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Gtfo unless you're here to bitch about Brisbane people.

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You have a pretty shitty attitude. Tattoos and piercings are not the sign of a criminal or a drug addict or that they are degrading themselves.

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The truth is out! The stories of bad service were lies and the evidence proving it is being deleted at the speed of light.

Archive: http://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S6530655
New getoffegl: http://getoffegl.livejournal.com/562591.html

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Being Facebook friends with people in this contest is fucking annoying. How many times are you going to spam this shit? I actually went through the contestants and voted for almost everyone else instead of her. Hiding your posts now, stop fucking begging.

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Just go away

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...then simply don't fucking go, bitch.

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