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I agree, Always give credit where credit's due; that's how people gain motivation for improvement. I mean, look at everything she has against her vs. >>9805594 and yet she pulls off a better coord overall. Clearly someone "gets" it and someone just doesn't.

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So... Like most potentially divisive topics on the Internet, then?

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Just give up already. German threads don't take off. They never did.

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>mfw toxic anons in the LWLN thread gonna use VM and Excentrique's death to say we should be supporting Shop in Wonderland

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How many people wear denim jeans and have nothing in common with each other?

The problem with all these creeps is that they misunderstand the premise of how Lolita communities form and what purposes they tend towards. Lolita comms. are usually a "support group" for the collection of items (Selling, trading, group orders), the sharing of information about products and how to obtain them, help with coords and generally how to improve as a wearer of the fashion. Tea Parties, or meets, became a thing because people wanted to create solid events or reasons to all dress up together. Some people are shy and thrive in a group environment where there are lots of people also enacting their same hobby, while some like these events because it "forces" them to wear Lolita fashion more often.

My question at the beginning loops back around to this; other then perhaps wearing the same products, what do fetishists even have in common with the "average lolita"? As far as I can tell it's usually nothing. Most sisses are not interested in collecting specific garments, most are not interested in the "logic" of coording a dress and most don't share an interest in looking back at the aesthetics of past European eras. All they seem really interested in is attending event to try to then "convert" others to their lifestyle. It's invading a space with a defined purpose and then trying to derail it. I've never heard of a case of one of these creeps integrating well - setting aside their bedroom activities and focusing just on the clothing. It always turns to them trying to change focus to their somehow-Lolita-related kink in a public space.

Personally I think the way to "combat" them is to confront them outright; We're here for clothes and the "aesthetic" of Lolita fashion. If you are looking for a kink club, then you need to actually go out and find a kink club.

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settle down anon, it's a waste of time taking anything personally here. Everyone knows bodyline has some halfway decent pieces that are great fallback for casual

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Nayrt, butthurt about what? homemade $200 hats?

>First two are acceptable
>Third is absolutely unacceptable
>Bra is admitedly peculiar

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>solid half hour of meetup turns into autism and disability Olympics
why is my comm like this

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don't try to make it happen. It won't.

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We do have a CoF thread, why is using the catalog that hard?

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the photo sneeking was the reason I stopped wearing lolita for a while. It's just so rude. I wonder what they do with these photo anyways. Post them on their FB? Fap to them?

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We really can't have nice things.

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You're gonna have to try harder to b8, m8. Not the anon you replied to, so you at least get a little credit for having me reply.

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>have a really nice lolita friend
>she's nice and cute
>stop hanging out with her because her boyfriend is everything wrong with otakus
>out of all the times we hang out he's always with

If you're willing to date someone like that long term, there has to be something wrong with you too, and I don't want to stick around to find out what that is.

I cant willingly hang out with someone who's boyfriend talks about clopping in front of me

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>Moved far away from home and family
>Love new town but all alone
>Con coming soon
>Really want to meet a SO at con
>Not feeling very optimistic because of age
>Am also shallow and most con guys are unattractive
>TFW don't know whether to lower expectations or stick to them and stay alone

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The MySpace angle really accentuates her non-existent eyebrows.

...is she wearing a (cheap) petticoat as a skirt?

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>should have posted this here in the first place

Got asked out by my "senpai" a couple days ago, everything went ok, we got to know each other on a more personal level.
However as he was about to leave I felt a sudden burst of bravery and said:
>Two questions. First, do you find me attractive?
He says yes
>Then why dont you kiss me?
He claims to want to do more than kiss me but doesnt feel ready because broke up recently and stuff.
Holds my hand and says "I know you feel lonely, I feel lonely too..."
I look him in the eyes clearly dissappointed.
He hesitates but decides to take off his glasses and kiss me.
I leave happy but as days go by can't shake the feeling all I got was a pity kiss.

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I appreciate you guys trying to help me when it comes to feeling like shit about being flat chested but it still doesn't erase
>being asked if I'm a tranny every time I go out without a pushup bra in jfashion
>having people stare at my face, chest, then face again every time I go out without a pushup bra (people trying to figure out my gender)
>my mother getting me pushup bras and telling me it embarrasses her when I go out without one
>the girls in my all girls middleschool telling me that I had nothing so there's no point of wearing a bra since I'm practically a dude anyway
>my friends in highschool literally naming me "IBTs" and saying how much cuter i'd be if I had something there
>strangers in highschool calling me tiny tits and telling me I'd never be attractive
>random people at cons groping my chest trying to figure out my gender
>every boyfriend of mine (save the weird ones) acting somewhat disappointed because of my small boobs+ height combo (they insisted they didn't care that much but it was still made shown)

I didn't always feel like shit about my body.
but no, I am going to continue bulking up- my mistake was saying fat in the first place. my body is getting thick. I exercise- with an athletic build. need to tone my tummy more and not neglect arm day like an idiot- but other than that- i'm not an obese chan, and if you're really stretching I'm a semi muscular chubby chan at best.

I miss being unhealthily thin but I like actually having boobs now more. Society isn't going to magically change overnight, and those things that were constantly said to me arent going to just dissapear.

>mfw all these "DONT BE A FATTYYYY REEE" comments

How would I, an anonymous internet stranger choosing to gain weight effect you? Some people actually choose to become obese since its what makes them happy. Stop pretending you care about your health when in reality you don't give a shit about these people. You just think being fat is gross.

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Post lolita related content from FB and etc
>Don't forget to cover up all names

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Shut up.

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>finally get lolita friend after two years of being a lonelita
>both wear same substyle
>add eachother on facebook
>she starts sending me links to dresses
>"anon this would look so cute on you!"
>am broke, thank her and say "maybe next month"
>"why not now? You need this"
>"because I'm broke, anon"
>"but you'd look so cute"
>"I seriously can't afford a new dress right now"
>"but anon it's totally your thing!!!"
>"sweetie I'm really broke, if I buy this I can't eat for a week"

I love her, but good god she keeps doing this.

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>comes into thread
>tells everyone they're fucking retarded
>acting like a total dumbass

ok so this is the worn thread, people are generally looking for coords/ non stock photos

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I just can't believe her.
She's all like "omg they hate me BULLIES!" and then makes a call to her fans motivation to troll and hate those people. She literally talks about "makes [her] hell to pay" and "Lets hate him together" and so on.
Girl you are damn broken

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just a few more and i'm almost done, jfc

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