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Out of acknowledgment for safety protocols at conventions like AnimeNYC, let's post cosplays not utterly ruined by masks.

I'll go first: K/DA Akali

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How has your comm handled the pandemic? Have you started in person meetups or are you still doing zoom calls?

Mine became an instant ghost town back in 2020 and has just recently started doing zoom meetups and small in person events.

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My comm is requiring negative lateral flow results the morning of the meet (we can get free lateral flow tests from the government here)

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Missed out on my comms secret Santa already. They decided to do it early again this year. We use to have sign up in October. Now I have to wait another year to participate.

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Comm is totally dead after covid, no virtual or irl meets. Kind of want to post on the fb group to break the ice since it's less than 50 people but the last post was in february. But... part of me wants to stay a lonelita. The fashion scene where I live is full of ita covidlitas... like the ones that will never ever ever move out of aliexpress, and zoomers that parrot what they hear on tiktok like muh AP fatphobia. And neither will ever try to learn the culture or wear lolita outside of a con. Although... I've looked at the profiles and icons of everyone in my state's specific comm and none of them seem bad? I still have a irrational fear of going to a meet and seeing some bitch with a 20$ aliexpress dress with severe tiktok/twitter brainrot.

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Comm is totally dead after covid, no virtual or irl meets. Kind of want to post on the fb group to break the ice since it's less than 50 people but the last post was in february. But, part of me wants to stay a lonelita. The fashion scene where I live is full of ita covidlitas, like the ones that will never ever ever move out of aliexpress, and zoomers that parrot what they hear on tiktok like muh AP fatphobia. And neither will ever try to learn the culture or wear lolita outside of a con. Although, I've looked at the profiles and icons of everyone in my state's specific comm and none of them seem bad? I still have a irrational fear of going to a meet and seeing some bitch with a 20$ aliexpress dress with severe tiktok/twitter brainrot.

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If your in pgl the host made multiple posts about the event before cutting off sign up. You've got no one to blame but yourself.

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Let's make our own lolita iceberg gulls. Let's reminisce of the darkest days of our history

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This answers nothing

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A shit start to a shit thread.

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Piss chan and Kelly Eden should be on there near the top.

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>near the top
That's not how the iceberg works

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Are there still any Nordic people on /cgl/?
Let's just talk about cons and cosplay that has to do with us

Anyone else going to J-popcon, for instance? I really hope they can pull it off so soon after the pandemic, and I hope they can get many people for the J-fashion show because that was an absolute highlight last time I was there. I'm a bit worried, but I guess even just finally going to a real con is nice.

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I'm gonna have to wait till närcon is back next summer

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finn here, starting to lose all hope with cons

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Never been at a con but interested in going, is it worth going alone?

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Depends on what event and what you are looking for? Närcon is a festival with many activities, pricey food and many teens. Great event if you are younger and wanna meet friends I guess. Jpopcon seems better organized than närcon and the staff seems to not be preteens wanting free ticket while skipping work kek

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I guess something thats a bit more "open to everyone"? I dont really do anime and im no longer a teen this year, so wouldnt wanna go to an anime-only teen infested con.
Like i said though ive never been at one so i couldnt really tell you anything specific im looking for

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I've got about 90 prints from various brands to post. Starting with AatP, then AP, then BtSSB, IW, MM, Meta, and MmM. I only saved the prints I could identify, so this thread won't have every print ever posted to /cgl.

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That's the end of the dump! I looked high and low for some other famous prints like Milky-chan but I just couldn't find them.

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Thanks for this anon. My iPad aesthetic thanks you too.

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How do I find a qt3.14 gf with great fashion sense and pretentious personality to take care of and buy stuff for?

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Where do I go though?? There's not a lot of girls with elite sense of fashion everywhere. Especially during quarantine

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Seriously? Find events/groups centered around whatever type of *elite fashion sense* you're talking about and socialize

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I'm a boy though so I can't lolita fashion. What is this? I just wanna fund it

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Fuck off and ask /adv/. If you're not here to discuss cosplay or jfashion you're in the wrong place. /adv/ has a "ask the opposite sex" thread. Enjoy.

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find some instathot to sugar for there's millions of them to choose from

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Looks like cosplay.com is back up and (partially) running after a few years of being shut down. No clue why it ever got abandoned in the first place considering it was never really dead, but that’s besides the point. Oldfriends will remember that this site was a pretty popular place to talk about cosplay/cons online before the rise of social media, so it’s nice to see it functional again. With the cosplay side of /cgl/ having been completely overtaken by coomers and mods/jannies who enable this behavior, I’m cautiously optimistic that cosplay.com can grow back a healthy population and be a place for cosplayers to just talk cosplay. Long form discussions don’t lend themselves well to Twitter or Insta, which is where most cosplay stuff is nowadays, so I think there’s space for a traditional forum in the cosplay community (which USED to be filled by /cgl/, but we can all see what this place has become).
Anyone have plans to use this site? Any stories from its heyday you wanna share?

