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Ok guys I really want a furry gf, one that’s pale and post shitty art on Instagram that wears ears and a tail. You know how sexy that is? Im not a furry though so I’m afraid she won’t be into me because I don’t have nor want a fursona. Where do I look?

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He's a fucking cute Girl! Thats what i call a good Girl costume!!

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it's really obvious that's a dude, anon...

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Someone knows who is the person who did that cosplay of serial experiment lain?

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Previous: >>10338488

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Okay I wasn't asking about that though. Just curious what the other anon was talking about, no need to get defensive.

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Thank you, anon.

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what? I was saying the thought that anyone stole from anybody is highly unlikely so whatever they list off as being "stolen" is going to be bullshit so why bother. also didn't realize stating facts is "defensive" now lol

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take a break from the internet

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>no “i scream for ice cream” joke

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Any questions?

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2 NI

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42 pictures...

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I'll start

>buying second hand heps to support brand because seller might use that money to buy new brand
How on Earth do you know what are they going to use money for? It could be leaving lolita sale or they're just downsizing their wardrobe, or basically need some money to pay bills. Like literally whatever reason.

>if you can afford [dress name], try looking for indie.
Okay, I'm NOT telling to support replicas, but what's the point of redirecting people into buying random ass things. It's like telling a person who's looking for fries to go get some apples.

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That's because it's a fuckin skirt. It's not worth anywhere near $100. Come on now.

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I hate the concept that if you're not always doing something new and 'out there' with your coords you're boring and ita. There's nothing wrong with figuring out what you like and what suits you and sticking to it

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>Not worth 100
It is, if someone is willing to pay that price.
I prefer skirts, keep sending them my way.

Your argument is dumb.

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It’s true that buying secondhand brand = supporting the brand though. Rather disingenuous to say that it’s on the same level of buying offbrand or replica in terms of support. Yes, the flow of money doesn’t directly enter the brand’s pocket but think of consignment shops.Those are indirect sales yet no one would argue that you aren’t supporting the product just because you didn’t buy it from the source.

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You keep moving the goalposts.

>Taobao is significantly cheaper than most secondhand brand
>that’s not true
>Well I’m only talking about one particular brand!
>it’s still not true
>Well I’m only talking about popular prints by that particular brand!
>still not entirely true
>Well I’m only talking about popular prints by that particular brand in cuts that I like!!

Is Taobao really significantly cheaper than secondhand when it comes to those specific AP prints in those specific cuts that you want? I’m no expert on replicas, so you tell me.

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Any fellow polacks here? How are your preparations for Pyrkon going?

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where even is poland

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>need new ita thread
>starts off with new fav furry dildo chan who’s having a shitfit on her socials because of this

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bless her heart

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Color balance is a fairly new idea, look at how old snaps and brand ads uses color. I'm not making excuses for bad oldschool but I think it's important newfags not fall into rote memorization of new "rules" that are more preference than objective truth. Throwing on random trinkets to "add black" or "add red" can end up looking worse than just a pop of red in matching headbow and shoes with no other red. It's about using taste and style to create a cohesive look within the lolita aesthetic. Throwing on a black slap bracelet to match black shoes is not necessary. Matching hair to shoes is also a stupid modern misunderstanding of oldschool and color theory. Neutrals like brown and black can be used regardless of hair color, that's what makes them neutral. They look good as long as your neutral tones don't clash like black and brown, oxblood and tan, etc. often can

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Those eyebrows and Blush where a mistake and make her forehead look huge. Maybe a wig next time and she could look cuter

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I don't give a shit about this girl, but DAMN those brows are some next level neanderthal shit. Usually girls draw their brows too far apart, this girl is gonna have them shaking hands and meeting in the middle soon. Also, why make them pink??? Her hair is brown, brown brows make much more sense than pink...

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Keep having shit taste, colorblind anon.

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What is your opinion on crossplay?

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We literally have crossplay threads if that tells you anything about what cgl thinks about crossplay

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Remember, this thread is for stupid questions about J FASHION ONLY If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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They were in new condition when i got them. The material feels different from my other pair also.

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Only buy from CCF if you have no other options. While I appreciate their size range and design options, you can get better quality from both Antaina and Angelic Imprint and Sosic Shop in terms of size consistency and material texture/thickness. I have had shoes from most sweet lolita brands that offer size 43, and CCF is now my last choice for new shoes. The Chinese stores put pop-buckles on theirs, while CCF has a standard buckle. CCF also has a very poor tread on the sole. The material is thin and wrinkles easily. Sure, they're cute, but they won't last you a long time.

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Idk how I missed this reply but thank you, that's super cute! I'll keep an eye out for updates

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How do you buy from fril? Just use an agent?

