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Thelma (ft. Shaggy)

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TIL her name was Velma, not Thelma.

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a tripfag AND a redditor? unfriendly reminder, if you only have a single fucking image to post, you should use an existing thread or get enough content to warrant a thread. there's a black cosplay thread up right this second that would have been a better place for this.

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Shut up, nerd.

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I lol'd at the image you posted it was funny because the image has text in it.

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So whos going over brotha?

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That omega is awful

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Old thread
Please post cosplay questions here instead of making a new thread for them.
>Jfash questions?
>Specific topics
Kimono/traditional Japanese clothing
Makeup/skin care/hair
Artist alley
Suggestions/what should I cosplay
Self post
>Regional threads

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Unanswered questions from last thread:
(Last anon, if you meant glueing the lace to your head, I like Ghost Bond as a budget option and if you have the coin, Telesys 5)

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I don't have tattoos myself, but my sister uses MAC face and body and some random concealer. theoretically any high coverage foundation would work, but the MAC product is designed for body use and comes in bigger bottles because of that. if it's something you need to do a often maybe take that into consideration. keep in mind that your face shade may not be the same as your body shade. i found a video using similar products to the ones mentioned above. https://youtu.be/c1ElV3hrEgQ

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>discuss new videos
>share your favorite lolita youtuber
>links to egl related content
>spill some tea

What do you think about Lor's new video?
In my opinion it was very low effort and she could've done much more with the scene to lolita concept.

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I'm pretty sure the "whole gender ordeal going on" is on your side here? As in the MSM is bad at showing a variety of facial features and misrepresents what people actually look like, and they want to change that.

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Are there any youtubers who focus on Meta?

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I used to search "lolita fashion" and search by date to find new videos but lately there's been a lot of lingerie and videos with otherwise questionable stuff, I hate it.

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No, there are no based youtubers unfortunately

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The other jsk is more unique, but I love this cut more. I kind of want the pink one to go with this bag.

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I’m to scared to ask this dumb question anywhere else but is there a name for those tiny anime girl browns I see on tiktok?

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Go to /a/ or /jp/

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I’ve asked here because it’s something I’ve seen on girls in deocra kei. I just didn’t feel comfortable posting images of them.

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your best search term is gonna be "hikimayu" for finding anime girls with eyebrows like that even if it isn't actually accurate. you can find similar styles in historical japanese and chinese fashions. they're just shaved mostly or entirely off and filled in. you should use the hair and makeup thread next time instead of making a new thread.

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Last thread died a while ago >>10383388

As mori girl, dolly kei and the like haven't been popular enough lately to keep own threads alive, why not a general thread for all those natural vintage styles that often overlap to begin with.

>Mori styles and brands guide (japanese): https://woman.mynavi.jp/article/190828-8/

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I discovered Tiara Tiara a while ago, it seems to be a nice brand for mori.

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The last thread reached the image limit: >>10441510

Harajuku street fashion in Japan is finding ways to deal with COVID-19, and one of the most obvious ways has been the increased usage of masks for coord snaps. Even in coords that are simple and light for the summer heat, a mask adds visual interest, whether it be a brand mask or a plain white one. Brands like h.Naoto sell mask charms (pic related). Some brands have also incorporated pandemic-related art, such as the icon Amabie or warnings to keep distance (Deorart) or encouragement to #StayHome (Hyper Core). Another issue is that many events remain canceled, so remote meetups are more common, and this thread may feature some coords from those, including virtual participation in the upcoming Corset Day on 8/8.

Many shops have not survived the pandemic. Noble Noire, Sexpot Revenge's only Tokyo shop, and Atelier Boz in Nagoya are some of the stores that have permanently closed.

I will start this thread with some snaps from Atelier Boz Nagoya's last sale event.

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thank you for these threads

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prev: >>10444767

I have dumb questions but the previous threads are soon-to-die. Welcome to the fun zone.

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when wearing salopettes my petti's way bigger in the back than the front (presumably because of my butt) is there any way to fix this? I was thinking about getting a poofier one but I feel like it would accentuate the issue

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Brand recommendations for himekaji (asides from Liz Lisa)?

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You’d need to shop second hand for the most part with these because himekaji is mostly dead, but Ank Rouge, Dreamv, Amavel

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Yes, you can wait. When you make the 2nd order, there'll be an option to add it to the first. It's a checkbox on the left.

>> No.10452408

Sit on it a bit? Assuming it's tulle or organza. I have a large butt, lots of salopettes, and it's never been an issue personally. I have one that can look odd without a petti underneath, but it can be fixed by adjusting the straps and where the bodice is, so I'd suggest that. Do not get a puffier one, most salopettes look weird af with anything but minimal poof.

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t*kt*k thread

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there's another one, posting the link to the I don't remember which one board, maybe it was gif or wsgif board, one board has webms with sound

>> No.10451145

/wsg/ actually banned tiktok a while back, mainly because they were spamming the entire board. There's a /gif/ thread I think though.

