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fuck you dude.
having sex just for the sake of it should be a decision she makes for herself when she's an actual adult. not because some fucking 30 year old guy pressed her for it. if there isn't a mutual amount of detached using, you're an asshole.

also, just because she's showing her buttcheeks and doing a sexy cosplay doesn't mean she is sexually available. you can fuck right off.
>to even imply one-ing-and-done-ing a literal teenager

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buncha whiny weirdos shitting up this thread baka

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you're absolutely right anon.
details are important.
baka at all these unpolished-and-proud types flooding the chan right now.

anyone wondering what's missing from your coords, or what can make them massively nicer and more successful:
>balance your coording colors
>have a consistent theme from head to toe

make excuses and wear non-matching things if you want, but don't expect people to like your coords.

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I’m sad that I only learned about this dress well after preorders stopped. What is the quality like anon?

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what's the point of that waist give when the max bust is essentially 100cm?

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>I dont want to be associated with lazy fat asses
>posts on 4chan

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