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You’re defending a bondage dress, and yet I’m the larper? Ok.

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I fucking hate trannies,i fucking hate how they invaded our comms and have such power on social media etc. Especially TiMs.
I'm so fucking tired of them, /cgl/, tired of having to live in fear of doing anything that will upset the troons and make them and their dicksucking handmaidens screech at me for being a "twanzphobic terf uwu".
They will never be a woman or know what it's like yet they insist they are and you cannot say anything. I am sick and tired. Hopefully they kill themselves more or get murdered given their high suicide/murder rate (thank fuck).
I used to tolerate them but i fucking trans peaked and now i'm fueled with hate. This community has gotten soft and now we're invdaded with fucking autogynephiles and the likes of it.

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>continue chatting, sweet and friendly as ever
>still make plans to hang out
>very obviously platonic plans, she even insists on bringing another friend along because "it will be more fun"
>I continue telling myself that everything is fine feeling increasingly more and more like that meme dog in the burning house
>hangout day arrives
>I'm nervous out of my mind but everything goes well
>spend about 5 hours together walking around then having lunch then walking some more, talking and laughing
>it's time to say goodbye and she gives me a hug and I realize I am very fucked
>there is no way in hell that I'll be able to just be friends with her
>we IM for a couple more days, sending each other the pics we took of e/o with our phones
>I thank her for the pics and proceed to fall completely silent
>she doesn't message me either
>it's been over 2 weeks of radio silence and I'm hopelessly in love, I really miss her and can't get her out of my head, but I also don't want to bother her
>my friends have suggested that I confess to her just to be properly rejected so that I can move on with my life, but I know myself, if I'm really in deep rejection is not gonna help. Plus I think at this point she could've guessed that something was fishy, and if she didn't ask me about it then she's either guessed what was happening and/or didn't care enough to clarify
>so yeah, I really played myself and now I'm fucking miserable every day with no end in sight
>I'm such a damn loser
>love sucks
>sorry for the typos I'm an emotional wreck

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