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*cap, not cape. You'll end up wearing a hat or a bonnet-thing over your cap often and that you'll want to buy from somewhere, but the cap is so basic it's not worth paying for (it's like lolita; save up for the main piece).

If you want to do the white-powder hair, then you should get American Duchess's book on 18th century beauty and get ready to start mixing animal fats. A wig could work, but most women did not use wigs at the time (more often hair rats and homemade hair pieces to clip in/ pin in).

One more site;
Very American fashions of the era, more frontier. They offer clothing, but I would say they are excellent as an "accessories" shop for all the extra props/things you might want to carry with you. They carry a lot of suitable menswear ready-to-buy as well and re-printed books from that era. They also have a youtube channel, but the focus is mostly on cooking in the 1700s and their current project; building a 18th century log cabin homestead.

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