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I swear this cosplay is real but I cannot for the life of me find the picture I know i saved it and its on a hard drive somewhere but .... who knows where.

Its technically a Nightmare Before Christmas cosplay, its a couple, I believe they are both in a sort of steam punk getup he is on the left with a giant Jack Skellington puppet on his back. shes on his left puppeteering a large Zero puppet (i think she was holding it like the old school puppets with the wooden +)

I think there was at least 2 pictures of them cant find either of them . . . do you have this pic please share!!

Its from over 10 years ago, its always stuck with me and I try and find it every year to no avail

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Was it one of these two?

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No, he was in front of the jack, it was similar to a backpack style puppet

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Because I am crazy and swear its real this is a quick Photoshop I did using google images of what I remember it looking like.

I believe they were both in darker tones, and it was taken in a hallway of an event.

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This thread was moved to >>>/wsr/1100333

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Brenda, if you're out there, I know you've posted here before, I can't tell you how many nuts I busted to your pics, you are the most beautiful cosplayer alive

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Another useless thread hidden.

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Was at a panel last month and the girl in the middle was a panelist and she mentioned 4Chan and said you guys called her slut. Got to respect someone brave enough to admit she browses 4 Chan while most of you are too cowardly to even post an image of you women and men. Been here a whole year and when I saw her at the con I realized ah is that girl from the Witchblade laughing gif. Don't know if she is or not but she gets my respects.

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it's not his fault moids are too stupid to read anon he can't help his disability

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>tfw only u remember the PL/TPZ drama

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I will spoon feed you. Rules 1 and 2 refer to the original rules of the internet. 1. Do not talk about /b/. 2. Do not talk about /b/. In the past when 4chan did raids, we would say we're from ebaumsworld to divert the actual source of our raids. These rules extended to not talking about 4chan to others period and those that did publicly speak of the site were shamed. But with the site's growth and trolling for the lulz extending outside the internet, it quickly became well known thanks to celebrities, chatty anons and news. This has been your history lesson of the evening. Enjoy it scrote.

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>Nobody recognizes Copenhauer or the obvious joke being made
Jesus fucking Christ on a little red bike.

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The Autumn Witch remote "gathering" has begun. I will share some coords that have been posted. You can use the hashtag #秋の魔女集会2021 to see more or to participate. Let's also share witchy jfash coords.

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Bros. How do ask Vega cosplayers and cosplayers of sexy looking male characters pictures without looking gay. I saw this Vega cosplayers and he was with his girl, sexy cosplayer too but didn't care for her cosplay. So I didn't ask him for pic because it would gay if I am only ask him. Also question for the girls do you get intimidate by sexy male cosplayers. Or like cosplayers that show their chest?

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Considering I'm certain that's an old namefag from cgl, I'm guessing a joke

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"Hey man, cool Vega cosplay, mind I snap a pic?"

There, it's easy if you're not an autist.

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Hell I don't know, I just googled it. Thread needs more topless and ab cosplay

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Isn't that cosplayer Taryn? He's really awesome. Also I find the fact that he is shy and introvert cute, because it doesn't fit with his looks.

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As long as you're not a sperg about it, just ask.

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Looking for the cosplayer who posted this,I wanted to know the story behind this. Posted about a month ago.

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no need to be mad

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do people really think lolita is classy?

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some toned down classic than leans vintage-y can be. otherwise, no

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a lot of gothic can look very classy too when styled a certain way. maybe some very specific sweet items with careful styling but probably not as most sweet comes off pretty kitschy/ or immature, at least in western countries where being hyper feminine in a way that is not sexually appealing is seen as for kids

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>Romans 4:5
>But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.

hei, make sure you will go to heaven when you die:

and / or

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The time is upon us to begin hunting for the perfect gift.
Previous organizers have updated the form, and it is open for those interested in participating.

>Sign-up Form:

>2021 Rules, Hints, FAQ and More:

At the end of the event last year, we collected responses from 43 participants regarding banning of certain participants, gift expectations, crossboarders, and gift appropriateness/ inappropriateness, and others. We will be publishing the results of this survey in this thread too.

If you would like to help out, please don't hesitate to contact the organizers (emails in the Rules, Hints, FAQ form).

