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Is this the board where we can discuss an agonizingly close to home weeb series?


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This makes me so sad. I bought into the Kickstarter. When I have seen them at cons it was always at like 12pm on Thursday so I could never go.

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I caught them a couple of times and they are always happy that people love their series, but I think this is just an issue of it being too hard to really spread without forcing someone to watch it. I earnestly want this series done, and I feel it's a travesty we haven't seen the proper ending.

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>be me
>at local con wandering around
>see nerdy looking guy with glasses
>he's wearing a blue shirt with a pair of cheap homemade ears
>assume its 2kawaii4comfort cosplay
>say "hey nice cosplay"
>apparently it's just a furry oc costume
>have to politely listen to cringe furry stuff
I really just wanna meet someone who know about this series as well, but dammit this keeps happening. Thought a girl was Magical Justice Warrior Rita-chan, and that turned awkward quickly

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Going to see the Joker movie soon brb guys

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Their cosplays are too spot on for low efffort weebs, you'll never spot one irl. It's the curse of being that on point

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My cosplay girlfriend has a feeder fetish. What should I do?

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Force her to cosplay as Kirby.
Take her out to buffets as a reward.

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If you really love her anon don’t indulge in it. Don’t let her eat large amounts of unhealthy food, and don’t let her feed you large amounts of unhealthy food. You could enjoy things like candy or sweets in a small amount but don’t encourage a dangerous lifestyle

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If you’re both into it and you’re only doing it once in awhile, it’s no big deal
I’d only be worried if it starts turning into a regular lifestyle TGIF because that’s not healthy if you’re doing it all the time

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Sorry my phone autocorrected thing to TGIF

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>binge eating is fine if it’s once in a while

Uh, that’s not how medical science works

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Anons have been complaining about a lack of traditional classic lolitas lately, so let’s highlight the ones that are still out there! Recent coords preferred. Points for people who post and wear classic daily/often.

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>American retards think they can cosplay
Nobody is interested in your snorelax cosplay you fat faggots

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Soo passing the time frens?
Working on owt?
Drama getting you down?
Pull up a chair and a can of monster ultra and tell us about it.

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I want to get drunk in a forest at midnight more than I can verbally explain

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what kind of dress is this?

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One that deserves a less retarded owner who knows how to post in a help thread instead of shitting up the board and cleans her room.

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When referring to the theoretical cleam room new owner? Yes it is her.
I dont care what special snowflake the OP is.

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The stupid questions thread is literally right near the top of the board now. You couldn't have taken two more minutes to click around? If you have any sense, you'll go post there and delete this thread

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How do you feel about the influx of nerdlesque performers? Do you think that the performances are any good?

In my opinion nearly all of the performances and costumes are half assed and cringy af. I have yet to see an actual nerdlesque show that had good costumes and choreography (let alone attractive performers)

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It's definitely lost its novelty in the current year where geek culture is so mainstream.

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I hate burlesque because everyone I know who does burlesque will never stop talking about how they do burlesque. At cons I hate it even more. That said it's easily avoided so they can do what they want as long as they don't push in my face.

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They are cringy af and lame as hell. Theres a group in texas that is especially bad, Texas Heat Nerdlesque. The acting, dancing, and performance are SOO BAD. There's video of one of the chicks doing an Alucard from Castlevania to Puscifer and it was awful. This shit never needed to fucking exist.

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If I wanted to see sloppy doughy women gyrate on a stage I'd hit up my local strip joint and spend a lot less
at least i could drink too

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Looking for lavish, high production cosplay videos.

I am a filmmaker and I need some references to plan out my production. Budget is quite generous for this project.

Can you guys help me out with links to the best cosplay videos?

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I'm not quite sure if you should be looking at current cosplay videos, especially if you're already an established film maker looking to do something new.
Admittedly I'm not into videography but from what I can tell videography is only limited to people who want to be in low/no budget cosplay music videos using their DSLRs/iPhones.
Don't think I've ever seen a GH4/5 or a BMPCC at a con and I don't really see too many people advertising "pls check out my new cosplay video thanks"

What are you trying to do with this project anyway? A short film or a music video?

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Thanks for your post!

I understand what you say. I was just trying to find out if something in the style I'm aiming at has been done before. I can't find any.

We are producing a fashion film (commercial) for a sports shoe brand that incorporates a cosplay scene at the end. "Become a Hero" kind of slogan. The story is that the protagonist of the commercial, a cosplay actress, trains hard and she becomes a heroine from a video game and flies off into the sunset.

