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I’ve recently started to feel a bit blue about the fact that I’m kind of a lonelita - I say kind of because I do have one friend who is dear to me but we’re both a bit busy and can’t make time to meet up, especially with the whole pandemic thing going on. It also bothers me that I haven’t felt like this previously and I’m not sure why I do now. Maybe it’s from seeing everyone doing virtual meets and such? I know I wouldn’t have a lot to talk about with people from my local comm though, and everyone’s most likely comfy enough with their own cliques. Doesn’t help that I’m not that fond of going to meets and I’m kinda bad at social situations. The few times I’ve attended a meet have been just me not really engaging with anyone and just sitting there in silence, so maybe I’m just doomed to sit at home and drink my tea by myself. At least I’ll be a cute hermit

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