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What was your last anime con before a virus named after a beer made for plebs ruined everything you loved?

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Can’t tell with all that photoshop

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A virus carrier

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try /wsr/ you monumental faggot

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Old thread hit image limit >>10318530

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of Japanese lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. We usually just use "ouji" here.

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Random picspam discouraged.

Discussion: Seriously. What resources for ouji are left? Even the Japanese oujis are circulating old Buttcape material. Comment below with the resources you use.

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>Even the Japanese oujis are circulating old Buttcape material.
this is not a joke.

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Take your own advice clown chan

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https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e8d8312051b2 Ill be posting all of her new pics as they. come out. also I made an AI that produces new porn hub accounts for me so ill always repost it, stay horny kings!

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You seriously wasted your time and/or money getting the onlyfan videos of this uggo just to post on 4chan? You can do better, Anon.

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are you lost?

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Imagine spending your money to try to make other men nut.
You might as well be the one with an onlyfans account but the difference is youre paying to do it


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Lmao there wasn’t a single nude photo in that video though, they were just lewds. I love that you’re giving this pathetic girl money and not getting any actual nudes in return. In a way that makes you even more pathetic than her

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I'm reporting you to onlyfans legal team. You can't do this, those are pay per view images. ONLY people who have paid may see them, that's the whole point of the site.

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After this all over, and everyone's grandparents are dead

you know you'll want to cosplay her. You know it. I know it. She would probably be the most popular choice of the year if not for the fact that no one as the balls.

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Maybe a little more formal of an interpretation

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Previous >>10362870

Brand souvenir jackets when?

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Meta has Teddy Motors or whatever, unless you mean specifically sukajans.

Those would look great with fairy kei or casual pastel but unless the silhouette was adjusted might look off with lolita the same way cardigans that are too normie or work for fairy kei can make lolita look frumpy/mess up the shape of an outfit if not chosen well.

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MILK already did it

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never got to do one of these but i always enjoyed reading them.

post yourself, cosplay you'd like to do/have done in the past, give some context, and help others with suggestions.

as always, give suggestions in order to recieve them.

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dropped pic

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You'd look 12 if you weren't 130 lbs. You'd do best as Okdaira and Kiki if you don't want to show a lot, which is fine.

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The entire bottom row.

>> No.10370345

If you are willing to lose weight I think you'd make a good Futaba. Not that you are fat but Futaba is really skinny & waif like. Those shorts are very unforgiving imo, but you could choose another one of her outfits, like the cargo pants one. The other choices are really nice too, especially Kiki and Akira.

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I think the bottom right character would suit you best! Also the pic of you with the braids reminds me of Beverly Marsh for some reason, I think you could pull her off well!

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I really love seeing well done handmade lolita
Please keep the thread decent and don’t fight or insult people
Take that to the ita thread not this

Mainly wanna just see amazing stuff people have made
If you made it yourself and want advice ask for it!

Also if you didn’t make it maybe tell who did? I love following hand makers so

Show off handmade wonders!

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This was actually what everyone who gave concrit said too

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Don't be you mean circle skirts anon :^)

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is there any particular reference that a lot of people like to use as a guide or pattern for starting out?

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Okay I'm the original girl who asked the pleats question and then promptly didn't visit cgl for two days and I'm so sorry for inadvertently starting that shit storm
Anyways I got my pleats right lol

>> No.10370522

It's not your fault. I hate when know-it-alls cause stupid bullshit like that, especially when they start claiming to be ~professionals~ and demanding everyone else prove themselves to defend their position. (You didn't cave and try to make a circle skirt, right?)

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Does anyone have experience with jane marple, milk, or BPN shoes?
>size, comfort, are they normally all made with leather?

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I have this pair of Milk shoes (size S - only worn once, admittedly, and no idea whether they're real leather or not) and they fit my 22.5cm feet well but the backs scratched my heels to shit. They're otherwise comfortable, though, so I guess some heel patches should do the trick.

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I have a pair of milk flatforms and they’re super comfy and one of my favorite pairs. I think they’re real leather.

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does anybody know the name of these boots? (+pic related)

>> No.10370398

They look like Koji Kuga boots to me, though I may be wrong.

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So who was the jannetty?

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By any chance no one has the image of the Rilakkuma muscular cosplay, like diglett's cosplay, I remember that he is a muscular man like side with his hand holding his head, thanks in advance.

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How is it but with the head of Rilakkuma :c

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I was gifted a good quality wig in this color but I can’t think of any characters with it. If you know a character, can be from whatever kind of media, drop them here please!

