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Confession thread? Confession thread.

Contributing myself:
I'm a fakeboi.
I found out about Frank Wolf just a little before his death when I moved back to Canada in last september and I'm OBSESSED with him since then. I try to look like him (same haircut and similar style in general) and try to look like a kawaii androgynous emo boi.
I'm obsessed with being famous like him because i'm a lone loser.
I even bought a pikachu kigurumi just because of that.
What do /cgl/?

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Stop. It's embarrassing how far behind you are.

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Can you just shut up already, please?
sorry wait let me translate

cna u juts shut upa lradey plz

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>tfw you see something your normalfag friend will like whilst browsing Bodyline
>tfw she orders it without telling you instead of proposing you split shipping

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Here you go!

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