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Because indie brands and artists that copy-cat off of other indie brands and artist are the lowest types of backstabbers.

I unfollowed her when she pulled the peppermintfox copy-cat shit. I don't care if her stuff is cute, she has no ethics and no honor.

It's especially low because she owns a store where she was selling peppermintfox items, and then she started selling copy-cat items side by side with them; essentially poaching customers from the artists she was supposed to be representing.

Most people aren't publicly giving her shit about it because of her position in the community, but it's a really shitty thing she's doing and she's done it enough that there is no way that it is a coincidence.

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I'm not sure what is worse, this bait, or the fact that like half a dozen people took it seriously.

Rufflecon has people who are in the anime con scene and know that John Leigh is a shit hole of a human being. I've TALKED to people who work with Rufflecon about how he is a shit hole of a human being. There is zero chance of this happening.

This also ignores the fact that Rufflecon specifically tries to bring less well known guests (aka NOT Misako) that Anime Conventions tend not to sponsor.

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Actually, no, women don't say "I'm uncomfortable with that joke". We are trained not to. We are trained that if we say that, we are prude bitches.

You just don't say that. You do exactly what stephany did which is try to gently change the topic. That's a normal way for a woman to express "I'M HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS".

A man of his age should. know. better.

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What makes them qualified to manage the other countries kawaii ambassadors?

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As a web developer, and someone who's done a number of side projects, I have to say the stalking and harassment she was getting for a free site that she was spending her own time and money on, is phenomenally bad, and the lolita community should be ashamed.

This isn't how you treat people who offer services like that for free. Yeah, she probably was slow moderating, it was just her, because LM was the equivalent amount of work as a full time job, and not generating significant income.

I'm not surprised she's walking. I'd walk. I wouldn't accept this for pay. I'd leave a client who treated me the way she has been treated. The lolita community is incredibly shitty to the sales comm moderators on LJ, and a number of people have been incredibly shitty to her. It's not ok. It's not a normal client-developer relationship for a paid project, let alone something pro-bono. I don't know a single professional who would put up with the level of bullshit people have been giving her. I'm glad she's getting out of it, because no one deserves that.

And I enjoyed LM, and I hope someone else takes over. But I also hope the community wakes the fuck up and the people who have been acting like utter douche bags get the fuck out because it's really not ok how people have been acting about this.

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This. I've been commenting a bit in this thread, and the amount of times Amber has given me these... Looks... Like I mentioned how it's impossible for me to tan, but I don't really mind since I have weird undertones... (we were talking about tanning) She just looked at me like I'm scum of the earth, how dare I prefer my skin to be pale because it looks better on me. I didn't say it looks good on everyone, I said it looks good on ME because of my undertones.
Not to mention the time she messaged me for nearly a week straight, grilling me with questions, asking if I was afraid of her (yeah I am, but I didn't say that to her face), asking what other girls thought of her... I was terrified! I lied to her about everything, saying I thought she was "awesome!" and "no one hates you! You're so nice!" Because I watched her send a girl into full on tears and banning her from the community because of a meet. Just for organizing a meet and then seeking shelter from the rain because we were, you know, wearing brand that runs when wet. I was terrified she'd do the same to me, and possibly worse.

Anyone who defends her needs to kindly fuck off. I've detached myself from the comm, so I don't feel as scared writing this... But believe me it's taking a lot of courage to even hit submit right now.

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Yes. She cried. According to my mother, she called her over after class, and told her that she had to bring the dress back or she would be calling her parents. (I thought she was one of my mother's older students, but apparently she's only 15?)
She started to tear up and cry, promising she'd bring it in the next day, just anything but calling her parents. Apparently the mother was fed a BS story by the daughter, and the mother ended up calling. Saying things like, "I don't see the problem. My daughter said she already returned the dress." Etc. etc.
Well. When the mother found out she didn't return the dress, she screamed for an hour at her daughter and apologized profusely to both my mother and I. The girl also started crying when she returned the dress and ran out of the room because she was so ashamed. It's damn good she's ashamed, hopefully it means she doesn't pull this shit again.

I decided not to because she is young, and if the screaming fest my mom heard over the phone is any indication on how she punished when her mom got off the phone, she's paid enough. If the stain doesn't come out of the collar in the next wash, though, I will be sending her a dry-cleaning bill.

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>She had no right to put up half the stuff that was in there.

I swear this girl doesn't even read half the shit she types.

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Goddammit Rosaire, for all the fucking drama you've created about needing money and god-knows-what else I'm honestly upset about your "Only looking for trades" attitude.
Bitch if you're looking for trades you ain't as broke as you claim to be.

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Old one hit image limit.

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Not sure if white-kniting or just plain retarded. If having your own ~original~ take on lolita fashion by wearing the most hideous rainbow wig and skirt made out of hello kitty bed sheets is not ita then I don't even

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Haenuli and the Snowfield had nothing to do with the pre-orders. They sold dresses long after the fact yes, but they never represented them selves as being part of Lief. That's like accusing anyone who ever sold one second hand ever of potentially being a scammer, when this person clearly said they pre-ordered from Lief and paid the Lief representative.

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calm your tits Anon
People who attended the teaparty and "advertised" it like you stated are just trying to blow off steam and let out their honest impressions on both the organization and execution of both the tea party and fashion show.

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Why'd the last thread get deleted? I really don't think that it should have been.

BTSSB is a lolita brand (and a very large, renowned one at that). The level of respect it has for it's foreign customers (many of which are us) is being questioned. I think it's only fair that we be properly informed. A thread like this would help get the facts straight for us all and help us decide who we want to buy or not buy from. Therefore, the thread was lolita related and should not have been deleted at all.

Please resume discussion of craziness. Thank you, that is all.

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That's what they said to black people in the slave era.

Now we have a black president. You know why? Because people complained.

That's what we're doing. These kinds of threads are here to help us vent and spread awareness of mistreatment against fabulous individuals. If you're not against the problem, you're part of it, so stop being such a pussy and start defending yourself against bigots. Do something other than act like an asshole.

We're not surprised we get this treatment; we're sick of it, and making these threads makes us feel better about the shit that's happened to us because of the fabulous decisions we make. These threads provide us with laughter, knowledge, and comfort on our journey to a kawaii future. So go fuck yourself.

We're not shutting up. Ever. We're kawaii as fuck and, nigga, you gotta deal with it.

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Get over yourself. Anon just has their own tastes. Just because they're different from someone else's does not mean they're "dumb". Stop being such a brat.

Post a picture. You won't.

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