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Your form doesn't mention sizing. I would guess based on your social media that you are free-size. But if there are multiple sizes of something available, like IW which has M and L sizes, would you prefer the more snug fit or more room for comfort?

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Yeah you did mention you collect indie brands.

I'm really not sure about the difference between old/classic style and what's modern, I don't really know lolita at all. I think I might have noticed some patterns to what you like though.
You don't seem to like full bows, and strongly prefer tied ones? Even when they're not hairbows. You don't want the edges of the fabric in decorative cloth flowers to be open so you can see the frays. You seem to like lace. But even just putting it into words doesn't cover everything. Sometimes it's more of a feel. Like, I saw a skirt, but it felt like it was for energetic movement, which didn't fit the image I have of you. Sometimes I try to close my eyes and imagine an antique doll (helpful description!) with the item I'm looking at, and may reject based on how I feel like that would look. And Victorian Maiden just overall looked too soft and round, if that makes sense, at least on their store.

And for jewelry, I don't even get a feeling. For some AatP, I might get some sort of feeling that it's not quite right, but when it comes to jewelry I can't even pretend to myself that I got any sense.
Like why is this crown bad (aside from the gold) when it looks so similar to the ones you listed?
Is it the "antique-ness"? In that case, doesn't this Baby crown fail for the same reason? You didn't wish it and maybe this is why, but then I don't see the difference between Baby and Alice jewelry anyway since I feel these are so similar.
Even some Moi Meme Moitie jewelry looks like it could be okay to me.

Are there any corrections to make to my assumptions and feelings?

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cont. >>10694685

I feel like I shouldn't just leave all the work to you, but it's probably more important that you get something you like, so I think I should say yes to your offer, it would be helpful if you could link some pieces. Time isn't endless either. But even aside from that, just naming some less popular brands and some indie brands could be helpful too. There are some brands that pop up at Wunderwelt, but that might be limited and not your prefered brands.
I've kind of just assumed the defunct indie brands would be impossible to find anything of, but if they really are doable I can try to look a bit better, otherwise it would be helpful if you named some brands.

>I think I also forgot to include in my form that I have a 3DS, which I mostly play Animal Crossing on, but would love to have more DS games for.
DS games, not 3DS games?
And do you have any preferred types of games?

I kind of figured, if you wanted homemade items you'd already've made them yourself.

>> No.10694756

Hi~ I play in person MTG, I'm really lucky to have a weekly group that isn't stink-lords at the local game store.
I have been trying to get into Commander with some precons, but mainly I play Standard (Orzhov angels).
Archetypes I love are ANGELS (and Ashiok's whole mill dealio). I have an Aurelia angel playmat and RBW are my favorite colors.

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In the season of Halloween and spooky stories, tell your lolita horror stories! Some can include, horrible meetups, scary encounters when wearing lolita, disgusting lolita items being sold, horrible sellers, horrible service from websites, worst encounters with other lolitas (or wannabes.) you name it.
Pic related. From a jsk on depop with brown armpit stains, stained yellow, red blotched stains- and then 300$.

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Yeah cause blacklitas are inheritly racist. So of course.

>> No.10686525

Damn, haven't you raged enough on the FB BLM forum today?

Don't you have some buildings to go burn down?

>> No.10686543

What about my post looks like i support BLM? Being angry that black women want to wear frills in peace is giving you brain rot? You are literally making random things up because you are desperate to push a narrative, stop it.

>> No.10686551

Same thing happened to me in 2011. It was my first dress and I paid $80 for what originally was like $30 tops. Fucking con scalpers.

>> No.10687907

More stories

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What is the average time you can wear actual full plate armor at a con before giving up and taking it off or collapsing from exhaustion?

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>actual full plate armor
If you mean actual steel, all day? It's not that bad, just takes some getting used to

>> No.10691143


>> No.10694435

This anon is right, Actual metal will work as a heat sink allowing you to wear chain mail all day without overheating. EVA foam armor (or any thermoplastic for that matter) doesn't breathe and will cause a problem with extended wear. Treat it like a fursuit. 30 mins on your first trial, if you're feeling OK, keep going. I have an armor set that I can wear for 6 hours no problem but another that has a 60 minute time cap before I start sweating like a faucet.

