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i went out and ran errands in lolita today! college has had me swamped and i don't like to dress up too much when i have to really focus on other things. i planned a nice break for myself and went to a few stores and got a lot of compliments. it was a really nice pick-me-up and i found a normie purse that'll match a new OP coming in the mail soon! thank you betsey johnson

for once, it's been a really nice day

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>just signed lease for most amazing apartment ever
>apartment is beautiful, huge kitchen huge living room, sunroom with french glass doors, princessy as fuck
>applied for job that makes twice the amount as me
>got interviewed immediately after
>going to be a great new year.

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>been using bodyline to make cute lolita versions of touhous
>actually into lolita, so I pay attention to how i coord etc
>get compliments on my 'nice bl coords' from other lolitas dressed in burando etc

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>confirmation that there will never be anymore rave trash at AB

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these threads always make me feel so much better about my own works. i need to get off my ass and make stuff now.

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>Tfw been wanting to join lolita for 4 years
>All the while been in love with the Lotta print
>Just sent my first payment for a payment plan to get my first lolita item
>It's a lotta skirt

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