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My first con was AWA 2013 when ZUN was there. I was very into Touhou. There was just so much to do and see my schedule was all back to back panels and meets. I have been chasing that high ever since.

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>always been pretty excited about cosplay / lolita
>fast forward, dad passed in p bad circustances, got more focused in work / college in order to not sink into depression
>lost interest in things I used to love doing
I don't know myself anymore, even if now that I'm financially stable and like seeing well done costumes I can't get that 'special feeling' from going to cons or even wearing cosplays. How to feel again?

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Itabagging has gotten really big in English speaking fandoms - everyone wants one (or more) and they want them completed immediately, instead of accruing official merch upon steady releases.

So it's no surprise it's become sloppy and cheap.

Personally I'm looking forward to the upcoming wave of people trying to sell of their waifu of the month / bnha shitabags.

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lol its not him denying what he did was gay, and to be fair he hasn't been in a relationship for 7 years (i think its because of the military job) im just really sad about it, he really is a funny and awesome guy. whats worse is that im still not over him.going to sound really whiney here but it sucks feeling unloved and unappreciated

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Tumblr ruins everything.
It did for me.

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