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I am looking for some new girls to follow (j-fashion/cosplay).
Post your fave patreons to simp on below.

Picture from vixencecos

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Barely a cosplay, fucking low effort whores

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As a guy that loves spandex catsuits, it pains me deeply to see some thot buy one just to cut it up.

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It looks like a progress pic. I'm really confused as to why this would be a good candidate for this thread. This thread is pointless since there's already a guy posting thot pics of his favourite characters already and the lack of engagement that thread gets shows that barely anybody cares.

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incel. jelly women can get a million times more partners than u?

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It's definitely a wip. There's still pins in the thing. Sequins are a bitch to sew and shapewear is labor intensive to get done right so I wouldn't call it low effort. However, I understand that the sentiment when sexy cosplay overshadows normal ones. I don't think that's the case here however.

Did she actually cut it up? It looks like photoshop to me. And wouldn't the spandex warp if she did? Either way, it's not my cup of tea.

This. I feel like these threads would be better suited on a nsfw board.

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What makes lolitas so sensitive towards lowballing?
I'm genuinely asking. Isn't it easier to give some basic ass polite rejection and move on the day?

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my issue with lowball offers is that they are usually always from poorfags. if they're not they will be reasonable like " i saw this colorway being sold for $50 less a few months ago, would you be willing to lower the price?" and usually i will meet them in the middle or accept the lower price. poorfags always ask for a considerable amount off, usually $100 or more and open with whining about not being able to afford the dress or that it's their dream dress or something, but on the off chance i lower the price, they suddenly don't want it.

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NTA, but flatrate tends to be super expensive outside of the country. inside your own country it's cheaper, but outside it generally compensates for the higher end of the weight allowed.

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If you have an imaginary price in your head that you want to stay firm on, just hard sell it at that point? If no one is buying your JSK listed at $400 (the lowest you'd consider selling it for) then it's NOT worth $400.

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I almost always give an offer first on anything over $100 unless an item was recently listed and has some traction with likes/reacts/comments, or its already at a very fair price. If I know I want to buy it but it's been up a little while, I may as well ask for a slightly lower price. Or I may try and get 2 things at a reduced price, since I have to message about shipping anyways. Worst they can say is no, and I might buy it anyways.

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I don't mind if they ask, because those people tend to have already accepted that it's going to be expensive. I once had someone international buy such a listing without asking at all and thought that was incredibly rude.

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im retarded, how do i wrap these footwraps? what do i do on point 4 and 5????

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go to a help board

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>help board
kek fuck you newfag

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Like every culture ever: we have invented a tube that goes on your feet to prevent shoe chaffing

Post apocalyptic larp idiots: what if we take a square cloth and wrap it around our feet real stupid to look edgy

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do you bother during a pandemic?
have you done something to your hair out of boredom?

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nayrt but this broke me out like crazy so ymmv

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Does anyone have experience with eyelashes that just won't curl? When using a typical metal curler, there's a 50/50 chance that they'll either stay the same, or just become straight instead of sticking downwards. Or, my outer eyelashes will curl, but the inner ones will still be sticking downwards, even though the curler fits my eye shape and clamps all my lashes equally.
I'm thinking of trying a heated eyelash curler instead of a normal metal one, have any anons used one before?

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What problems did you have with it, anon?

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Depression sucks and the showering/washing hair is.... not happening as much as it should. I've just been laid off.I only got $200 for f20 hours of hard labour after deductions. My employer was debating on whether to furlough me or reduce my hours because of my illness. I would have made so much more money and not had to work at all if I had been furloughed. This sucks. I also now have less than 30 days to find somewhere else to live with no income as the accommodation is tied to the job in the middle of rural buttfuck nowhere. I have no friends or family that can help and social services have been emessing me around since last October.

Do you recall ever having major damage in that spot where your hair keeps knotting? I find that the biggest ause of tangles for me was where hair had split mid shaft and ended up interlocking like velcro. I got my hair caught in velcro once and for months after I was cutting out hairs with like 10 splits on the same strand and it wa hard to detangle. Pateince is a virtue though. Aggresively brushing when you get impatient only makes it worse...

