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Continuing from >>10538316

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VM also has at least 1-2 A-line cape shoulder dresses like this

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Post some if there are any. I had problems finding an acceptable one

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Bodylines quality has been terrible lately. Their best stuff, imo, was years and years ago

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I feel it's because Bodyline has a negative stigma, so people turn to Taobao thinking it'll make them better than Bodyline lolitas. It doesn't matter either way if you don't know how to coord and actively cut corners. If you know how to look good you'll look good.

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So, which would anons chooses to wear if you HAD to?
Both are pretty cheap but taobao can have a decent piece or two. Bodyline is more nostalgic for me though.

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Taobao is more often to my taste and I think the quality can be good enough-often enough depending where you buy that I'd prefer it.

Bodyline's nicest pieces were sturdy and great quality but very basic and not really my taste anymore.

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I think part of it is "influencers" shilling for Devilinspired and stuff like that. And it doesn't seem like BL is releasing prints as often anymore.

It really depends on the taobao. I'd pick BL over Soufflesong in an instant, but would probably go with Yolanda over BL.

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Are you aware of how slutty this shit actually is? Like if my wife walked in with this on I would think I was in for the most intense DDLG role play ever. It is honestly really perverted and weird. Why do you want to dress up like some pretty pink princess like a 5 year old girl? I am disturbed.

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Tfw you had to save this image to your phone to post it

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Yes you very disturbed. My husband looks like a Viking so when I’m with him people don’t dare say shit/scruffy about how he looks me. Then again we don’t give a shit about nobdies who dare think we have to dress like everyone else because we aren’t chicken shit

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get your hand out of your pants we already know you’re a coomer

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You clearly are disturbed. Will pray for you.

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I always wonder where people see 5 year old that look like this.

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When will it end?

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Imagine being so depressed that someone actually drew this. I just feel bad for the guy.

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maybe if mr sophisticated cosplayer wasn't a fatty he would have won

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This is topkek content but the message is right. Cosplay has become a beauty contest where the sluttier and more appealing to men you are, the more popular and “talented” you are. It’s also become synonymous with porn due to its introduction to the mainstream coming from people like JNig.

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Kelly comics are satire of retarded takes, the idea is that Kelly is a bitter old man whose cartoons complain about the things in his life he's unsatisfied with.

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Wow I fell for the onion. Good job on him. And thank you for letting me know I fell for the bait.

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Get it off your chest

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He works on a different board, trust me, I ask.

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how much is he paid? kek

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Don't hurt me in this way

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Did you visit me in my dreams last night? I had a dream I posted a very similar rant

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I fell for the big-chested girls don't look good in babydoll cuts meme. Finally tried it, and it looks great on me. I guess it was just code for obese girls don't look good in babydoll cuts.

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Previous threads:

>>541056554 # # (thread 1)
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Download the patch here:

Pro tip: You can access level select quickly by plugging a controller into port 2 and pressing L + R + Z on the player 1 controller.

>Translated text graphics:

>Map pointers:

New discoveries:

>Beta Water Temple:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFA5YOWiHXc [Open]

>Beta Newer Hyrule Field

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7loergf9Sk [Open]

>Beta Draw Order Test Map

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-DpDWl2Uow [Open]

>Beta Dodongo Cavern

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA0F7Fga02s [Open]

>Beta Hyrule Field

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og44L6DlYjw [Open]

>Beta Temple of Time:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3RNmqhGcQ0 [Open]

>Beta Lake house:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MuYpq-_3SM [Open]

>Beta Graveyard:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0a-Uiw60KM [Open]

>Beta Kakariko Village:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rSKhWrLgmU [Open]

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Considering I glanced over this thread at first probably says something about the crossboard-ing of users that frequent /cgl/

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I'm open to consolidating all relevant interests to one board, thanks anon

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Drefan approves of this beta build.

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...Anybody got good Zelda cosplay?

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I want to be kawaii in the real AND virtual world.

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>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Artists and Selfposters: Commissions for money are welcomed, but negotiate the terms in private.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun & draw on!

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Old thread: >>10535269

Looks like Moco Moco Bunnies was a hit.

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Well that’s essentially APs business model.

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>AP specifically asked why Americans didn't buy shoes
I would buy more shoes from them if they sent more smalls to SF. I can’t wear anything bigger and shoes are expensive af to ship overseas.