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Senbonzakura Hatsune Miku; her hair is less saturated to match the color palette better and it looks cute.

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Was also going to say a Hatsune Miku. The exact shade of her hair color can vary a lot depending on the song and artwork. Pic related could also work

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eto from tokyo ghoul

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Kido from Kagerou Project

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Sana Futaba

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Remember, this thread is for stupid questions about J FASHION ONLY If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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>kard lanrete
>(card lan-ret?)

>> No.10370299

Eternal dark, or KL, says the owner

>> No.10370300

it would be krad, anon. the pronunciation of which is hopefully obvious

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>> No.10370304


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Femanons the average anon would literally shrink themselves down and spend the rest of their life trapped between your ass cheeks. How do you not have a bf? What are you even doing on 4chan?

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you're completely right, which is against 4chan culture, you should be sh*tposting

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Aw beabadoobee is so cute though

>> No.10369906

You’re a baby factory just accept your lot in life and be happy.

>> No.10369907

>the average anon would literally shrink themselves down and spend the rest of their life trapped between your ass cheeks.
Nigga what. I ain't gonna waste my time on this Earth degrading myself like that for some dumb hoe

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Place your bets everyone.

Cancelled or postponed?

Previous thread

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booth babes and a live stream of the awesome looking convention floor to build hype with cool personalities it isn't fucking transwarp science

>> No.10370532

It's pointless because AX can easily fall back on their refund policy which is clearn as day. You're better off waiting for the government to step in and force them to shut down.

>> No.10370537

AX is a non-profit those tickets you bought are a donation they don't have to do shit except make sure they don't keep to much money and spend it on something.

>> No.10370538


>> No.10370544

they are a non-profit and have no obligation to return a donation

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>had the dream where I was making out with my brother dressed in my lolita cosplay
P-Please make it stop

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Lolita isn't a cosplay. And its not a costume.
Begone cumbrain.

>> No.10369606

Lolita isn't cosplay but you can cosplay a Lolita character.

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Why all men are pedos?
Nasty rapists

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get a male escort to flush out your fantasy once and for all

>> No.10369678

Coomers, all of them, no exceptions
Stick to girls

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How did you get into lolita in the first place? How often do you now wear it?

Tell me your story /cgl/

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It was in 2008, the spring/summer of my freshman year when I was 14. It's still a bit hazy because I feel like at that age I was still mentally kind of pre-teen? I had gotten into blythe dolls earlier in the fall/winter, so I think I must have come across lolita through blythes. I honestly can't remember very much, besides browsing Livejournal and how excited I was to receive my bodyline shoes and Inthestarlite petticoat. Now I wear it 90% of the time I'm outside the house.

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Blythe gang

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I first got into lolita when I had a tumblr blog back in 2012, I was following a lot of pastel goth fashion blogs and they would retweet Japanese street fashion. When I first saw ott sweet I fell in love instantly. After that I kind of went back to more casual alt styles (leaning more towards skater fashion).

A couple of years later (around 2014) I started to become interested in jfashion again as I started to get into jpop and kpop and then I made a friend who also wore jfashion. Then I started being interested in fairy kei fashion too so wore stuff like that until I moved out of my parents house.

In 2016 was when I purchased my first piece! Since then I've been wearing the fashion, I pretty much wear sweet.

>> No.10369943

Knew about lolita when I first found out about kanon wakeshima in 2008 and mana, was huge into Visual Kei in elementary school and didn’t get into lolita fast forward 2019 where I got tired of cosplaying, and saw a tea party that was outside of a con that was happening. I happened to bump into 2 Lolita’s that had a solid, ero/goth esque look and found out about lace market and I’m in deep, bought 44 listinfs from lm and 20+ Listings from wunderwelt and a couple from closet child. I wanted to wear it as often as I could but it’s difficult being an art student, having constant messes in college meant not being able to wear it as often as I wanted to. now due to the coronavirus lockdown I only wore it s couple times here and there. Modeled for a goth burando of my dreams despite being a beginner.

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A friend I used to chat with on MSN messenger (lol) sent me a link to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright website in the early 2000s and it was all downhill from there.

I was a child then so I wasn’t able to buy anything until around 2009. I often wish I had bought more and earlier but I was dumb at understanding which shops sold overseas and how to use shopping services even into my teens. It sucks realising you were around for the release of some iconic dresses and now they’ll escape you forever.

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Is this lolita?

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kawaii kewpie mayo print when?

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>> No.10369732

Of course not. Things drenched in pink like this are seldom jfashion and more likely to be sissy if anything.

>> No.10369807

no it's patrick

>> No.10369834

No this is sparta.

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