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Previous thread: >>10025716

Ask all your lolita and other jfash questions here. For any cosplay questions, your best bet is the cosplay help thread.

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I want to know this too. Where to buy knee high lace up boots nowadays?

I'm okay with hot glue but only if you're not over charging like 90% of Etsy sellers.

Kind of? It grows thinner and thinner as you get your sessions, and at times individual hairs do seem to fall out. Mostly hair just kind of... Stops appearing after several sessions. But because you do the IPL with your hair shaved as close as possible, you never get a gross "clumps of hair falling out" experience. Also it doesn't really burn your hair unlike what the other anon said, otherwise it would smell awful. If you want a much more effective and less painful experience though, choose laser over IPL.

Lace Market and Facebook groups are the hubs for Western sales. For Japanese Fril and Mercari are the current top dogs.
>best cheapest
Don't skimp too hard on the petti, anon. Aurora and Ariel is good though. So is melikestea

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If I consume the flesh of my enemies will I obtain their wardrobes?

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Interested in Lolita, and I'd like to make my first coordinate. I watch a few youtubers and I've stumbled around pinterest and other normie shit, but what are ACTUAL lolita resources I can use? It seems like so many sites are dead now.

Any place I can buy second hand would be ideal for my first, I think!

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You've already failed the test.

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Lurk more, indeed. If you truly need help there are buy sell trade threads, stupid jfash questions threads (think the last one is in autosage now tho), coord help threads, a thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread, all sorts of stuff. Lurk more and you will find out all you need but people don't generally like spoonfeeding newbies and this question absolutely does not deserve its own thread.

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i know i shouldn't spoonfeed but whatever, i want to help newbies and they're definitely correct about most sites being out of date.
>tumblr blog lolita-tips, despite tumblr being a sinking ship, has good directories to shops and other resources and most of their links are up to date.
>lacemarket (egl.circilly.com) is good for finding second hand pieces, especially if you're looking for something specific. Brand dresses can be had for reasonable prices.
>i recommend bodyline for shoes. they're incompetent at restocking but if you can somehow find a pair that you like in stock they're definitely worth buying. brand shoes are lovely but they're expensive and with bodyline shoes you get more bang for your buck if you're a newbie. i wouldn't recommend anything else from bodyline though, with taobao being accessible nowadays you can get better for less.
>BRAND. IS. WORTH. THE. PRICE. if you cheap out on main pieces you're missing out on the magic of the fashion.
>in general lurk more, but the taobao thread, lolita general, and questions thread will be your best friends in this trying time.
good luck on your first coord!

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>If you have a Facebook account
Join Closet of Frills, Rufflechat, and Lolita Updates. Spend some time lurking those groups.
>Do you know what Lucky Packs are?
It's almost time for Winter Sales and Lucky Packs so if you can find some direction in the next week or so you might be able to get good deals on some brand new brand
>The /cgl/ Lolita Guidebook
A few years ago some anons got together and made a new-ish resource: http://thelolitaguidebook.tumblr.com/
>Learn, lurk, listen.
Familiarize yourself with brands, history, important figures, events, substyles, publications etc. There's an entire culture to learn. It's "just" clothes but if you don't already have a good sense of style and fit your first coords are gonna be a bust and you'll waste a lot of money. This is the most important part.

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So i want to make a cosplay and I'd like it to have something similar to this any tips?

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Lumeclusters Phoenix gauntlets.

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Holimat is coming up this weekend, who is ready to park miles away and wait for the shuttles again?

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The extra walking could do you fatties some good

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Past thread >>10018978

Shipping deadline is 15th December, so that leaves 5 days to send in tracking numbers, receipts or proof of shipment in to me or HelperGull!

If you are having issues, or do not think you will meet the deadline - let us know immediately!

If you have received a gift or card, please post photos in the thread and join in the discussion.

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I emailed helpergull my matches shipping numbers! My ID # 2469

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Sent out ID 4821's gift today!

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6800 here, I've just received the most phenomenal gift and thoughtful letter again from HV! You paid so much attention to my interests and wardrobe needs. I will treasure (and/or savour) everything you sent. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too, and that you receive a gift as great as this! Happy holidays <3

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Can we have a Vivienne Westwood and lolita thread? I really like the use of her items in coords.