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One would hope if people still have access to their accounts the posts they made will still be up. But if it is it may be best to grab screenshots now Incase something happens

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Cosplay.com is where I got my start in figuring out cosplay.

I remember posting about a potential first cosplay I wanted to do and some helpful rando straight-up offered to buy me the basic fabric and thread to get started with on it. They followed through, bought and shipped me a package with everything, and I really did use the stuff to make my first cosplay. Bless their heart.

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Adella sucked Admins money dry and she had to turn tricks to get the server back on

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Oh man. Time to throwback to my tenn cringe cosplay years. But hey. I had fun and that used to be the point.

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Thank god. I’m happy I don’t have to rely on this board to discuss cosplay beyond “uwu I like ur wig Queen!!” And other overly nice surface level shit u see on most social media sites. Also sounds nice to be able to discuss cosplay without devolving into vague posting about how X famous cosplayer didn’t talk to me at a con and therefore they should be cancelled or some shit

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(i couldn't find the help thread and I have no idea if it's still a thing if so please link me and I'll delete this thread)

cgl please help me I need anything to substitute got2b/good products for wig spiking

it can be another brand or even something DIY I have no time to import got2b and need it asap

pic related to what I wish to obtain

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What happened to g2b glued?

>> No.10677791

Try big sexy hair products. Worked for my tracer wig a couple of years ago.

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The last help thread died, here's the new one: >>10676057

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Puvithel is hiring. Thoughts on working for indie brands? In one hand creating jobs and money flow in the lolita space is a good thing. On the other hand local business owners are notorious for taking advantage of workers.

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Oops, that's 4-o'clock*

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To any western indie designer reading here, make some blouses for gothic PLEASE

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it's not illegal for anyone to ask you to do them a favor. the way this kind of thing usually happens is your employer "encourages" (guilts or pressures) people into doing certain things off the clock, and as people start doing these things, others worry that their job security will be at risk if they don't do it too.

honestly that pic makes me think those OTKs are pretty nice quality since the color is staying opaque despite stretching so far

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4 o'clock rebranded to Linda Friesen and does mostly wedding dresses and ball gowns now, although you could probably commission her to do something lolita

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This pic reminds me, but does anyone else find Enchanted Dreamwear's socks to be strangely tight? I fit into socks from BTSSB, IW and Meta just fine among others so I was surprised to find they felt so tight. Or maybe it was just the style(s) I bought?

I was surprised because so many of their reviews mentioned them being rather stretchy.

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Old thread disappeared months ago so here we go again.

Useful links:

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's なんちゃって制服 hashtag.

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What is the stance on self-posts? I started wearing the fashion but there wasn't a thread for a long time so I'm not sure if it's frowned upon. I've been reading a lot of the archived threads and self-posts seemed pretty welcome there, but those are years old and I don't notice many self-posts in other jfash threads so I'm unsure if things changed. I don't know where else to ask for concrit on nanchatte

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Do it anon. Just put a sticker over your face or something so people don't act dumb

>> No.10678264

People don't self-post anymore because people are scared of the 4chan boogeyman and being associated with this board is seen as a bad thing.

Like the other anon said, block out your face and it's all good.

>> No.10678267

I think it’s obscure enough that you’d be fine. These kinds of boards don’t attract scrotes/trolls/haters the way the ita thread or bait threads might.

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ah, okay. I don't use social media so I doubt anybody could identify me, but I just tried taking some photos and I underestimated how bad my phone camera is. I don't think anybody wants to see grainy blurry flip phone photos so I'll just drop a street snap instead

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Last thread saged >>10666167

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Garbage advice.
You can't sell on xianyu unless you have a mainland china ID.
Pretty sure you can't sell on jp Mercari or fril unless you're shipping from Japan.

>> No.10678818

oh whoops i didnt even read sell i thought they meant buy lol, you prob cant better than lm for selling in that case. unless you want to pay hella fees on depop or mercari.

>> No.10678822

>she doesn't know that shopping services will sell for you

>> No.10678842

what about fb groups or ebay?

>> No.10678846

Tbh I think a veteran could pull it off. With the right accessories length and aesthetic it could def count as Lolita, but if you’re just getting started avoid this dress and other like it unless you want to look like chobits or something.

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What other lesser known jfashion trends are there? The bigger ones have their own threads but what about others? Post about others like uchuu-kei, yami-kawaii and so on.

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A bunch of people like to pretend like they know shit on here. Half weren't even there and generally if they weren't there, you can assume they don't know. So a lot of people on here talk about things they know nothing about as a tl;dr.

>> No.10678059

because it's not. do your research.

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you are saying that while the article labels jesus diamante a lolita brand

>> No.10678096

>No one was referencing cgl's conception
Why are you bringing this up? Fucking retard. Do you think talking about the song being released in 06 is talking about this boards conception? Ironic you’re calling other people retards when you can’t even fucking read.