>> No.10694839

about 2 hrs

>> No.10696538

Wandered in from the larp thread, but my max is around five hours in plate, fighting, with no water.

At a con? You should be able to wear it until you need to take it off to sleep/shower/ECT. If you can't, something is probably wrong.

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I hope this OP image makes up for the lack of our adopted mascot Tully in recent threads.

Previous thread: >>10651383
>Still TomoTired
>DCC, MIA and FACTS expectations
>Maid Cafe talk: Cool ideas, things you want to see and what not
>In-depth look what goes into starting a convention. Spoiler: it's a lot.
>What does your ideal convention look like?
>Why outside food is more rare than toilet paper at conventions

Every event still left uncancelled for 2021:
>Heroes MIA NL (October 16 & 17, Gorinchem): Heroes third(?) attempt at their first Dutch anime convention.
>Heroes DCC (November 20 & 21, Utrecht): It's Dutch Comic Con, you know the drill. Tickets are sold out.
>Animecon Christmas (December 11 & 12, Rijswijk): A Christmass themed Animecon edition. Tickets are on sale now.
>Midwinterfair (December 11 & 12, Alphen a/d Rijn): A fantasy fair in Archeon.
Did I miss any event? Feel free to post them.

Links and advice:
>Godziban, the Godzilla puppet show, is now getting weekly subbed releases on the official Godzilla YT channel. Check it out, it's a blast!
>Site nobody uses and I keep forgetting to cancel the domain for: https://dutchgulls.nl
>Discord: https://discord.gg/QAYNyfY

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> https://www.volkskrant.nl/columns-opinie/veilig-schuilen-waarom-volwassenen-zich-massaal-verkleden-als-cartoonheld~bfebd9e2/
I'm somewhat mixed on the writing, but the outcry I've seen on social media feels unjustified. This is an opinion piece on the Comic Con experience written from the POV of an outsider. As such it's not intended to be a positive pat on the back article the greater community only wants to see.from the press.

Reading between the lines the article manages to capture the essence of a comic con just fine. You have fans getting together, enthusiastically celebrating their oddball hobbies, some dedicated enough to wear costumes and enthusiastically presenting themselves. For outsiders such as the author and "mom's who tagged along" this definitely seems weird, but it also explains how for insiders it's a form of positive escapism where they feel safe and accepted in an open community. Some of the quirks with cosplay, photography and use of business cards was added, again something outsiders would consider weird. I also truly respect how the author also didn't pretend it's all roses and unicorns after all the super positive takes and quotes and included the darker side of things such as sexual harrassment.

To me there were only 2 questionable parts in the article. The first was the unnecessary intro on Ukrainian refugees who could be afraid of costumed nerds and usual weapon prop request from the police. The second was how the only POC in the article was described as being black and working at KFC, where everyone else was just another name. But aside from that, it's all fine by me.

>> No.10747793 [DELETED] 

That explanation is so much taken out of it's context, it's funny how you keep out the whole discord server harassing Angry Anon, and you let it all slide off as "normal behavior"?
Yah, it's going to be a tough action to ban the whole discord server for violating the "don't harass people" rule...

As for the DDoS, that wasn't even said, you made that up. No threat with DDoS was made, it was a explanation how the Angry Dude got a DDoS of 600gbit on his modem connection, don't try to reverse the whole explanation, that's just sad.

You are allowing your discord group to harass and bully a guy on discord for having a other opinion, which you also seem to put completely out of it's context....

Yah, your discord server is dirty, all I can say.

>> No.10747794

can I join if I don't speak dutch

>> No.10747803

Like I've said, everything is still up on the Discord for anyone to read if they want to evaluate the situation themselves. The original DDOS threat, and I quote was "heb je wel eens 600gbit op je bek gehad?" or "Have you ever been hit by 600gbit?" for the English speakers. Pretty clear language, especially under the circumstances. There is nothing else for you gain here. The choice to ban you after going full dick mode and mentioned threats is final and will NOT be reverted as you clearly haven't changed at all during the past 3 years. Have a wonderful day!

