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please help me... what would be the easiest way to make a wig look gelled back? I'm going to cosplay Yoshikage Kira but I just can't get the wig to look good

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Last thread finally died >>10447706

New 80s vintage stores are popping up left and right, such as Feel in Love! and Kakera Star.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite -https://harajuku-pop.com/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>What is Yumekawaii (archive) - https://web.archive.org/web/20180813082200/https://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわ hashtag.

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I was thinking of getting this jacket but it has no reviews. do any of you know the quality of it?


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You're probably going to get bullied by the elitists for posting this

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oh no

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Use the help or stupid questions thread. Single question threads sit on this board for a month.

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In before someone cries about this being nazi. kek.

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Seems like the corona crisis makes brands put out summer lps, so expect them to pop up once a while.

Listen Flavor announced theirs today.

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Grail lp:

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Ooh that button down is cute!

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Diamond Honey lp:

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How do you find lucky bags on taobao?

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Is 福袋 in chinese.

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anyone know where I can source a decent red blazer? I can't sew my own.

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You can find one at this great store called ask the help thread

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sorry i'll delete this

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I had a gf you know

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Look at him

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RuneScape monkey from the “See no Evil” quest.
I love him.
I wanna cosplay him for no reason now.

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I am looking for a nice detachable sailor collar. I cannot find a good looking one online and I cannot really sew, so could I just cut up a headscarf to make it look like one? Have anyone tried something like this?

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Don't bother cutting anything if you can't sew. Your raw edges are going to look super bad and continuously unravel unless you seam them.

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Use the help or stupid questions thread.

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Why don't you just buy the one in your picrel?

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How stupid are you? Op clearly said they can't find one online.

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pic rel is selling the pattern I believe

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Hi anons I’m someone who’d like to start crossdressing/being a trap for fun and to be cute. I’m looking for some good advice to get started and anything at all would be appreciated. One day I hope to be able to cosplay female characters.

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Your envy is palpable

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Tranoids ruined this place.

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4chan is literally one of the biggest trans breeding grounds on the internet other than reddit.

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Last thread >>10608062

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I normally like break downs but you sound like you're one of those itas who thinks they know it all but look like shit, because pretty much all you said is either incorrect, not nearly the worst thing, or taken out of proportion/not nearly as important as you make it to be. Also:
>OnLy BUrAnDO hAs SoUL
I mean, I hate those cheap TaoBao dresses as much as the next anon, but this is a retarded mention of the other extreme. Just because itas buy cheap crap doesn't make all TaoBao ever bad, nor are all non-taobao or even burando dresses filled with passion and soul. many are very commercial cheapened out moneygrabs too. You sound like one of those strong anti-TaoBao status piece hunting burando flexing itas.

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Besides being a replica it's not even put on correctly tho.

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Was there any good chubby Asian lolitas in old KERA or street snaps?

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Ciel's dress was classy unlike this jsk

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Fucking true. She looks naïve and trusting and I hope she sees her pose makes her look 20 lbs heavier

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Post good video game crossplayers.

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She's obviously incredibly naughty

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Brush your tongue ffs

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Can I brush it against your penis?

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owner of now very dead egl store one day in paradise is selling her brand for dirt cheap, denying having scammed thousands out of auscomm

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You clearly don't know what you're talking about

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Are you the idiot who thought one person was responding to your cotton SJW sperging in the AP thread? Take your newfag ass somewhere else.

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All she had to say was no, it’s perfectly legitimate to ask for an in person meet after hearing about her bullshit.

Maybe don’t be a scammer and you wouldn’t ruin your own name

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DAMN there's some angry lard-asses in this thread!

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I never bought brand from eBay but honestly compared to LM scalpers the dresses I were watching were fairly reasonable comparatively. With the shit that's going on in LM right now it might as well be eBay, except with less modding kek.

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Why hasn't anyone done a Delilah cosplay?
She may be the most sexy Spiderman frenemy.

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Why the fuck did you make a whole thread for this

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not like there's anything better being made

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I would'a loved seeing someone pull it off with the gauntlets and leg protectors.
I see also see Simon-O has a purple bodysuit just like that.

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lets turn the thread into an obscure comics cosplay thread. i remember we used to have pretty good /co/splay threads.

