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I need ideas to how make a thor's hammer, mjolnir. I prefer use foam but any idea will help.

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Old one in autosage >>10167312
Korean skin care and k-beauty is becoming a lot more accessible here in the west these days huh? I remember back in 2015 it was damn near impossible to get stuff like sheet masks and air cushions in brick and mortar stores in America but it's everywhere now.
Anyways, I'm starting isotretinoin (accutane) soon. My natural skin type is oily and I know it's gonna dry out. Has anyone tried the Hado Labo Gokujyun lotion and liked it? I've heard it's the most moisturizing lotion on the Japanese, if not all, markets. I remember a full a few years ago disappointed that it felt sticky and glue-like though

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Wow I was expecting some mind blowing shit and all I got was the incredibly obvious fact that gelatin is good for your skin and it’s important to eat well.

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>well i know that gelatin is good for your skin
>no, dumb dumb, the SECRET knowledge
>facts about gelatin being good for your skin
well this is the dumbest exchange i’ve seen in a while

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Can anyone reccomend a good daily moisturizer?
Preferably Korean, I don't have much luck finding non-greasy products from anywhere else.
Combination skin, don't need acne help but wrinkles are a budding concern.
Anyone interested in product reviews for stuff I've used so far?

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you're the brainlet here, eating collagen doesn't do anything except make your poops better

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I was hoping for studies and shit but there was nothing of the sort except for basic physio and a bunch of wild leaps based on that. 2/10 you got me to read it.

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Anyone attending supanova? Last round of cosplay odyssey is this weekend.

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fuck odyssey

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When I first started coming to /cgl/ back in 2007 there used to be "body progress" threads.
This was a time before /fit/.

I miss these days. The demographic of /cgl/ is like >75% female which makes it much better than /fit/ which is predominantly a bunch of ego lifting larpers just trying to be the "biggest".

For old times sake..

What are you currently working towards?
Trying to get in shape?
Progress pictures?

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If you want core strength (abs), I’d suggest pilates every other day with yoga on the days in between. Low impact with good results, all body weight based and videos are easy enough to find. Source: am an athletic coach.

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I can't fit into my dream dress OP that I own and is just gathering dust in my closet.
So I started counting calories with a 1000 limit per day and walking about 3 miles a day.
I'm gaining weight instead of losing it.

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Hey, depending on how recently you started, this is normal. When I first started working out and eating better I "gained" 4 lbs, but that was a combination of extra water weight from my muscles being used for the first time in a long time and period bloat. Keep at it for 3 weeks and you'll start to see results if you were honest with the counting.

I can't tell you how to live your life, but 1000 calories is 200 calories too low to be sustainable. If you're struggling with portion control I suggest fasting for one of your meals and eating normally for the other two. No snacks.

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I probably get the other 200 from my drink. I mix 1 cup of lemonade with 1 liter of water (I can't stand the taste of water, or fake sweetners so this is the best compromise I can think of to give up soda and sweet tea)
I'm in week 2 and yeah, I've gained exactly 4 lbs.

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Keep at it anon. You're making healthy choices and that's progress too. If weighing yourself demotivates you, try measuring your progress with soft measuring tape. Bust/waist/hips is good data to have. Just remember that weight loss isn't always linear. Your body is a chemical soup that can make you hold on to weight or lose it depending on various factors. If you're consistently under maintenance calories and moving, you'll see progress eventually.

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Exactly what the thread title says, post coordinates with majority solids or simple prints (slightly printed socks or dresses with printed fabric like polkadots, plaid, gingham and appliques are okay okay), no fancy named prints welcome!

some questions to start discussion
>What do you have more of in your wardrobe, print or nonprint?
>Do you think its easier or harder to coordinate solids?
>When shopping for solids, what do you look for or avoid?

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(sorry if there's repeats at all)

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I love this thread idea.

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Previous thread >>10181758
>Animecon coscrunch was real
>Animecon happened. Reactions were mixed, some people got harassed in and around Ahoy, boring/weird panels, audio issues at main stage, Deshima Sounds finally upped their game, plenty of in-depth feedback has been given, no visitor numbers have been released, lots of rumours are going around for next year, also no news on a new date or possible new venue yet.
>No seriously, I'm not going to list all the feedback and stories provided in the previous thread. If anyone wants to read it, check the archives.
>Also also, I need eyebleach.
>Visiting conventions in the US as a Dutchie
>Anon's nephew enjoyed playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero
>Shinyacon announced for 2020
>I need eyebleach
>Anon: Is TomoFair Utrecht worth it?
>Japanfest Amsterdam happened, turned out to be Tomo in disguise and lacked in the whole Japanese festival department. Lots of negative reactions online due to false advertising that.
>It's hot, I'm busy, so that's all the recap stuff I'm willing to write right now