I have a lot of long 3b hair and it has always hated water. I assume it is really porous and it swells up messing up the cuticle. Likewise brushing or detangling it wet is the worst thing I could ever do when the hair is at its most elastic. THis causes it to stretch and thin out, making it brittle. It is hard to get all my hair in an updo without tangling the roots but I am going to try the silk pillow as one of these days as I used to sleep in A bonnet but it would always come off in my sleep.

Most of my stuff is in storage righ now but I think waring lolita more often would help me kee pon top of my haircare as I have always made a point of wearing my natural hair ad want to do a Moana cosplay. I have the day off tomorrow so will properly section and trm it at some point even if pI don't manage much else.I know it he my self esteem in the long run.

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eu ia mas sou tão inútil que não consegui

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What do you guys think of Emiru, the famous LOL player and fantastic cosplayer?

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I would drink his hot soupy cum

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It's a real shame she uses the Chinese Propaganda Platform known as "Tik Tok". Otherwise she seems alright.
Just wish she would do more full body shots though.

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His girlfriend is sissifying him. In three years he'll be a nutless, impotent girl with bolt-ons.

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She was a lolcow years ago but grew up and matured which is good.

Ive always loved her hair and makeup. Too bad she made it super short.

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Someone have this pdf file?

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I have some of Kamui’s saved from here. Search the archive threads through warosu

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I find nothing. :(

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So a guy invited me go with his group to a con in Germany. Obviously it has been canceled because of Corona but it still piqued my interest and I hope it'll still be held in September. Not gonna lie my main motivation is to go to meet some girls and party hard with people who actually share my interests instead of randoms in techno clubs. The people I go with will go for a cosplay and I'm thinking about also doing so. But I've never dressed up like that and I'm a bit insecure.

What do you recommend for a first timer? Do I try to make a costume myself or I should I go for a premade one? What are some things I should be aware of concerning picking a cosplay and cons in general.

I'd be really glad if you could point me in some direction since I'm really looking forward to this.

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I guess you are talking about DoKomi, as it's the only convention left in our country for 2020 and it got postponed to September. I'll join the convention myself and whish you lots of fun. They organised a digital convention last weekend and did a solid job on that. So I'm excited for their show in September!

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Buying a Cosplay Is less hassle and nowadays socially accepted, as long as it looks good. You should be fine if you put effort in styling the wig and the proper use of makeup!

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>killed a thread instead of using the questions thread
Why don't you tell us what series you like?

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Got a costume for OP

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Germany has some super hot cosplayers ngl

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Old thread: >>10372638
>If you have a jfashion related question, use: >>10400901
>If you have a coord related question, use: >>10323668
>If you have a crossplay related question, visit here first for resources: >>10300242
>If you have a sewing related question, you can ask here but this thread might be able to give more specific advice about machine issues, techniques, tools, etc.: >>10346284
>If you have a crafts related question, you can ask it here or use: >>10384195
>If you want people to give you character recommendations or if you would like to give others character recs, use: >>10370202 (see template first)

Unanswered questions from the previous thread:

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Do you guys plan out your gardening to fit lolita photos? What kind of plnts would you recomend for a garden to fit the lolita aesthetic?

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I grow vegetables and they’re not really pretty :(

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I wonder if you could do a cute classic/farming/country ? It sounds like it could be cute with some gardening gloves or sun hat

I also grow vegetables so its nothing super cute looking hahha.

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I dont have a garden, but I keep rather a lot of tropical indoor plants.
I lean towards gothic in lolita and home decor so I have kinda tried to collect some darker coloured/ gothic themed plants and planters.
For example the scull planter from disturbia is one of my favourites.

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Now if you lean towards sweet or country ,I feel berries could be a nice idea if you are really good at gardening.

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Camellias. Pretty when in bloom and still nice when not. Very low maitenance.

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I only come her to masturbate to girls in cute cosplay

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i come here to get a glimpse at the way women act when men arent around. something about the way they post makes it so draining to read. im still trying to figure out how they do it. they can also be petty in ways that put boards like /co/ or /v/ to shame. its also interesting to see the different slang terms like "scrote" or "babywhore".

honestly browsing here is like being on another planet.

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ooga booga woman brain a mystery

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>something about the way they post makes it so draining to read
how i feel about /r9k/ kek

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The females of r9k are nicer than the females of cgl desu

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yes, it is. can you explain to me how the boards /w/, /pt/, and /snow/ on lolcow differ? ive been there a few times and as far as i can tell any thread on one board would belong just as well on either of the other two
i dont feel drained by /r9k/, i just feel sorry for them. they sound like how feral chihuahua might talk about people if they could shitpost from the pound.