The main language of the server is Dutch, but we do occasionally get Non-Dutchies looking for information on specific conventions. They are welcome to join of course, but do know things might be hard to follow once people switch back to Dutch. We use separate joinable ranks and channels for each convention, so if that's your primary goal you could join them and ignore everything else.

>> No.10747806

>> Like I've said, everything is still up on the Discord for anyone to read if they want to evaluate the situation themselves.

Sure, no problem, I've got also the logs here, and I definitely didn't say any of what you claim, so... ;)

>> The original DDOS threat, and I quote was "heb je wel eens 600gbit op je bek gehad?" or "Have you ever been hit by 600gbit?" for the English speakers. Pretty clear language, especially under the circumstances.

Again, taking out of context, as I said after that pretty much that I received that stuff on my modem. Always fun when you copy/paste single lines... eh...

>The choice to ban you after going full dick mode and mentioned threats is final and will NOT be reverted as you clearly haven't changed at all during the past 3 years.

Yes, because the rest was oh so nice and didn't spam and flooded the whole channel, making personal insults and swearing towards me personally was all okay, and following the rules, right ? Hypocrite... Have a nice day too I guess.

I've got the logs right here, you're taking everything out of it's context as usual. Have fun on your dirty discord with toxic people...

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Last thread is about to get archived >>10665910

Now that Listen Flavor is closing and stopping to stock indie brands, everyone is finally announcing own online stores.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite - https://harajuku-pop.com/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>What is Yumekawaii (archive) - https://web.archive.org/web/20180813082200/https://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわ hashtag.

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I literally saw that from Kami the other day and was sad it was sold out before I even knew it existed. The creators said they're not planning to rerelease either because of their manufacturer. Maybe I'll find it resold one day.

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magical announced they will make a new dress release at the beginning of next year, but also that it will be the last one

>> No.10714725

Princess Cerise’s new US shop is up! It will be fully stocked by Friday.


>> No.10715224

tfw their cooperate shop for overseas business is a ddlg taobao shop

>> No.10715306

They've always been an ugly NP knockoff.

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I'm not clicking the link but looks like Tokyo Revengers cosplay?

>> No.10681994,1 [INTERNAL] 


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Last thread: >>10660755

Last thread was in autosage.

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>> No.10685342

Yep, you got it. Just realized I posted right as the thread hit autosage, hopefully everyone who asked saw it. I've only ordered from Lab de Merveilles before myself and pretty much agree with what you had to say. Thanks for adding onto my recommendations!

>> No.10685345

>A male tailor, I know this is important to some.
Whaaaa? I’ve commissioned them before I’m genuinely shocked they’re a guy! Especially since the details on the piece I comm’d are so feminine.

>> No.10685347

Thanks friends. I have started the commissioning process and honestly might get two sets made by different people depending on price. Kinda nervous it won’t turn out

>> No.10685720

Please share the results once it's finished! A camo set sounds awesome

>> No.10686506

all that matters is if you will fit in it lmao why does skin matter

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Since the last one hit image limit.

Post and discuss fictional lolitas and itas you love/hate.

I'm honestly shocked the last thread was able to hit limit without a single mention of Princess Ai. The manga's relatively obscure now, despite being the death knell of its publisher, but it was kind of a big deal back in the early 2000s for TokyoPop. It's a shame the manga sucked ass since the main character was designed by Ai Yazawa. Ai had some pretty cute outfits, but most of them would be considered ita by today's standards.

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File: 680 KB, 1242x1094, BC997763-2190-4A81-A0B0-851B23C7AD25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

character designer Iijima Yun from New Game!. because there's one of us at every game studio. wish she'd gotten more of an arc before the manga ended.

>> No.10702445
File: 3.41 MB, 4800x2700, ddfylno-1a86f499-6dbe-4978-8be6-6665e1e1ca8f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Angelic Amber from Kingdom Hearts III

>> No.10702499

>that zigzag ruffle
does anyone actually like those?

>> No.10702736
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There was a lolita in the background of a Parks and Rec episode too. Iirc the girl was a friend of a crew member and told she could wear whatever since it was a Halloween episode.

>> No.10703187
File: 1.36 MB, 1200x900, collage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I couldn't find a better picture of Lemon in her normal clothes, but as far as Pretty series outfits go, Lemon's "gothic lolita" outfit isn't too bad imo?? Plus her character is an absolute gem.