Upcoming major events:
>TomoFair Utrecht (June 29th, Utrecht UT): The usual Tomo stuff.
>El Mundo Fantasia (July 6th & 7th, Landgraaf LI): a fantasy event with a zoo.
>Castlefest (August 1st-4th, Lisse, ZH): A fantasy event with amazing food, good music and overall comfy vibe.
>Imaginarium Festival (August 16th-18th, Tietjerk FR): A fantasy event of which I know nothing about but made its way onto the schedule.
>Abunai (August 23rd-25th, Veldhoven NB): the last traditional Dutch anime convention of 2019, now with a freshly renovated NH Koningshof and 100% more weirdness.
Full list: https://dutchgulls.nl/en/agenda/

Links and advice:
>When attacked by a wild bear, odds are you aren't in the Netherlands anymore.
>Our site with a store list, newcomers guide and more: https://dutchgulls.nl/
>Our Discord: https://discord.gg/QAYNyfY

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Also.. let's ignore the whole TomoFair Utrecht department (and the rest of Tomo) and continue talking about the things that matters. ;)

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but tomofair does matter! it's the best thing on the planet! it mows my lawn, does the laundry, it even cured my cancer! it's miraculous!

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Oh man.. I want to congratulate you with the fact that you got cured from cancer! Respect!

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>When attacked by a wild bear, odds are you aren't in the Netherlands anymore.

I know I'm not, but I've yet to see a bear.

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>>When attacked by a wild bear, odds are you aren't in the Netherlands anymore.
>I know I'm not, but I've yet to see a bear.
At the Binnenweg in Rotterdam perhaps, maybe?

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hello cgl, it has been a while since i attended a convention. are the neckbeards and unwashed weeaboos still up to their same shit? what's the plague of cons in 2019? tell me your recent con horror stories.

also make your own neckbeard here: https://picrew.me/image_maker/21763

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Only pathetic people are those who dye their hair looking for attention lol.

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You do realize you’re on a japanese street fashion board, right?

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You do realize it's still sad and pathetic right? I come here because I love seeing landwhales complain about their lives.

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No one dyes their hair for attention. Is that why you do things? For attention? It must be, after all you're posting here when no one wants you to.

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Everyone dyes their hair for attention why else would they want hair that looks like some laffy taffy?

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Why even bother

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lol wut? a comm suing someone because she used someone's altered pseudonym? she seems weird but what law did could she have possibly broken

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they literally sell those at the AP store. why does everyone think collars stopped existing as alternative fashion accessories and ONLY exists as fetish gear now?

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jealously? vendetta?
the world may never know

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You can’t be serious

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Florida General #We're bad at counting

What's everyone's plans for Metro and Supercon or any other upcoming cons down the line?

What cosplays are everyone working on?

Don't you lot just love our fucking weather?


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ngl, not a bad idea, is travel sized febreeze a thing

>> No.10204297

Apparently it is.

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Pretty excited for Super this year with ReedPOP owning it now. Now just a little over a week left...

>> No.10204486

From what I've seen on the schedule it's pretty muted and family friendly. There's hardly any 18+ panels and activities.

>> No.10204554

time to hit up dollar tree and buy some travel sized deodorants to hand out lmao.
maybe soap too

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Abstract(especialy, Q&A session)
-Q1:Tatsuki, a scriptwriter of the animation “Kemono Friends”, said “I have not been deposited script fee and royalty, yet”. When “Kemono Friend” started, the scriptwriter is Shigenori Tanabe in name, but now, Tatsuki, officially. Despite this fact, isn’s it a violation of the Subcontract Act that you have not pay those costs to Tatsuki?
A1:In the cases “script royality” and “secondary use of works”, We’re paying the fee for them, according to the contract.(Where? Whom? If they paid to the company “Age Global Networks” which Tanabe belongs, that’s a problem.)
-Q2:Originally, ”Kemono Friends Ⅱ” the animation was requested to be produced by Tatsuki. But according to Yoshitada Fukuhara, an anime producer, suddenly, Kemono Friends Project(=KFP), the committee making the anime “Kemono Friend”, told Tatsuki to leave the role of producing “Kemono Friends Ⅱ”,during producing it. Is that case also a violation of the Subcontract Act or Antitrust Law?(Note: In Sep. 25, 2017, TV Tokyo annouced Yaoyosozu, a company of CG anime creation, offered to decline the anime production, in Aug.)
A2:It’s the consensus of KFP to change the producer and that’s very common in anime industry.