>> No.10541695

Maybe they should make the damn shoes better quality. Those shits peel and scuff like the purses

>> No.10541706

Do they? I think AP favors Paris store specifically. French stuff is one of the main points of their aesthetic, all of these Eiffel tower motifs, tricolors, Promenade de Paris, French Cafe, Cameo Window, etc.

>> No.10541712

Who actually buys brand shoes though? Even those who drop 1-2k on a coord will most often be rocking some taobao shoes. If you know where to look, taobao has insanely cute and innovative shoes out there for pre-order, plus they actually carry larger shoe sizes. Brand shoes just aren’t worth the premium at all anymore since there’s so many alternatives now.

I’ve owned ap shoes, baby shoes, and bodyline shoes, but after a pre-order from sheep puff came in I’ll probably never buy anything else. The baby shoes were probably the highest quality but even then they were pretty shoddy. There’s a reason why the resale value even for new brand shoes is like less than half the retail price.

The quality of sheep puff was about the same as my ap flats, and they were around $25 before shipping. if you go for some of the higher tier taobao shoes in the $40-60 range they really are quite nice for less than half the price, and you can actually order your size instead of s-ll.

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Leave your honest thoughts on everything indie lolita!

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This poster >>10527255 bought a dress in the post thread

>> No.10541189

This is exactly how I received them. They must have attached the wrong soles or ran out of the correct ones and decided to just do this instead.
It's a little noticeable, since they're thin. Not too bad once socks are on. Still, not $75 + shipping quality.

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By fancy holidays, you mean letting k8 fly over to hang out in her uwu kawiwi house in the middle of a pandemic?

>> No.10541630

Thoughts on Anna House blouses?

>> No.10541668

I only own 1 myself but I've seen a few in person as well. Extremely comfortable and my blouse has lasted me almost a decade now. Can't say for anything new they've produced, though.

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Feel like cosplay was just a lot more fun and soulful when it was just fans of something wearing hastily made costumes just because.Now its all about accuracy and sex appeal and people trying to make it into a career borderlining on softcore porn.

>> No.10540371

Gimme that modern shit

>> No.10540388

Man, there's something really endearing about looking at old cosplay pics.
Personally I think the rise of social media twisted the cosplay community a lot from "just have fun with friends and like minded people" to "wear the most accurate outfit and have the most gorgeous shootings". It feels a little like it became more of a show-off contest than celebrating fandoms. Everyone is more concerned about making a name for themself. Gotta keep that follower count high after all!
Which is why so many jump on the OF bandwagon and shit
I'm probably just a bitter oldfag

>> No.10540671

I've thought about it before, and I'll still maintain that the ease of access to mass manufactured costumes killed a lot of the creativity of cosplay. Now, literally everyone can get a half assed unironed cosplay from Aliexpress for 30 bux. I think people making cosplays are good though (but that might be become I make my own stuff and am unreasonably proud of it); it takes a lot of effort and attention to detail to make something look good, which I appreciate as a cosplayer. Then, you get people that call themselves a cosplayer, but buy every FOTM character cosplay they want, take pics and upload to a cosplay insta, etc. Kind of passionless.

Also, cosplay photography is a meme and a half. I respect the grind of the photogs and they do some great work, but I feel that the better the photogs, the more questionable the actual cosplay's quality. As in, Photoshop, angle/lighting work, all help crutch up a mediocre cosplay really hard. Like all those photoshop vs. IRL pics that show that anyone with a shitty cosplay, shitty wig, etc can be shooped to look fantastic. But, IRL, they will look terrible on the con floor. Seen some people IRL and compared them to their insta and it's an INSANE difference.

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>lives smack dab in the middle of covid pandemic with soaring numbers
>crosses state lines to take pics without masks in K8s “amazing” bedroom and takes pics massless.

I guess that’s what happens when the desire to be efamous outweighs the desire to you know, keep breathing.

I know some of y’all live in countries that are not a fucking covid Petri dish, but if you’re tired of seeing this shit, post em here.

>> No.10539999

no1curr take ur vendetta to the farm

>> No.10540003

I think the real crime here is that she thinks k8s raggedy ass bedroom is at all a good place to take pics. It looks like a trailer park in methville

>> No.10540013

There’s probably piss stains on that bed

>> No.10540047


I mean everyone is being a covidiot so it isn't even milky anymore, sadly, but the bigger lulz is that she thinks k8's meth apartment bedroom is "amazing"

>> No.10540052

k8 went to TX to take pics with the owner of Ota Q over Christmas. I can't comprehend being this desperate to take uwu kawiwi pics during a pandemic.

