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>see post on event about presale emails
>never been to SFE event, in no way eligible
>check email anyway

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I keep seeing people getting beautiful velvet, tartan and gothic pieces on mail threads and I have no idea where or how they manage to get them. Tell me your secrets gulls because Closet child and wunderwelt keep letting me down and I hate dealing with LM

Also where is a good place for gothic headdresses? I already know antique beast but is there anywhere else?

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I started getting into alt fashion communities (goth/metal scene) because I'm into that kind of music and fashion as well as Lolita but and fucking hell, not only is there tons more drama and cringe than any lolita comm, but nobody can dress themselves or comb their hair for shit. They all seem to idolize ItsBlackFriday and Adora BatBrat and think they look like them, but they look bad. I've never seen a level of open delusion like that before. Costume-tier wigs, makeup skills of a child, abrasive personalities, the kind of shit that would have someone laughed out of any EGL community. Not to mention how many blatant creepers people are friends with and enabling.

I feel so weird because I always got the impression that the Lolita community was really wacky in terms of drama and people getting the fashion wrong, but I feel like everything's been turned on its head for me.

I'm honestly so glad that the general Lolita community is so insular and at least a little better at not shining the spotlight on people like this. It's not perfect but it sure as shit ain't that bad.

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