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Be careful, if this is for commercial use you may need to secure the rights to the character your actress will be cosplaying. You may want to use an original character instead to avoid copyright issues.

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yes, we'll be using made up characters but with a clear gamer-cosplay style

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the production value on this is nice but lord the plot and transitions and audio is awful

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what character is this ?

in return picture of your waifu in cosplay? i probably have it or can locate it. who shall play my game or troll me

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what the fuck are you going on about

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what character is he cosplaying

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I think it's from Yuri on Ice

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It's definitely Yuri from Yuri on Ice. Don't make threads just for questions like this.

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Last thread >>10137626

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet (Recently updated, under new management!) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

- April Fool's tomfoolery
- What works when marketing yourself to Asian cultures vs. when marketing yourself to Western culture?
- How to work on Japanese pronunciation
- When is criticism constructive, and when it is just petty?
- Tekko Idol Festival, featuring a flowery new outfit for Julily (that's really cute)
- Gulls wondering if there is a market here for their outfit designs and video editing skills
- Talk of starting up a popularity/attractiveness poll for the idols featured here
- Anime Boston Idol fest is mostly Love Live cosplayers, flops
- LouisiANIME happens, opinions are mixed

Current & Upcoming:
- Auditions for AnimeCTX's Summer Idol Festival open until April 28th - https://texasidolfestival.carrd.co/#eventsauditions

Starter topic: Professionalism. Obviously it's important - but to what degree of professionalism do you hold overseas idols? Is it okay if they swear? Talk about their personal stuff? How do you feel about people who post both their idol stuff and their regular life stuff on the same account vs. having separate accounts? Is cosplay okay to share on idol accounts? Lastly, what about drama; what's the best way to respond to a situation that an idol finds themselves in, and how much detail should they give while responding to the situation?

Featured: Honey Hime

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Please Claudie teach me how to trip so I can stop embarrassing myself on 4chan

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Well im out so in case ya wanna use the name to pretend to be me feel free, have fun hiding behind a anon account

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Yikes ok y'all are embarrassing. Now back to shit that actually matters lmao

What did you guys think of Julily's performance? I thought it was actually pretty good. Her dancing was strong and sharp, unfortunately I couldn't really hear her singing but the parts I did sounded good. The 'woah's were weak tho, I'm guessing she got out of breath since I could feel the struggle in her voice. Overall, good first impression!

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Hey /cgl/
Should I use pva glue AND plasti dip for sealing armor eva foam?
Does it damage the prop? Does it peel? Crack? Should I just use plasti dip?

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post this in the cosplay help thread you fucking retard

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Shut up, mongoloid

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They're fucking right you dipshit. Get the fuck over there and delete this waste of space

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Previous thread >>10144686

This is a Jfashion oriented thread. For your cosplay questions, try the Cosplay Help thread >>10134846

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You use a shipping service or you can buy from atelier pierrot or wunderwelt.

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>wearing design replicas in 2019

>> No.10156481

These are like $2 on eBay and i think they’re cute desu they look fine from afar. Better than the cheap ankle lace eBay socks

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For her last LPs I messaged Kuniko Kato directly on facebook and she put together a package for me. I paid her by PayPal. It was such a good experience, she's very friendly and enthusiastic! Pretty good english too

The usual places like brands and taobao, but a lot of normie shoes from shops like Hotter, Clarks, and Cobb Hill are nice too. Classic has the highest shoe versatility imo

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Should I try to cosplay as the DD Crusader or a more historical representation of a crusader?

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You should try not making a whole thread just for your stupid question

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Cosplay Help Thread for your cosplay questions >>10134846

Previous thread >>10144686

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Why did you make a need thread? The old one has barely started

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>> No.10155461

>313 posts in last thread linked above
Did someone make a new thread before me? If they did it was an honest mistake on my part and I'll delete this one, but I couldn't find another one in the Catalog

>> No.10155466

Oh anon, it looks like I started this thread badly. Just to clarify this is a thread for Jfashion and not cosplay. Did you think this one was for cosplay help? If you did I will delete this one and remake it so it's more clear. This thread is intended to replace the last Stupid Questions Jfashion thread which is now in autosage.

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Something that we've probably all experienced, but doesn't get brought up very often outside of occasional feels thread posts.