>> No.10678337

Anon if you’re feeling smug over a cgl comment victory you need to get out more. If there’s one thing I’m sure if it’s that pretty much everyone on here saying they know how a sub fashion started is full of shit.

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What would you want in a jfashion app? Or would you prefer a website?

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Interesting. I shipped two dreamholic wigs through dhl no problem, granted it was mixed with a taobao clothing haul so idk. I guess not getting my wig is still better than supporting slave labor sozzzz

>> No.10678274

I wonder what a better lolibrary experience would look like. Maybe a paid subscription model for special features like closet building and saving measurements etc.

>> No.10678307

I’d pay for a profit feature, and more personalized tools to organize wants and wishlists. I think modifying and modernizing the existing websites and services is kinda the only option.

>> No.10678813

Its a good idea in theory but I dont think enough people would be willing to pay and the first time any bug or issue came up everyone would jump ship.

>> No.10678843

So did I and dhl hit me. My taobao order was about to be completely lost if I didn't destroy the wigs. The other option was to ship it from the mainland for 200$ again just to unpack them, even though I already had paid 200 to ship? Pretty fucking annoying.

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Atleast they have the decency to cover it. Remember kitchen chan

>> No.10678731

Ahhhhh wtf gross.

>> No.10678747

are you retarded? this dress would be fine for a wedding unless you’re the type of trash that wears cocktail dresses to weddings

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being a normie has nothing to do with your career dumbass

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When your security and you stop a Ho slut in the airport and she screams ans tells you just how "Ho" she is.

She's been coked out in the west inhaling cock for the last three weeks and thinks her "w-Ho?" family is coming to tell off the security.

No security can do its job to a w-Ho-re.

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yeah that multicolour-lingual baby is not coming it all went swallowed in the wrong holes

>> No.10676934

What is a colour-lingual baby?

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嘿 你為什麼要惹惱這個婊子

>> No.10676940

I think this women had an illegal abortion.

>> No.10676944

You think jannies care about this place? Chances are a guy is a jannie here that doesn't give a single fuck about this board and the mods are likely dealing with other shit. The only ones to actually manage this board is us. It's a board on 4chan with a female user base. It barely has hope. Now learn to hide off topic and coomer threads and converse in on topic threads.

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Terrible editing edition

Post poorly composed, badly edited, or overall awful quality cosplay photos.

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I feel like the spirit of this thread is to dunk on bad photographers. These ones are just cosplayers with body dysmorphia

>> No.10676988

Agree, these are all normal pictures that have been terribly photoshopped. Where are the actual bad photographs.

>> No.10677239

What makes bad photography, bad?

>> No.10677343

Where are the bad photos? Come on, there are plenty of shitty photos out there.

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Previous: >>10669912

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the unwarranted attacks on her were silly but there's no need to simp this hard anon

>> No.10678715

NTA but she’s doing us all a huge favor at her own expense. Angelic prophet is a god among gulls.

>> No.10678721

Oh thank fuck, this is the best news in regards to NB. I can deal with slight colour changes. Thank you prophet.

>> No.10678723

>simp this hard
No one is giving the prophet their credit card number. We're just expressing our appreciation

>> No.10678726


oh yeah it's definitely nice of her and i like and appreciate her dropping in but 'i love you forever' was pretty intense lol

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Cosplay recommendations: >>10651561
Crossplay: >>10650530
Stupid jfashion questions: >>10666167

Previous thread: >>10656420

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Sorta cosplay related, but anyone here have experience with a Cricut machine for cosplay projects?

>> No.10678816

this is more about makeup/photos-- but how would you go about cosplaying an eyes-always-closed character without looking like you accidentally blinked in the picture?

>> No.10678819

use makeup to elongate the eye. try putting liner on the lids then extend it on the inner and outer corners so when you close them it shows up more and seems more intentional.

>> No.10678826

Get a silhouette. They’re better machines in general and allow you to adjust the blade depth in the same cut. Cricut is overhyped and only got clout from sponsoring a bunch of cosplayers.

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alrighty so ive made sin's dumb jacket thing before and you can basically take a full jacket pattern-- any will do-- and chop of the top part.
i tried to roughly draw out what each part would look like. if you use some same colored bias tape with a relatively stiff fabric on the top area the sleeve should hold its shape.

File: 149 KB, 740x850, other-mother-coraline-cosplay-Edited.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Spooky month is almost here. Post convention horror stories and horror themed cosplay.

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>> No.10678008

Nice GET. I would be very upset if I saw this coming down the stairs.

>> No.10678104

Babadook is a movie about dealing with loss, which Mr. Babadook is the representation of grief associated with the woman losing her husband and child's father. Before finding that out I thought it was just a movie about a stressed out parent losing her mind. It was good before, but the second watch with that in mind made it brilliant.

>> No.10678239

Fuck I love this. Can’t tell if it’s meant to be those zombies from re4 or something else but it’s hella creepy.

>> No.10678339

What’s the best Halloween themed con? I’m sure there’s got to be several that cater to the spooky season. I’m open to anime or comic, but prefer anime conventions.

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