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What are the cosplay canons and groups with the most drama so I can avoid them? I know that those groups are dangerous:

>MHA (Lots of cringy kids)
>Danganronpa (LOTS OF CRINGY KIDS)
>Fire Emblem (Shipping wars)
>Hetalia (Used to be, maybe it's not anymore)

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Any with a lot of women

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Watching my local con scene fall apart is painful to say the least. The leadership of the most prominent con in the area has leadership that tried to kill at least two other local cons. Of course they had their reasons, but it's not a good look. They need to understand that any con operates on volunteers and those people will abandon you if you think they're loyal to you only.

So my local pop culture con tried to kill both an anime con and a horror genre con based on the fact that they didn't like the people who were running said cons. In turn, many of the volunteers that worked all of the cons didn't apply to work at said big pop culture con. Now they're the ones complaining about split communities, running gofundme campaigns to keep the con alive while begging for volunteers to run their con.

While I want to explain to the people running these things that the reason the community has turned on them because of their own behavior, it would make me look like the asshole. They're so oblivious to the fact that they don't own the con scene and want it to work to their own narrow-minded expectations is just disgusting to me. Cons aren't gay pride parades. They aren't vehicles for BLM. They aren't a place to put your own social agenda over a love for the pop culture that they are SUPPOSED to represent.

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Cool blog post, retard.

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>BLM and other left wing insanity is American pop culture now
>Its why eastern shit like Anime is so popular now
lol take your delusions back to /pol/

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Name the cons or get out scrub.

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drop the names pussy

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Are you stupid?

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There's going to be a heat wave in my city this week. My parasol is ready but my gothic wardrobe is crying.
How do you gulls survive the heat? What are your go to pieces for the hottest days of Summer?

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Keep deluding yourself.

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End of dump

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I don’t care if you think people not wanting to face mold and health issues is deluded, seek help

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This is very cute but is it just me or does her knee tattoo look like it says "poos"

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Holy shit shut the fuck up no one cares about your weird obsession with ac and the people who use it

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Tomorrow it's summer !! now is the time to bring out the appropriate coordination. pineapple sunglasses and lemon print pair well for the season.
Jsk Fruity Lemon & Otk - Angelic Pretty
Bonnet Triple Fortunes
Blouse Fanplusfriend
Shoes Antaïna

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You’re on the wrong board. Piss off

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sweetfags were a mistake

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Idk anon I'm a sweetfag and can see this coord is fine. Idk why people feel the need to nitpick and critique everything so heavily as if every coord has to be some work of art with 10 colors all balanced perfectly. They sound more like larpers than sweets.

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I don’t care for the rest of it, but that apron is super cute

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Ayrt im an ap sweetfag as well but it's always the ap sweet newfags who are the most insufferable. It's either them or larpers obsessed with ap.

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So I'm looking to do a Biggus Dickus Cosplay because reasons. What would be the best places to go for materials and construction?

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help thread

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Happy Father's Day! We had this thread before, so let's have it again. Post images of men in jfash who might be older, or who might not have a kawaii face, but who wear their brand with pride.

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Ozz On

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Oops, didn't recognize him in that pic for some reason. Yeah that's him

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Who else is a fan of owning multiple versions from the same release? Which ones do you have?

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Fancy Egg is the print that got me into the fashion, so I can't help but keep getting more of them. Helps that I can typically find it for very cheap.

I own the tuck pleated JSK in green and pink, the re-release JSK in black, and the skirt in black. Still need to find one in sax, preferably in a cut I don't have. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in getting multiples of a print tho lol.

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It's all AP because of course it is
>Suya Suya toys OP grey & navy, JSK navy
I want the grey JSK too
>Daydream Carnival OP sax & black
>Sugary Carnival black OP & lav JSK
These are actually MTOs. I'm not a huge fan of 2010 pastel sweet but I do like black colourways and carousel-adjacent themes. Got caught up in the hype wave ngl
>Jelly Candy Toys lav OP & white salo

I'd really like more Misty Skys (Skies?) now that they're so abundant on the aftermarket but the sheer quantity of replicas out there puts me off

Ah, I see you're man of culture as well

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I have 2 French cafes, 2 (tech. 3) miracle candy, 2 French cafe, 2 dreaming macaron, 2 sugary carnivals, and 2 toy doll boxes. I also have 3 of the dreaming macaroon cutsew. I wish lolibrary allowed us to add multiples by colorway into our wardrobes, because my wardrobe seems small on there until I take my doubles into account

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Rose Toilette...

