins linked to accounts set to permanent private mode

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Hi, if youre a girl and you look like Tomoko Kuroki somewhat or cosplays as her then leave your tag/contact (discord or whatevers ) or ask for mine.

>picrelated is Tomoko

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In my neet days I looked up to her, not looked like her lol.

>> No.10606205

Based anons

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Cute feet.

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name/username of this girl, please?

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fuck off faggot

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feels like a majority of these boil down "dont be ugly and cosplay"

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Fuck off

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woman moment

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im def average at best in looks, but i thank god that i dont look like this jesus

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Say all the tiktok girls who look like this korean girl

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