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End of dump

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Yikes she looks bad with greased bangs

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It’s more that she has no eyebrows than anything

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LOL thread


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Hahahha holy crap absolutely based justice

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Which one of these girls should my daughter cosplay?

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Which of these girls would make the cutest cosplay?

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Because it's a lolicon visual novel.

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Why don't men stay with you after they fuck you?

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Fat girl problems.

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The one that's not from a pedophile game with half the "options" based on actual children.

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Virtual cartoon proxy child abuse is no laughing matter.

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The resemblance is striking.

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pretty sure kids arent supposed to be on 4chan

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Previous thread >>10048931
It seems that a lot of comms are celebrating ILD late this year.

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obvsiously not, but whatever they are i don't like it that much

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bad epaulement and upper body placement. At least her feet are turned out.

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Literally, this girl..sigh. Her trying to shoehorn all of this non-lolita offbrand stuff into “coords” never works.

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Idk anon, I think it just may be the filters in the two photos and a weird lip colour choice in the other, it's amazing what some weird lighting can do to photos. I know for sure that Lara has the tendency to smile weirdly in photos which makes her lips look even smaller, not sure about the other two.

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Gosh, pastoral is so gorgeous, I want the JSK really bad. Does she have the dress in multiple colors..? I vaguely remember a blonde girl in the green, but maybe that wasn’t her...if it was, I’m even more jealous now.

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I like making masks and such out of fiberglass.
Problem is, I am having trouble cutting the eyes (or similiar) out cleanly.
I am currently using a small drill bit for a Dremel to cut them out, but as you can see in the pic, the cuts are anything but clean.
What would be a good way to clean the edges?
A sanding drum on the dremel doesn't seem to take off enough material, and when you apply too much pressure, it just makes little round notches, making it all worse.
Any insights?

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looks really cool OP

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Is that Lords Blade Ciaran from Dark Souls?

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Good insight: post this in the help thread or QTDDTOT thread instead of taking up a whole thread for your one question

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Needle files and a lot of elbow grease

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Oshiete edition.

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he doesnt really talk to me anymore and we live together. its pretty lonely. but he didnt do anything really signifigant. i also want a girlfriend

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Front desk at a run-down airport hotel. It's terrible.

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never change.

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Shitty times are shitty, but it does get better anon. Just focus on managing it for now, hopefully you'll find a job next year and give wonderful presents next christmas.

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Kill yourself, buddy

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No jojo thread even with part 5 anime adaptation ?
Insta have a lot of new wonderfull jojo cosplays right now !

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I you want to see more causal pictures of abbachio and bruno you can look up elevn_zip on insta, her girlfriend also cosplay abbachio .

sorry I don't know this jotaro

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That may very well be the most convincing Bucciarati I have ever seen.

This is just sublime

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damn, that Leone made such a good job on the wig.

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Old pic of my Kars cosplay, I have edited since then but have no new pics yet.

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It's nearing that time of year. Talk about wardrobe posts or post your own wardrobe collages!

>Are you making a wardrobe post this year?
>Whose wardrobes do you want to see?
>Whose did you like from last year, and why?
>Do you have any special photo setups planned?
>How much did your wardrobe grow?
>Do you think there will be less posts again this year?
>Where will you post?

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>Are you making a wardrobe post this year?
I am! After finals I’m going to take a day to photograph my items for it.
>Whose wardrobes do you want to see?
I like seeing everyone’s wardrobe posts but I really like wardrobes which feature my favorite styles and motifs the most.
>Whose did you like from last year, and why?
I can’t remember a particular wardrobe post I liked, to be honest.
>Do you have any special photo setups planned?
Just lying things on my bed and photographing them when the sun is bright enough to have good lighting in my room.
>How much did your wardrobe grow?
Not much but I have gotten a few dream pieces this year which is really nice.
>Do you think there will be less posts again this year?
I don’t think so but I do think they’ll be harder to find since many people have moved on from LJ to other platforms and now they’re just scattered all over the place.
>Where will you post?
Instagram, I would like to post on LJ someday but I feel like my wardrobe isn’t impressive or big enough to post there.

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I want to do a wardrobe post, but I only started wearing lolita this year and I dont have many pieces and very little accessories since I don't make a lot of money, and want to buy only brand.. Would it still be worth it or would it just look silly?

