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>lockdown 2020
>gets fat, can't find my brand
>move to dangerous/high-crime area
>get followed by men, offered money, harrassment
>get depressed, misses Lolita, feels like I need to cover up to stay safe and not get followed home
>dig around on eBay, start vibing with old granny jumper dresses from the 1990s
>pair these sunday school teacher dresses with lolita blouses and the puffy sleeves that have come into fashion
>learns about the cottagecore trend
>sounds like my vibe, maaannn
>continue to buy frumpy things, get compliments from old ladies, pair back with AP accessories and jewelry, purses too
>runway for spring 2021 generates articles focusing on cottagecore as a normie-recognized trend
>go out today and get 6 separate compliments from strangers for cottagecore outfit

I'll get back into my brand eventually, but I am so happy to have re-kindled this fuzzy feeling under current life circumstances.

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