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Oh, shove it. There's two whole threads for questions like this you absolute fruit. This board isn't like other boards where shitty threads get wiped in an hour. Now we have to sit and look at this on the catalog for a month.

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What do you think off my cool as shit biker cosplay also What should I name my solo music slash live show with dance act? I do biker punk. Please only serious answers, I don't got time to waste

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What even .

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It's not cosplay if it's not going for a specific character.
Biker fashion and similar belongs on >>>/fa/ as such.
Also ask >>>/mu/, I recommend ZZ Top and Grateful Dead.

>> No.10610094

Wait I read that wrong I thought you wanted recs on music for your act, not that you already had some.
Still ask /mu/.

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I asked mu and b but they wont act serious they kjust make bad jokes. Also I am cosplaying Joseph Herr.

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facebook is that way, mister gen x

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Why conventions are still going covidwoke?

Example one - Colossalcon Prime - Ohio's lockdowns end on June 1st. They still keeping up with the covidwoke BS

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Once you get the vaccine you don't need to wear a face mask, yet el presidente still wears one... So even the top people in the government have no idea what the hell they are doing.

If you are hosting a con then you need to cover yourself because even the government can't get itself sorted out on what the official narrative is.

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>>>/pol/ and stay there.

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I have no interest in cons until they are able to get decent guests again. Why spend money for travel/hotel/ect for lackluster events

>> No.10610926

Do people actually go to cons for the guests? Wild.

>> No.10610929

Obviously he's trying to set an example. He is using his image and status to influence people. I don't even like the guy, but i know why he's wearing a mask.

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>Wasting significant amounts of money on clothes in your mid-20's instead of investing for your offspring.
>Not wanting offspring.
>Dressing like a little girl.

WTF. Stop drinking tap water.

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*Sigh* Where are the janitors?

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This sounds like a angry troon

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You're probably an actual witch, too. No, burning you to death, or beating you with a menorah until your uterus is inverted from your fat, kike body isn't good enough. Not good enough at fucking ALL.



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Wow, it's almost like the fucking kikes DISAPPEAR when you know they're fucking kikes.

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So what coats do you guys wear with egl? Post here street snaps or just nice coords with coats/jackets!

I never make new threads but I didn't know where else to put this kek, also I feel like this could be a nice thread on its own so here it is

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What is a good cosplay for a tall-ish, really skinny man? Most characters that I know of have some muscle at the very least.

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Almost any of the sniper characters from borderlands. Some old school bleach or one piece characters if that floats your boat.

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>marfan syndrome
I looked up Marfan syndrome and it's like the perfect build for lolita.

>> No.10612557

as a lolita with Marfan and EDS, it doesn't work. First I'm too tall, shoes are too small (even custom taobao shops don't carry my size for pre-order), and everyone thinks I have an eating disorder and/or promoting ed because I'm extremely thin.

>> No.10612617


It looks awful. The hands and fingers being long also make it not well suited for looking cute and all. The best build for lolita is a small framed slim pear shaped woman around 5"3 with small feet and hands to fit all acessories and dresses well.

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Postal Dude and Saltzpyre

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Old thread >>10606943

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That bodice makes her look chunky I don’t stand a chance in hell of looking cute in that cut. What an unfortunate waist height and boob ruffle

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Alcohol is served at a lot of brand events so what’s the problem? Cute cocktails are a very girly thing

>> No.10612332

Ayrt, I don't have a problem if it's alcohol. >>10609756 found it strange, not me.
I was simply describing my initial associations upon seeing the print. Since it's a space print, my thoughts went into the direction of sci-fi literature and movies. They often have all sorts of weird compounds people (and aliens) are consuming.

>> No.10612999

>Risa Nakamura
It's not unheard of for models to be forced into working for one reason or another. Most models are working of their own free will, but there are those rare few that are bullied into working. Often times, drugs will even be used to force them into compliance. 'Shyness' is often the excuse.

>> No.10613001

Well, I've never bought lolita clothing, brand or otherwise, in my life, and I am sympathetic Uighurs are being forced into slave labor.

However, angry dialogue on an image board is not going to help save Uighurs from slave labor, but national governments banning the import of fabrics produced via slave labor & the import of manufactured garments in which the raw material is produced via slave labor would help stop Uighars from being forced into labor.

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