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>How was I supposed to know they actually ripped it apart
By reading their post properly.

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Howdy do y'all?

After a particularly awful experience at Anime Weekend Atlanta last year I've been workshopping and brainstorming some ideas that could help
enjoy the conventions more and help make the conventions safer for underage minors and younger individuals.

If this thread garners interest, I'd love to share some of my ideas that I'm working on getting adopted into future convention rules and guidelines

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AWA is probably one of the safest party cons out there.
>hotel security
>mall security
>con security

Often there are officers blatantly walking around everywhere during it, if you feel unsafe and don't mention anything to all those resources I can't really feel sorry for you.

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I will admit a lot of ass was hanging out before the sun even went down and more men in drag than a pride parade. Sometimes I fear AWA is going to be Dragoncon 2.0, especially with the numbers rising.

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These kind of posters must be expelled from the community.

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I don’t understand why people bring literal children to anime conventions. Aside from staring at things what is there for them to do? All i can imagine is them acting out in crowds and being bored/tired after walking

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Cons do have activities for children. Also depends on what age range pops into your mind when you say children, I guess. I suppose it’s nice to see the costumes and bond with the parent over - a hobby. I suppose similar reasoning to why people bring their bratty kids to sport games?

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Pruany Anon from last thread. They finally sent my package and I should expect between 5-10 days. At least I will have this stuff by next con.

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>Next question - does the US still allow freight/mail planes from china?
No but China restricted shipping to the US.

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holy hell gulls i finally got my haul after 50 days in shipping limbo, everything in the box was wet for some reason but each of the bags and things were wrapped individually with plastic, so it was alright. i finally have everything i've been waiting 2 months for

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congrats on getting your items safely, anon

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yes. the only problem is getting your stuff onboard. air freight is in high demand because container ships are either at a standstill or empty to the point where stuff sits waiting for enough to be brought together for a container ship to be even worth moving. the big boys with money to burn are the ones getting their stuff on the planes. there's also problems getting trucks to/from the docks because of the lockdowns.

if china doesn't restart soon shit's going to be delayed worldwide due to just how interconnected everyone is with china nowadays. even if your stuff is domestically made somewhere down the line is a link with china be it a precursor ingredient or a part. ink, labels, buttons, whatever. a lot of places use china to make some of the small things. lol @ my company using made in USA flag labels that were made in China

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Tutorials, inspo and discussions :)

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>Have you considered stripping the routine right back to topical steroids to calm that shit down and layers of humectants/moisturisers + barrier moisturiser?

i've been using a generic of protopic daily since like 2002. however, i shouldnt even be using it that long since prolonged corticosteroid use destroys your skin. but there just isnt any other option, or at least affordable. i'm unfortunately an extreme case. you really dont want to know my daily routine.

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>It doesn't look bad from afar, but close up it's just never pretty, plus I fear that I will age horribly
>>but if I put on any products, even only a thin layer, I look so oily and I can scratch off the grease/product with my nails.

eczema anon here, have the same thing.

i just deal with being oily because the alternative is painful for me.

>So I feel like none of the products really penetrate my skin, they only sit on top and make me break out. And when I wash everything off, parts of my face are just dry again, so everything was for nothing.

used to have the same feeling but it can take a while (3-6 months) for products to show any effectiveness.

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Protopic isn't a steroid though....

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What kind of hair curlers do you recommend? It’s a plus if they are bearable to sleep in.

>> No.10344882

this depends on a lot of factors. does your hair hold a curl well? what's your hair type? what kind of curl do you want?

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Her instagram name is goddess. persephone_. She claims to be a model when she is not even part of a modeling agency/brand. She claims to model for Hot Topic just because she buys from them and takes selfies in their clothes. She is nowhere to be found on their website. If she gets money it’s because she collects social security checks and mooches off her friends or her sugar daddies. Her friends and sugar daddies pays for her convention pass, gives her rides, and pays for her hotel. In other words, she doesn’t even have a real job. No wonder why her baby daddy looks after both her kids most of the week because she doesn’t have a source of money besides unemployment checks. Her unemployment checks are wasted on cosplay and cons so she doesn’t spend money on taking care of her kids. Plus, every pet she owned always died within a few months which is not surprising because she can’t even take care of her human kids. If you’re going to be a model, freaking get professional photos done. Just because you take selfies on your phone for instagram and facebook does NOT mean you’re a model. Also, she rips off buyers by claiming she makes her costumes when really they are secondhanded or she commissioned them off a different seller. She runs a “princess party business” without insurance, without a business license, and uses cheaply made costumes and wigs. She can get a huge fine and be liable without insurance and a business license. If you’re going to portray a Disney character, invest in high quality costumes and wigs and for pete’s sake she needs to take singing lessons because her singing is mediocre at best. She is also racist for portraying Mulan for a party when she is white as paper. Mulan is freaking Chinese! Drawing a cat eye liner does not make you look Chinese...it just makes you look racist. She even claims to be cosfamous when really she is just famous for scamming people, harrassing other cosplayers, mooching off of people, etc.