>> No.10451146

tiktoks are banned on wsg and i dont feel comfortable posting her on gif :/
>sadly most of her cosplays are store-bought
yea alot of her early homestuck stuff has more of that homemade charm
>By the way, there is a way around the no-audio issue...
thanks, didnt know about that

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>mainly because they were spamming the entire board.
based pedo coomers

>> No.10451149

>and i dont feel comfortable posting her on gif
lmao, I can understand, well, you can post a link to tiktok, right?

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Good Morning /CGL!!!!!!! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the Cosplay to Lolita!

Is that me, or does that sound like a Pixi-Teri movie?

>Anyway, who is your Crush???????

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i am my own crush.

>> No.10451090

you’re my crush senpai uwu

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Please post cringe cosplays

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when did i post this

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Do you always need it? https://wuxiaworld.live

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Anyone got any Phoenixrai?

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2020 con season in a nutshell be like...

Seriously though, how you handling the downtime? Like continuing fixing your cosplays and whatnot?

>> No.10450750

It turns out no cons means no motivation to finish or work on cosplays. No point in making something if it will never get shown. Or if I continue to make things, I'll have a glut of them by the time on run normally again and some of the costumes may be outdated.

>> No.10450761

Right now, I put cosplay together just to deal with the boredom. Even thought there o cons, I still post them to Facebook pages.

>> No.10450763

Also wanna add that access to materials and supplies are restricted now with physical visits being discouraged (because crafting is not an essential service for most people) and shipping delayed and/or expensive as heck. Why pay more and risk physical contact with randos at this point in time when the hobby will still be there when the world gets its act together in another year or two?

>> No.10451302

Same. Cons were the literal reason why I even bothered to finish the projects I started.

I've been checking out old con videos and reviews on youtube to hold myself over. It's kind of random, but times like this make me miss (the original) Cosplay.com. I used to live on the forums in between conventions. Now everything's moved to facebook and it just isn't the same, man. Cosplay.com focused on the craftsmanship where as facebook just focuses on pretty pictures. Those are important, too, I guess.

>> No.10451332

I've been thinking the opposite. Using this down time to build everything up and have a stock for when everything opens. No more working on shit last minute for a long while.

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Corona forever edition

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The Chinese government is based. I hope they always stay that way. Look what happens when you start giving people too much freedom: the clusterfuck of stupidity that is America. Most humans don't deserve and can't properly handle total freedom.

>> No.10452329

Lmao the unironic edge

>> No.10452359

LoGH was right. People will cheer to be slaves of autocrats.

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WHO was also covering it up, don’t forget they banned Taiwan from the world health assembly at the request of Beijing snd ti the protest of the u.s., Australia, Germany, Japan iiirc.

They ignored health advice from Taiwan and lied about human transmission, and also put out information with bogus reasons on to not restrict any travel from china, here in Aus, I think it was back in January that we closed off travel from China while other countries follows WHO’s advice did not and got raped with case numbers vs Aus

The cases and deaths in China were fake and being covered up with false data, in the early days after it was finally acknowledged, there were 800 cases etc reported in many provinces around Wuhan with 0 recorded deaths, despite video on social media from China before deletion showing bodies being taken away from this areas, the numbers out of China are vastly understated.

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This board has always been shit, just in a different way.

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previous thread : >>10425841

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

- lots of idol festivals, varying quality.
- discussion on instrumentalists participating in idol festivals
- idol tier list? lol
- Julily released a video on her raw thoughts about the cosidol / overseas idol comm. Met with varying responses, both positive and negative.

Featured Soloist: Melancholiaah! They just released a new song and merchandise!

Starter Topic:
Julily's video has been met with varying degrees of positive and negative feedback. Share your opinions, without bashing her as a person.

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Sure, Jan.

>> No.10452394

Yas queen

>> No.10452411

Honestly that’s what most overseas idols are aiming for. People here like to bring up how delusional people are for wanting a “career” doing this, when many of us just love performing and would feel blessed with the opportunities that comes from working hard, being professional, taking things seriously, etc in this hobby. Especially the part about being able to sell merch to fund bigger projects, that’s a really important thing. Some of us have a rational way of thinking about it and don’t have a desire to break into the mainstream (or get signed to a japanese company) and become “famous”. Being an overseas idol is enough for some of us.

>> No.10452417

I'm >>10452270. To respond to the discussion about "don't say it can't be done, you don't know we can't make it a career" this spawned...sorry. You are not going to make idol activities your career. You might make some money from it, get invited to cons, free badges, cool. That's good! You're not going to be able to quit your day job to be an idol, though. The only people in the OIC who have been able to even come close to that have all had to basically shed the moniker of "idol" and appeal to more mainstream Western audiences. We do not have an audience conducive to making real career money singing and dancing to cutesy aidoru covers. Sorry. My point is that that seems to be what Julily wants, and the source of her frustration is that people in the OIC aren't taking it just as seriously as her when the point is NONE of us are gonna make it the way she wants us to, including her. So she needs to chill and accept that people in a hobby are going to be less than perfect, and make it a welcoming place where people want to improve for the joy of doing better, not because of harsh criticism or the pressure to go professional.