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>the I only come here to masturbate to girls in cute cosplay

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I'll always like her, even though she had an ED and shopped herself. She's just that good and cute.

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I don't bother with hair and makeup during a pandemic but here's a thread anyway

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Have any of you drastically changed your hair out of boredom?

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I really didn't want to ask because I know I'll cop shit but how do you get cum stains/smell out of a lolita dress? I have a sax sugary carnival that got coated with it and I've tried everything gentle I could find online. I think it's not coming out because I didn't notice it till awhile after it had dried.
I could get some out after the first wash but there is bits stuck in the seams of the bow.
I don't want to use anything harsher since I don't want to ruin the print. Is there any way to salvage this? It's my favourite dress.

>inb4 you shouldn't have had sex in it in the first place
I know I shouldn't have really but my boyfriend really wanted to do it so I let him on the promise that he not touch the dress but he thought it'd be more inline with our roleplay that he not listen to me and now it's fucked.

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>step 1: don't be a disgusting manbeast jerking off in frills.

>> No.10403545

would I get any actual helpful advice if i admitted that?

>> No.10403552


Probably. But the level of stupidity not Googling this basic shit and making a whole thread is just so ridiculous it's clear it's a troll.

>> No.10403583

You did get some advice and that proves you’re just doing this for trolling

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does anyone have a pattern for sewing a custom fumo? this is a little bit off topic but still applies to sewing/crafting, if it makes you feel better i'm a cosplayer

>> No.10402952

/jp/ would have an easier time helping you out here but a general search pulls up some reddit posts about it.

>> No.10402969

>if it makes you feel better i'm a cosplayer
no one cares. use the right threads instead of making your own, retard.

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/jp/ has a fumo general which would be more suited for this
but the easiest way is to tear a bootleg apart and copy the pieces for the base pattern to work from

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stop spoonfeeding newfags.

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Stop gatekeeping and trying to act morally superior.

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Let's get some irredeemable itas in here.
Last thread >>10399658

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>spends $74 on a dress that doesn't fit
>can't spend a single rotten dollaroo on a razor
These low afford AGPs need to be banned on sight.

>> No.10406187


>> No.10406190

looks pretty normie and i'm not sure how i feel about someone working with kids in those peeking bloomers

>> No.10406194

I will have to agree

>> No.10406196

Dude do your even know who this is?

no I agree a cage skirt like this could be used in a good ero coord

I dont think this is ita

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Post some anime convention montages, either cosplay montages or montages about the con itself.


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Humble Bundle is doing a cosplay book sale for anyone interested: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/cosplay-like-pro-books

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>tfw the only books that would be useful to me are in the $20 tier but I already own some of the books from that tier

>> No.10405819

Oof. I guess compare the prices of buying the books you need individually?

>> No.10405869

The other person who replied gave a more informative and helpful answer but the reason I want the serger book is because I have a serger but so far have been too intimidated to actually use it and now I don’t have an excuse not to learn.

>> No.10405882

I had half of these from the previous bundle and some others I bought on my own full price, but I still got the highest tier because the price is good and to support the creators.

>> No.10405892

They have a lot of useful information neatly put together with example pictures. Some of it is already on their videos, but this is much easier to navigate and find exactly what you need. And there's other stuff that isn't included in any of their videos (at least not with that level of detail).

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A thread for lolitas who collect and admire ball jointed dolls.
What kind of dolls do you collect? Do you dress your dolls in lolita? Do you sew for them? What are your grail dolls? Let’s discuss and post pretty pictures of dolls.

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This thread reads an awful lot like a script from an episode of that My Strange Addiction show.

>> No.10405643

Imagine being so boring that you think a perfectly healthy relationship with a niche hobby is a “strange addiction”

>> No.10405645

go back to /r/reborndollcringe

>> No.10405655

This whole board could be if the episode was edited corrected. Liking anything that isn't normie shit could be an episode of my strange addictions.

>> No.10405886

I think you’re on the wrong board, friend.

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Her nickname was May Marmalade, she was a webcam girl. Personal information? Instagram or something?

>> No.10402672

>>>/wsr/ probably...

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