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Ok, and?

We're not your personal army, faggot.

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To add, she always get engaged to a new sugar daddy every year. Her sugar daddy takes her to cons and Disney World because obviously she wastes money on cosplay and can’t afford it herself. She is desperate to get married despite having no source of money besides social security. She is a huge mooch! She is perfectly capable of getting a job and doesn’t really have a disability besides being delusional. On top of that, she is a 30+ year old who acts like a child. If you are going to get married grow up, get a job, and quit depending on your partner/friends to pay for your stuff!

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Who cares??

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I want to go to a nearby con but I moved away from all my con-going friends.

How is the solo con experience? Is it easy to meet a group of people? I enjoy the party/alcohol aspect of cons the most so that would be the crowd I'd want to find. I'm also asexual, just like getting shitfaced.

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It's been awhile since we've had a good old fashioned discussion thread on here.

Some questions to start it off

>How long have you been into sweet? Did you start off lolita being into sweet or did you transition from another style?
>What got you into sweet?
>Do you wear any other substyles or J-fashions?
>Favorite/Least favorite sweet trend?
>Favorite sweet brand?
>Do you see yourself ever quitting sweet lolita? Why or why not?
>Is 2010 style OTT sweet coming back?

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I don’t care what anyone says, I think wrist cuffs and ankles can be cute

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Omg that’s cute. Fancy candy is what first sparked my hopes that AP 2010 suite was coming back

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>How long have you been into sweet? Did you start off lolita being into sweet or did you transition from another style?
i'm still a newbie, i've been actually wearing lolita without looking like shit for like 8 months, but i wear mostly ap. i've been admiring the fashion since about 2012 though. i'm still in the process of finding my niche, i'm also interested in jetj-type classic, gothic, and old school, but i started off being into 2010-2014 sweet and hime (don't like hime anymore).
>What got you into sweet?
pics online, mostly from tumblr
>Do you wear any other substyles or J-fashions?
i'd like to wear other substyles (see above) as well as otome and dolly-kei, but i'm still pretty much feeling things out.
>Favorite/Least favorite sweet trend?
favorite: food, chocolate, and carousel prints. i also like silhouette or screen prints (angelic garden, puppet circus, etc). i honestly hate crosses on everything. i also don't really care for the airy fairy dainty chiffon type thing AP's been doing for the past couple years, mostly. i do like airier blouses though. and i know it's a meme but i don't really like poly releases
>Favorite sweet brand?
ap pre-2015
>Do you see yourself ever quitting sweet lolita? Why or why not?
it's too early for me to say, desu
>Is 2010 style OTT sweet coming back?
i HOPE so. i became interested in the fashion just as the trend was dying off, and it makes me so happy looking back on

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My wife (pictured) and I go to a bunch of Halloween events in New Orleans every year. Parades, pre-parade luncheons, after-parties, VIP rooms, etc. We get a hotel room with a balcony in a busy area, during the day and night we shadow walking tours to make things interesting for the people, we bar hop in the French Quarter, etc. It’s a big weekend of hardcore Halloween.

We choose a time period in history, build a costume and wear it out in the French Quarter. We always alter my wife’s costume to be on the racy (very racy...) side of things. She has long legs and big breasts, so we try to accentuate those things with heels and short skirts and low cut tops, etc. For example, last year we did a Victorian theme, the year before we did the Roaring 20’s.

So here is the dilemma for this year: We are having the cosplay version of writer’s block.

I posted her pic so you could roughly see how she is built.

Do y’all have any ideas? The ones we keep thinking of can get kind of corny, overdone, cheap or cliché. Like cowboy and Indian, Greek themed togas, 60’s hippies, etc.

Have any ideas?

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Use the suggestion thread and delete this one.

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Oh I see. Thank you.

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Hey guys, this is my first post on this board, and i was hoping to get some advice.
I'm planning on making a springbonnie suit and i don't know where to begin. I'm also planning on fitting a functioning springlock system inside of it, which i've semi-figured out, and movement for the ears, which i've also semi-figured out.

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Old thread died because it had a shit OP pic. All nail related topics go here!

I'll dump some images too so lmk any requests.

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can you get stick-ons like this? I could see myself wanting these just for one event

>> No.10343813

Only if someone makes them!

Thanks guys! I will post the birds in a bit, anon. Gotta eat.

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>hobo lookin nail

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Who said hobos can't be kawaii?

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