>> No.10053606

Small wardrobe posts are fine! I enjoy looking at them, esp if it looks like it's well-curated and the person looks like they have a direction they're going in. It's also good for yourself for documentation purposes!

>> No.10053657

Do it, it's fun to see progress as it grows and I'd rather see small posts then no posts at all. This is what keeps the community active!

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>Are you making a wardrobe post this year?
Probably not
>Whose wardrobes do you want to see?
Everyone's, I really enjoy wardrobes that have 2010-2012 AP dresses
>Whose did you like from last year, and why?
I don't remember lol
>Do you have any special photo setups planned?
>How much did your wardrobe grow?
Too fucking much. Moving to Japan has been a blessing and a curse.
>Do you think there will be less posts again this year?
Probably about the same.
>Where will you post?
If I do decide to do a wardrobe post, it'll probably be on Instagram

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old thread on autosage >>10040458

- block out names
- don't fixate forever on one person so we don't get fukken nuked (mods = gods)
- sfw, this is a blue board you sluts

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No. I’m an Amerifag and I NEVER machine dry. Hang dry only. Ever.

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Anon who posted the “secret” but I didn’t get fat or ugly...in anything I lost some weight after having my daughter? And I’m also adopted so it’s not like physically having a kid is the only option either. I also would love to adopt another kid like I was, not just spawn more (though ngl it nice having one person “in the family “ who looks the same as me. Don’t limit just straight up having a kid be your only only motherly link.

>> No.10053650

Also American, but my parents were poor so I grew up hanging laundry outside. We only got to use the dryer in the winter. Now I just hang everything indoors just to keep my clothes nice.

>> No.10053665

not that anon, but thanks for this. I probably won't ever be able to have kids and it's killing me inside because I do want them... so reading your post made me feel a tiny bit hopeful still. I am not adopted, but I had a shit childhood and was neglected hardcore and would have LOVED for someone to take me who could give me love. I'm sure that there are other children without parents who wish that as well. Thanks anon.

>> No.10053671

Nah man, I’m a teacher and I would kill to adopt some of my kids if I could. If you can, adopt from foster care children if you can. I know the popular option is adoption outside of the US but a lot of American kids also need love weather their parents are high schoolers or they are already in foster. We’re looking to buy a home when I finish my degree, and as soon as I do, you bet we’re adding a foster kid to our family. If it’s not one I already know, it will be another.

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made em out of foam

so far it's just the helmet and buckler, but not bad considering that i've managed to do it within the day.

will probably post more when i get back on Tuesday

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>will probably post more when i get back on Tuesday

>> No.10051901

/cgl/ isn’t your blog. post in a progress thread if you want to show off, or preferably just don’t. you killed a thread on a slow moving board for this garbage.

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If you're fat then don't cosplay. Nobody wants to smell you. Nobody thinks you're pretty.

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Fat people aren't going to be any less smelly or ugly in normie clothes though so they might as well just cosplay?

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No they should cease to exist.

>> No.10051731

Just let them have fun, they are not hurting you. Don't be such a little bitch. Live and let live.

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I-is it ok if I only weight 4 kg more than the character I want to cosplay as?

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Women need to be raped. It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy rape. Don't let them tell you otherwise, because they are notorious liars and don't know their own minds. Women want to be held down and fucked hard. They want to be made to cry and scream. Women have a biological imperative to be raped. Did you know that women who are raped are twice as likely to conceive as women who have unprotected consensual sex? It is a fact. Women who are raped often have orgasms as well - some women have never had an orgasm in their lives save for a rape. The desire to be sexually dominated is deeply programed into the woman. This is a fact of evolution that cannot be denied without women becoming unbalanced. Feminism is really just an outward manifestation of an internal problem with modern women. These 'feminists' desperately want to be put in their place. That's why they act out so much and are so belligerent. Whether they know it or not, subconsciously they want to piss men off and get men to make them submit. They want to be slapped in the face, told to shut the fuck up, and then raped until they can't stand up. This is what women really want. I say we give it to them.

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OP makes a lot of solid points

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I love holiday outfits. I wanted to buy a silly midi a-line skirt with santas on it or something but all the ones I come across are either from non-reputable sellers, overpriced, or won't come in time for Christmas. So show me your favorite holiday costumes, outfits, or etc.! Doesn't matter what type of outfit it is, just has to be holiday or winter themed

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