I wrote what I wanted to convey to you anime fans in haste
Honestly, I disappointed to hear this report
I’m Japanese, I’ve never visited here, and I’m not good at typing in English. So,probably it’s hard to read, and then I cannot talk to you smoothly in this site.
If you want to know details of general meeting, please visit this blog.
https://michsuzuki.hatenablog.com/entry/2019/06/25/063229 (This site is written in Jananese)

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And a stockholder's question

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Thread theme

Previous thread

7 days to go

>You Preregistered?
>Premier or general attendee?
>Is the important shit locked and loaded (car ride/plane trip plans locked in, hotel room booked, cosplays/luggage packed, etc.)?
>How are you guys holding up with life until the con arrives?
>You saving up for the con?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>Are you concerned about how the con is run so far due to the disappointing lineup?
>Excited to stay in line for 9-10 hours straight?
>What panels are you planning to going to?
>What events are you planning to going to?
>What’s your general plans during con (beach, food run at restaurants, sum fuk)?
>Are you going to the Aqours concert? If so, you gotten your tickets? If you’re not, you crying in the corner?
>What (or who) do you think can save Anime Expo this close to con or is it beyond saving?
>and more importantly, are you going to eat a danger dog made by obviously unsanitary hot dog vendors that are trying to avoid ICE?

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Think they'll give out posters of the characters' feet at the movie?

>> No.10204504

Eleven Arts didn't give anything for Liz's US premiere last year so probably not

>> No.10204539

>badge missing, shows was never shipped, email AX
>”oops lost in mail (tracker says it never shipped just label made or whatever) can’t refund that!”
>gonna have to pick it up in person lmao
Wow this is some horse shit. They also want me to deactivate the badge and wristband, but wouldn’t that make it so I can’t even use the bought ones now? Can you even pick up the preshow night bands?

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Cringest panels are Q&A, feel bad for guests having to listen to autism weebs with no social skills ask embarrassing questions

>> No.10204552

It'll be glorious. Fuck the feminists.

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What sealant do you guys use to cover foam seam lines? Been to Mitre 10 and so far they've been less than helpful. The only one if found is the one on the right.

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How do you make your own creepy masks or buy them?

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Since it’s about that time of year again for the drama around AnimeCon.org to kick up again, I wanted to open a discussion: are the accusations true or not? I’m decently close to many of the people at the center of running these cons but I legitimately can’t tell who’s telling the truth and who’s lying anymore. Are accusers just stirring drama for clout or are they genuine? Are AnimeCon.org people being truthful, are they being misled, or are they genuinely bad people?

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So I wanted everyone's opinion on "artful nudity" in Cosplay, what I mean by that is nudity that has a serious backstory or actual real thought given to it that justifys the nudity in the outfit itself for example this was something I designed for the Ren fair I went to a few months back, I even came up with lore and everything so basically the idea is a type of Faun Goddess from ancient times thats kind of been upgraded or like adapted with the times, you can kinda see my silicone implants and my metal nipple piercings as like an acceptance and melding of the modern world with age old myths like a clash between nature that we still love and try to protect and metal & plastic we put in everything including things we like and that bring us pleasure. Obviously I took a lot of inspo from American Gods.

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Fuck off with your fap b8 thread. You’ve posted this same picture with this same text several times before.

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hey cgl, looking for a cute girl to help me design a costume. you'll need to move in with me. i'll compensate you with a $400 weekly allowance.

it'd be best if we talked some beforehand so if you're interested please add me on Discord: Thorns#6337

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Lmao you’re all retarded as fuck if you’re falling for this bait

>> No.10202733

Then go outside, be social, and find a friend or gf. Being ugly isn't even a deterrent for some girls.

>> No.10202738

I'll do it! UwU but I also want cuddles and pets and buy me delicious things and I'll be ur qt 4 lyfe <3 <3

>> No.10202740

building trust is paramount and im willing to regularly voice chat and cam. before moving in we can meet in a densely populated public area during daylight hours if it'll make you more comfortable

>> No.10202741

Get away from my boo u hoebag he's all mine >:(((( I'm cuter than her, pick meeeeee

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Did you guy tried crossplay ?

My Crossplay experience was really great ! I was in a kind of Lolita/Geisha with Fishnet and stuff ! With my masculine face everybody know i was a boy but my makeup, my hair, and fake boobs made everything kind of realistic. I really want to re-try maybe in Alice Wonderland, or Gothic Lolita i don't know.

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>Did you guy tried crossplay

Did you try using Ctrl + F and searching for crossplay?

See >>10145473

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Actual degenerate

>> No.10202534

Kill yourself

>> No.10202628

Second that

>> No.10202676

Cheap fetish costume. It sounds from your description like that was what you were wearing. Anon if you just want to wear generic costumes go for it but if you want to wear Lolita then I would do a lot more research before trying it because from the sounds of it you were not wearing anything remotely Lolita and I would not call it that.

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I have to go to a party in a month and will be wearing captain America cosplay clothing.

this helmet has no views I want to know what you guys think of it and why it does not have any reviews.


This one has reviews


which would you pick out of the two.

>> No.10202252

The first one is the only one that seller has, so there wouldn't be reviews. They probably got one and are now trying to get rid of it, that's why they only have the small size.

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Feb 5th 2019:

Price of bitcoin under $4K

Now: $11K

Why didn't you listen? Why you wanna be poor?

If you'd done what I said got a loan for 5K and bitmexed it 3x you'd have like nearly 15K sat around PROFIT

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peace losers

>> No.10202004

Why are tripfags always retarded

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