It was my dream dress in 2008. So I just..idk. I guess it stayed my favorite.

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I have one dress in the same color 4 ways - two regular JSK cuts, special set JSK, and skirt cut. Just missing the OP, but it seems impossible to find now.

I think since it was a dream dress, I got comfortable with hunting for it and I'm chasing that high I get every time I find my dream dress.

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Step 1: vote https://coinsniper.net/coin/2556
Step 2: Like and Retweet: https://twitter.com/AcoAmyofficial/status/1403060374900031489
Step 3: Submit your wallet with pictures prof here.

GET NOW: 150,000,000 ACO
#aco #acoswap #bsc #Pancakeswapv2

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Is this still available.. I want to join

>> No.10634468

I'll be joining

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Development & Holder
The development team comes from a diverse background of established positions in different
sectors and respectable companies, providing their expertise and experience for the mutual
benefit of the project and holders.
#aco #acoswap #bsc #Pancakeswapv2

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Seems to be a very promising project.

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>missed out on 200$+ that I could've put on the tasty dipperino
>mad at self
>tell myself I won't eat anything for 3 days so that my body will be healthier after a natural fast and I'll save myself some money in the process

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sorry thought this was biz
mods delete thanks

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What kind of cosplay should I wear to attract women at a convention so I can get laid?

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>If you can't get laid outsite a con
>You won't be able to do it at a con

This is a lie as cons are the only place I get attention and fugs from women.

>> No.10635149

If you've ever been in the military then these are the best girls to have.

>> No.10635287

Met at a speed dating and we hit it off on our second date. It was nice till it lasted.

>> No.10635397

Huh I've only been to one con with speed dating I think I might try it if I go again

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Guys i need help determining something. I want to go to this convention called anime matsuri, but I dont know if a lot of people will attend or not. The last convention I went to had very little people show up to it. I was so disappointed and regretful. I want to make sure this time that a convention will have a lot of people attend it. So does anyone know if anime matsuri will have a lot of people attend it?

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epic b8

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>Not knowing about the legend of Anime Matsuri.

You should definitely go anon. It's def NOT a waste of time, money, and hope.

>> No.10634694

What legend?

>> No.10634698

I'd pass. The owners have a very long track record of being total shite and there are tons of other cons not being run by scam artists.

>> No.10634749

Katsucon is the one to go to if you want guaranteed large attendance, WUVID-19, and much more.

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Same as usual.

Quick overview:
>What is Aliexpress?
A site similar to taobao or ebay, comprised of several different sellers. Most items have free shipping. Many items on there you can also find on Taobao, but often at inflated prices on AE
>When should I choose Taobao and when should I choose Aliexpress?
If you only want a few items that you could get for cheaper from Taobao, choose AE. If you plan on buying a lot, choose Taobao.
>What not to buy:
Anything that is normally regulated. This includes lead content in paint (be wary of jewelry), cosmetics, and electronics. Other things not to buy is contact lens cases, sex toys, and foodware that is not glass

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i hate this OP so much. it's full of so much incorrect information about what not to buy and what is "regulated" etc. aliexpress is no more dangerous or safe than the local dollar store or amazon. most imports aren't regulated or checked until they have already caused some issue (in cases of things like makeup it can take years before people realize the makeup is a problem) but the same crap is being sold in your country, without regulations. also glass can contain lots of lead so that's retarded to say it's safe.

>> No.10635284

Lead in glass is called crystal and is expensive af

>> No.10635318

>also glass can contain lots of lead so that's retarded to say it's safe
You're the retarded one, lead glass is both expensive and fragile
>most imports aren't regulated or checked
The FDA literally regulates color additives in cosmetics sold in the USA regardless of where they're manufactured. The EU is much stricter and outright bans several chemicals from cosmetics. You don't know what the hell you're talking about

>> No.10635351

I think that anon is from Canada, which likes to larp as the more civilized America and has more restrictions officially on cosmetics ingredients but in practice is rarely enforced if at all. Lead is found all the time in Canadian makeup and children's makeup is literally unregulated unlike adult cosmetics. You can also find lead paint in toys there, it's insane

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based chinese sellers thank you for making me see the light of hope again anon.
What country do you live in if i may ask? I thought this 20% VAT law applied to all of europe

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Should I play it found it in a box of old Xbox original games

>> No.10633622

Think you're looking for >>>/v/ scote

>> No.10633663

Play Baldur's Gate instead.