What have your con crush experiences been like? Any positive outcomes? Were they the one that got away? Share your stories here.

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No, but at parties there is usually some who are interested. This is not a cosplay vs normal girl thing.
It is a some girls like to have sex in a group of any girls thing. Then add alcohol.

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>Tfw too scary looking to get harassed/assaulted

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>tfw resting pissed off face
people literally only talk to me when they ask for help in the gym, but i think that's because i tend to make silly faces after finishing particularly tough sets. I think it's because my eyelashes are thin as hell, so i squint all the time, making me look angry

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Never had a crush but this happened very recently.
>Went to annual con in cosplay for the first time in my life
>Did the usual shit, karaoke and games
>Get to talk with way more people than usual however because of the cosplay
>Cool weekend all around
>Fast forward to today
>Friend contacts me saying he has something to show me on "Instagram" (got no phone, never browsed that shit)
>There's an account with the con's name that is basically about posting anonymous crushes to find back certain people
>Someone made a post mentioning me
>It's definitely a girl
Not sure whether to contact back or not basically. Even if I do I don't think I'll be able to keep regular exchanges, since I'm already not so much into social stuff.

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I didn't meet him at a con but we have mutual cosplay friends so I found him on facebook. He was the most beautiful person I had ever seen!
He's from America, I am European.
It seemed like a stretch but we met up half a year ago when he flew over to Europe for a con.
Now he's about to move to my city and we are steadily building a relationship!

I'm glad I dm'd him when I did.

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A thread for all you Canadian seagulls. Here's a list of upcoming cons, copy pasted from the last thread:

Otafest - May 17-19
Anime North - May 24-26
Fanfest - June 1
YetiCon June 14-16
Animaritime - June 28-30
Animethon - August 9-11
Anirevo Summer - August 9-11
Otakuthon - August 16-18
FanExpo Canada - August 22-25
Avalon Expo - September 6-8

Pic is related to the most recent Canadian con afaik, IFF, or International Fan Fest, which was held in Toronto last weekend.

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the only con im close to, anyone got any good stories?

>> No.10156101

When does AN usually announce guests? I want to know which seiyuu will attend because who gives a fuck about gaijin guests.

>> No.10156117

They've been announcing them over facebook for a while now.

>> No.10156135

AN is the biggest carpark convention. You don't need a ticket.

>> No.10156332

remember to bring a truck and deck it out

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>> No.10156092

Love people who do this, keep rocking Shepard.

Thinking of cosplaying a Superman soldier form the nightmare scene in BvS

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Post pics of the beautiful and mysterious Imai Kira herself,
talk about art and collaboration pieces.

Topic starters: What is your favorite design? What was the first Imai Kira design you fell in love with? Do you like her older or newer designs better? Have you met her, and if so, deets?

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Thank you! I will make one once this thread dies. Sorry for namefagging too, it will only be for this thread.
I am currently compiling one dating back to 2000! I will post my email after I am done so that the blog post may be privately requested. I only participate in ‘wholesome’ threads on cgl but still would rather people now know I come here, let alone made a thread.
GLB is probably your best bet, I would say... I vaguely remember a Japanese girl’s archived blog that had physical pictures of some unlisted Baby and AP releases, but I’ll have to do some digging.
because they are probably a westerner who broadcasts to the world when they go to take a shit

>> No.10156293

As someone who can't speak Japanese, GLB translations would be appreciated so much. I would even happily pay on patreon if someone were doing those or translating that recent Lolita manga. Lolita History is a good archive of GLB scans btw

>> No.10156432

>I am currently compiling one dating back to 2000! I will post my email after I am done so that the blog post may be privately requested.

I can’t wait! I think I have a good number of them but I’m always wondering if there are any I am missing!

>> No.10156464

Same. I would 100% put money toward someone doing either of those.

>> No.10156585

Me too. I don't understand why there are people translated even the most obscure shitty anime but nobody thought to translate GLB or KERA (besides a couple of articles back in lj days)

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Sup Guys.
I have good friend of mine and she really thinks that she is not pretty. What your opinion about her? Just hope to show her some nice comments=|

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She looks like that main lesbo from orange is the new black. That would be a pretty easy cosplay

>> No.10155100

She’s not pretty, just cute.

>> No.10155101

Rat face

>> No.10155103

post in /soc/

>> No.10155108

i wouldn't say she is particularly attractive, also it's one pic from an angle

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