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she melts my heart.

i hope she does boy/girl porn someday.

>> No.10540012

is that enako Japan’s Most Famous Cosplayer??

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Discuss the online comm drama, efamous Lolitas, link your discords and groups, and other online happenings.

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Agreed. Everyone here is a retarded faggot.


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>mfw at 104 and your height and feeling chunky af

Sucks to be asian with an android fat distribution.

It's a wake up call anyways to do more exercise though, so hopefully it goes down soon.

>> No.10541376 [DELETED] 

Oh I'm not asian and my body fat percentage is considered typical for professional athletes. It's just that all my weight goes directly to my thighs and nowhere else, it's so gross and looks fucking dumb/disproportionate since I have small boobs that never get bigger. I lose my thigh gap at ~106 and it makes me not want to eat until I can't feel my thighs grazing each other anymore.

>> No.10541405


I honestly wish they'd mature emotionally alongside financially. No matter how sad, how pathetic their life stories is that a single frilly dress has to mean that much to them, I just can't see the logic behind screaming at complete strangers that someone didn't keep "their" dream dress in pristine, unused, cheap condition so that they can buy it after they can afford to.

It's just shitty entitled behaviour, and no amount of "dresses belong to the community" can really change that view for me.

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One of the lolitas in my comm hosted a SS back in December and then ghosted everyone. Like, I'm pretty sure I've been grinched, and they said they're going to check, but it's been a week with no follow up.

Like, why even host one if you can't commit??

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How do I get a goth /cgl/ gf like this? Where do they frequent? This might be my only path to true love.

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I found a place in my third world country that make those mascot costumes for a very cheap price. Give me ideas and I will commission them 4 costumes for me and my friends for the next con

>> No.10539948

are you asking for 4-group cosplay ideas? you could do the pacman ghosts i guess

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File: 1.44 MB, 970x545, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It don't have to be a 4-group thing. Just something funny

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Arthur characters but with realistic animal heads.

>> No.10540042

Idk why but from the tiny thumbnail I thought that elephant was left shark.

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For what will most likely be another year with mostly no cons, what do you miss about conventions the most?


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Cosplaying and talking to people about cosplay, swapping build tips, LARPing and goofing around with people cosplaying characters from the same show, photoshoots, etc etc.

I graduated last May, got a job last year, and my post-college plans were to spend my vacay days traveling and going to cons up and down the East coast. Then, COVID hit, and now I'm just coasting and basically waiting for shit to open up eventually. It's a monumental bummer. Not having a con to look forward to is also putting a damper on my desire to work on cosplays as well.

>> No.10540716

I miss cosplay masquerades (minus the recent influx of LoveLive dance skits). They were usually the highlight of my cons both as a participant and a spectator. It was fun seeing the creativity of the costumes and skits on display.

>> No.10540855

cosplaying, exhibitors hall, arcade area, and the general atmosphere.

>> No.10540861

Try smiling at yourself in the mirror, my therapist said it boosts confidence

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ok will do thanks bro

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>the first meme cosplay of 2021

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don't care didn't ask
seethe harder foid

>> No.10541594

thank you for proving my point.

>> No.10541605

why would i put on the charade you want when i have zero interest in you
you aren't desirable
nobody enjoys your presence but bottom feeders
you're an insufferable crone that will perish alone

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>he's not even trolling

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We must talk about this. We must address this.
I'm a male cosplayer. I own five costumes. I'm well respected in my community. And I feel assaulted. Violated. Raped. By girls using costumes on purpose to show off, completely perverting and twisting what is supposed to be a fun, harmless, family-friendly activity. Cosplay is not consent, so, thots and other types of exhibitionists of all sorts should be prohibited from cosplaying. It is not the activity for those who want to sexualize and hypnotise legions of people, while also bringing coomers and toxic people to cosplaying.

I have spoken.

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>> No.10540108

>supposed to be family-friendly
Sounds like you're going to some lame cons

>> No.10540384

fucking basedboy

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>> No.10540910

It’s not a bra. It’s basically a wet look bikini top with ties in the front

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