Everybody needs to watch Waccha Primagi.

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what you think of this girl

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>> No.10684431

She's an incredibly annoying character and I hope she doesn't appear in strive

>> No.10684482

Literally who?

>> No.10686809

Love Russian cosplayers. They are definitely the best.

>> No.10686948

Would fuck
But will never happen...

>> No.10687449

1000x this

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Anybody going? Tickets are still avail for every day except Sat., is it doomed?

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>> No.10685226

I had to commute home from Penn on Friday night. Thanks to NYCC my train car was shared with a flock of fat fuck zoomer weebs who spent the whole ride getting drunk on twisted tea+limearitas while squealing about anime and making those weird tumblr-ass uwu LGBT jokes at each other

Also got a death stare from some girl wearing AP when I bumped into her. Dude... don't wear burando to a fucking cramped NYC bodega if you're that worried about it.

>> No.10686799


I managed to get a free Sunday badge anyways because someone gave me their panelist badge since they no longer needed it anymore and didnt want to do anything on Sunday so jokes on you

Also checkem

>> No.10687615

on the 7 train i rode with some 30 year old ddues and a girl as mario golf characters

>> No.10691853

Any pics from this con?

>> No.10691912

Why the fuck do you want to look at people wearing masks?

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Not a cosplay but whatever, I had fucking fun strutting around a convention in my high heel boots, skirt, and with the buttplug my boyfriend crammed up my ass and had me wearing while strutting around and I finally got to meet some locals who know of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss.

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>> No.10681652

Thanks, you owe me $7.98 for reading it, fatass.

>> No.10681655

Kill yourself

>> No.10681950


>> No.10681984

thats some rainfurrest-tier behavior bro
also sage

>> No.10682138

where the fuck are the jannies

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Advice on how to be Cosplayer photographers.
How do you like photographers to deal with you the cosplayer? Should I have a sing that says I am one or should I ask you directly. Or another way? What are some of the don'ts. Other advices for anything else is appreciated.

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I feel like I'm posting the obvious but I've met too many lost/unsure photographers thay want to do Con photography but just can't get their foot in the door.
tl;dr - Be neat, be nice, don't be a fucken weirdo. Don't be afraid to ask a cosplayer if you can take their photo and don't be a bitch if they say no. It'll all be okay senpai, we're gonna make it.

I always make my con expenses back from doing shoots, and so can you (hopefully).


>> No.10686453

Ask for permission to take photos as usual, and then leave business card if you're looking to make a name.

also, as a cosplayer photographer, you should also focus on good -in character posing, portraits and have some nice photoshop skills on top of photography skills.
Be humble, don't be a creep

>> No.10687120

Not OP but brilliant write up, thank you tripfag.

>> No.10687130

>Cosplayers aren't professional, are broke and you won't get anything from them
Thats not even remotely true. Plenty of professional cosplayers exist, and plenty of casual cosplayers want high resolution photos of their cosplay.
>All you need is a modern phone and you can do 99.9999999% of what a cosplay photographer can do.
Phone cameras are still nowhere close to professional cameras when it comes to portrait shots. Phone cameras still have terrible fake bokeh.
A photographer will also better understand how to make a photo look good too, and may have more software to create a more unique photo.

>> No.10687985

You'd be a god if you could. One of the most annoying things is trying to get the right angle when you aren't in control of the camera

lol I wear cargo shorts and look like a weeb and it hasn't affected me any. Just be good at what you do and word will get around. You can run around in a t-rex suit; if people know you do good work they'll be happy to shoot with you. People recognize their friends in photos you've taken and will ask them how you did as a photographer.

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Ita found on Tinder

>> No.10686500

not everything has to be OTT

>> No.10686501

What the fuckkk

>> No.10687324

Of course she has the shitty And Romeo replica.

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Is it okay to post pictures here?

Do you have a favorite?

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>> No.10706845

From what I’ve seen, it’s a lot of acting and playing around, as well as heat depending on whether you’re a plush or a more human costume

>> No.10708228

I actually, I don't feel uncanny valley towards these more "realistic" costumes

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completely understandable

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