>> No.10452419

No need to project your insecurities. This isn't your diary. in the same sense, why does it bother you if people want to attempt a career out of this? will this ruin how you live your life every day? you are just as pressed as julily tbqh

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Gulls what would it take for a male (me) to fuck a cute cosplayer please respond

>> No.10450130

Be attractive. Or pay for it.

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an hero faggot

>> No.10450133,1 [INTERNAL] 

Thanks for the introduction, it looks very good, I am very fortunate to know this information. https://novels247.com

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Let's talk accessories.

What's your favorite way to accessorise a coord? Are you a headbow, hat, or hairpin person? What are some of your favorite brands for accessories, jp or western?

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>> No.10450451

Doesn't matter if you do, Anonhat is stupid popular and whatever they make sells out pretty instantly or through lottery.
Most people probably won't bother with this painful process to get the hat. >>10450385
Sylvia Quaint is a better recommendation for Western lolitas.

>> No.10450452

Yes, they're hard to secure. I'd never wear mine out on a windy day.

>> No.10450468

kachushas; the old maxipad headdresses but in band form instead of ribbon
vintage jp, possibly etsy if it's visibly good quity

>> No.10450476

Being a fan of mid-victorian fashion, I love bonnets, but they can look so wrong so easily - they have to be styled well. I’m such a sucker for rectangle headdresses too, I think they’re so cute with so many dresses and I like that you can have one that’s more pared down or with OTT long ruffled lace

>> No.10450574
File: 40 KB, 564x624, 1551967928854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Headbows are generally my least favorite type of headdress but I do love more understated floppy bows that lie on the head like pic related.

Rectangle headdresses are really cute, I wish they were more popular outside of oldschool.

Wish I could use those, my ears are really weirdly shaped (absurdly small and oddly bent ear canal) so buds aren't an option.

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>What styles will make a comeback?
>What styles would you like to see become popular?
>Will masks as coord accessories continue in the West?
>What releases do you expect through 2020 and into next year?
>Will sweet lolita continue to see the 2010-era AP resurgence or
move onto another trend?
>Will Virgin Mary crowns finally fade into obscurity?

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>> No.10451878

Same, love my pumpkin cat school jacket

>> No.10451882

Is the old school trend over?

>> No.10451894

I obviously meant which websites ding dong

>> No.10451911

I'm saying I expect them to die out soon considering their choices.

>> No.10451925

Jane Marple survives and thrives despite their questionable choices, I think VM will be fine. IW's dying because they stopped overseas shipping, that's just dumb and unrelated to their style of clothes.

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I'm a guy. A huge, tall, wide, hairy big boi who lifts heavy metal plates and punches other burly guys in a ring. I only wear black tank tops (got about 20 of them) and sport legwear everywhere I go. I don't even own other clothes since my job is also in a gym. Every clothing I own is some sort of sports clothing.

But I want to dress fancy as fuck. I saw someone post this pic in an Ideals thread on /fit/ and it piqued my interest.
Or something similar to this. Basically the male version of lolita.

Where the hell do I even begin, if it's something I haven absolutely and utterly ZERO experience with and knowledge of? Like, so I google (lolita clothes for men" ? I'm not even american, don't suggest american brands or shops please, thank you.

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>> No.10449891

I'm the anon who offered to help, but you should probably know that cgl has its own system going and half the reason people are so hostile to you here is because it's frowned upon to make a new thread when an existing thread would do, in this case, the stupid questions thread (handholding/spoonfeeding like I'm doing is also frowned on, but I'm assuming good intent for now and that you genuinely don't know). Either take your questions there, or hit someone up off-cgl (I left my email in my last post). You'll get actual answers and the gulls will be happier.

>> No.10449954

I feel you. I am >>10449673. Poke me up on the email, id love to talk more.

>> No.10451512

h.Naoto does custom sizing and MILKBOY has oversized shirts.

>> No.10451515
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>h.Naoto does custom sizing
since when? I have been out of the scene for 10 years

>> No.10451520

This is why Aristo and EGA are dying, so many noobs screeching about ouji as if it's the only valid alternative. OP do some research, decide what you like then try posting again in the help thread/stupid questions thread and you're gonna get much better results. Shit they don't call us gulls for nothing.

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Do you think a Smurfs cosplay would be accepted at a con? Pic related, is kinda what I had in mind.

>> No.10449362

Why wouldn't it be?

>> No.10449369

Lmao a thread died for this

>> No.10449369,1 [INTERNAL] 

I think there is no problem :v https://ps5releasedate.com

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