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Right now I work at a coffee shop about 15 min from my house.
I make barely minimum wage, either work extremely early (4am) or to into ungodly hours at night (11pm) with no inbetween. The job is stressful, physically demanding, the customers are grating and rude, and my coworkers are constantly calling me on my few days off begging me to take their shifts because they're "sick" or have "a family emergency." But if I dare call in sick myself, I'll get a sigh, a grumble, and a passive aggressive comment from my manager before being hung up on.
Shit sucks but it buys me burando. So I guess it'll do for now.

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>be me living in a foreign country
>got "weird" last name, not so hard to spell really, just tricky
>order a pair of shoes
>post service just didnt care about my name and didnt spell it correctly on the package
>whatever this always happens to me
>keep waiting
>shoes never arrive
>keep checking tracking for updates
>finally a month and a half later it updates
>delivered and signed
>mfw i dont have my shoes
>who signed!?!?
>signature was uploaded to the tracking
>my fucking face when someone signed with my name misspelled from the misspelled name the post man wrote
>what the flying fuck is going on here
>check my address and is all written correctly
>who has my shoes
>ask my neighbor if they havent recieve my package
>they know NOTHING
>send a pure hate mail to the post office and call them hours
>a week later my shoes arrive
>box is open shoes are undamaged
>mfw I think the postman went to someones home and take the shoes from this girl and brought them back to me
>never again with that service

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> Tfw you look at your mint.com spending trends, and see that you spent $3000+ on convention crap and lolita clothes in the past 12 months

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