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So I'm obsessive for looking at two pictures and saying, hm, one has 5mm black lines and the other has 25mm black lines. Ok.

>mfw i literally never heard of this beke chick before this thread
>mfw i literally only take interest in moeshit cosplayers

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>Irritating as shit acquaintance has burned her way through the local goth, steampunk and lolita communities.
>Makes a huge post about leaving lolita and how she's going to sell all her things.
>Has finally found acceptance in the furry community.
>Sharing new bodyline prints with captions like "soo tempted!" and "want!"
>Terrified she's going to wear lolita with her fursuit.
>Plsdon't, fuck off out the fashion already.

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oh fuck off.
If my boyfriend went in today to get a vasectomy he'd get one right away.
Different anon but I've had my chiropractor, my diabetes doctor, my family doctor, my stomach doctor, a handful of nurses, my parents, and my gyno tell me I'm going to want kids even though I have shit genes and no desire to carry a baby in my womb for that long. Though apparently the chances of passing on type one diabetes is only about 3%.

I still don't want my own kids. I'd rather adopt.

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Agreed about the shitty border being shitty.

According to the post it looks like most of it is brand.

"So this is my first time posting, and really it's my first real coord. I've been interested in boystyle for a while, and I finally decided to get some brand recently. Concrit is always welcome.

Beret: Alice and the Pirates
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Brooch: Angelic Pretty
Jacket: Fanplusfriend
Pants: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes: Alice and the Pirates
Bag: Alice and the Pirates
Angelic Pretty (Brigette regimen in blue) socks are in the mail, but likely won't get here for another few weeks."

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Whatever. Just giving anons a heads up for when this shit goes on for +20 years and you're the only one left still trying too hard.

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it was a joke

>kind of

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None of those posts/fake events made me laugh, I was only angry at them. I think I'm starting to grow old and bitter and hate April Fools, and the 4chan joke is not helping

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This one gets used a lot, I'm very proud of it.

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which costume I wonder

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it's my gaping loose vagina, it's so huge it's like hammerspace and it just got lost

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I know, I've played the game plenty. I just mean they either didn't know because they got pulled into cosplaying from the series or the photographer just told them to pose that way.
Reading comprehension on /cgl/ is low today.

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This is the company that specifically said lighter skin models look better, right?

This was a bad move, no matter which way you look at it, it was a bad move. Model is ok with it? what about the company image? Its no secret Watermelon and fried chicken is a stereotype, It was bad to ok this.

Not to mention the point where they defended this to the ground until anime matusuri dropped them. Then they rolled over and accepted defeat to a degree.

You have to pander to your customers to some point, not fight their opinions and dig your own grave.

Racist, not racist? Who the hell gives a crap, this whole incident has given them nothing but bad publicity, and they earned it.

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Assuming I'm thinking of the right person, I can't believe Kate is even being namedropped in this thread/considered for something like this. Like a year ago it seems she was another 'nobody,' what did she even do to become 'relevant' and up for being something like kawaii ambassador? She has "contributed" nothing that I'm aware of, and she's generally unremarkable in terms of coords and personality (at least as far as I can tell online). What is she even known for, other than the clashing hipster glasses she used to always wear?

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I really hope they don't price this as 80 USD because even with the Yen trick, it'll be more than I want to pay for Bodyline.
I wonder if this is supposed to temporarily make up for the unicorn print, or distract us.

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There's a difference between a job and a career tho.

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If it makes you feel better, that happened to me too. I bought the Lost in Sea jsk with the headpiece and wrist cuffs and including shipping the person charged me $285. I was just getting into lolita and hadn't done my homework, so I didn't know how big of a mark up they had done. The whole transaction was a bit of a nightmare. It probably doesn't help that the person I bought it from is kinda tumblr famous, though I didn't know it at the time.

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>tfw after about 7 years being into lolita I finally caved in and bought 2 gorgeous classic lolita brand coats
>tfw there is no winter in my country this year
>it's even too fucking warm to wear winter boots or gloves

I was so hyped about my purchases but now I'm not even sure anymore if it was worth the money.

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>hope you like old men lusting after you
lmao like i give 2 shits what men think about what im wearing. it astounds me that anybody thinks lolitas put this much time and money into their appearance for anyone other than themselves (and other lolitas)

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this is being sold where

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I'm gonna have to stop you there. Just drop it. We're not doing this right now.

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>have posted in these threads for 3-4 dresses
>never been answered

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