>> No.10633744

Get the PC version

>> No.10633813

Nayrt but is it even out of early access yet? I feel like everyone has done at least one playthrough of the early access stuff already.

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"The first con after covid is gonna be a nonstop orgy" edition.

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Nah I'm more like a long rectangle

>> No.10635538

A girthy one?

>> No.10635539

No, I'm fairly slim.

>> No.10635551

escrevi e sai correndo, pau no cu de quem ta lendo

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It's been too long since we've had a thread specifically to talk about Japanese SS/FS (please keep Chinese SS talk to the taobao thread >>10629820 )
I've used three different SS in the past; fromjapan (before they raised their fees to stupid levels in 2017), zenmarket, and recently I've tried buyee but really didn't like them and think I'll go back to zenmarket. It seems like a lot of people in the mail thread are also getting annoyed with buyee

>> No.10633460

Buyee has a nice setup, but it adds up fast when you buy a few, cheap things. I've heard some things about repeated charges from friends, but it hasn't happened to me. Probably won't use them anymore. I like Noppin and their new website is nice. I started using DEJapan when they were on hiatus, and they've been great, too. If I need to communicate with a seller, I use Japononica.

>> No.10633522

Are there any other active Tokyo SS besides Sunflower?

>> No.10633524


>> No.10633525

No Country For Tall Men

>> No.10633702

Recently made the mistake of trying out fromjapan and learned how horrible their fees are the hard way
Usually I just use white rabbit and they're alright I suppose

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Last one

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No wonder the arms are so thick while the legs are pleasant to look at.

>> No.10635431

Any link? I want to give them to my neice.

>> No.10635437

look through the archives before asking next time

>> No.10635438

I can't believe in the year of our lord 2021, people still think they can get away with tracing the biggest artists in their niche hobby communities.

>> No.10635504

this is so deeply cringe, i agree with >>10635391 she could have easily upped the resolution or used a bigger canvas (which you should be doing for printed stuff anyway). it'd still be traced but it at least wouldn't look nearly as obvious

has she gotten any backlash for this yet? i refuse to believe gulls were the only people who noticed

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Last one

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Old thread >>10624536
Last thread continuation got nuked, let’s discuss what’s happened with Bilbo Rose’s own community as of recently.

Also seems like no one can mention the plus-sized burando ita in Bilbo’s book is actually plus sized or this continuation might get nuked too.

Have at it gulls

>> No.10633325

Anyone got caps of what happened?
I want to know.

>> No.10633330

Honestly convinced she's a jannie, everything relating to her got taken down really quickly and it sounded like she was defending herself against ddlg accusations, lol
They're correct btw, if you scroll through her reddit.

Her friend, the weird bear girl, also constantly uses one of the discords as a free focus group for BR's website and products. Good advice has been given and almost none of it has been taken. I don't understand why even she entertains this.

>> No.10633336

Go to the farm

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Last thread >>10626042

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>> No.10635487

I think it's cooling down but as >>10635484 mentioned, some items are still going for hella $

>> No.10635489

its 61000 yen, $553

>> No.10635492

My personal prediction is that the 2010 trend will fade over the next six months, especially as SC and all the various taobao hype-train pieces start to arrive. gulls keep predicting an OTT Classic revival, but I don't think that will happen with the main classic brands releasing such boring crap for the past few years.

I think it's more likely the next boom will be early to mid teens OTT stuff (like DDC or Harlequinade, or all the hime sweet stuff). At some point the trendlitas will get sick of hunting for sweatstained holy grail dresses and want something new, plus there's no shortage of gold glitter shoes and holographic purses on taobao to match mid-teens AP so it's easier for them to coord it.

>> No.10635499

i think this has been expressed before, but i'm pretty sure the sweet boom is going to calm down once people actually get back to going outside/having to go to work. at least on the US side it's because people are getting stimmies and unemployment, they're not used to having that much money at once so they'll spend all 1200 on a hype print

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Yeah this is what threw me off - I still see the popular prints sell for $1k+, but some other items have cooled off. Then randomly there's an unremarkable pair of sax wristcuffs going for $90 with two bidders?

Overall, I think the sweet boom isn't at a fever pitch anymore, but I also feel like we'll be stuck with some of its artifacts forever, like closetchild crashing every update.

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