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>Still recovering from being played by my ex gf on new years.
>She cheated on me for months when I was going through a mental breakdown, made me take a 2 hour train to the city to party only for her to never show.
>Recieved a snapchat of her in bed with another guy and a fuck you later that night after drinking alone.
>start having severe panic attacks constantly, relapse on xanax to combat this. Started mixing it wih percocet and od'd on jan 15th, co workers i carpool with found me when i didn't come out.
>spend the next week in a near death state on multiple substances
>ex texts me paragraphs of her favorite memories of me a week later, saying she regrets losing me and she was manipulated into messing with me.
>weakminded me believes her and she plays me a second time, and is now threatening to leak my nudes from 2 years ago.

I blocked her on everything, hoping to get over this weakness. I hate this feelings shit, makes you too comfortable to share personal secrets just for them to get used against you. Ive stopped mixing xanax and opioids, and only take 2.5mg xanax every day. Just wondering if I was to ever get into another relationship how can I mentally equip myself to realize when I'm being manipulated? Maybe im destined to be a fool i dont know. I think i need to chose life over death but thats a hard decision. Thanks for reading my blog post!

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>tfw bf weighs less than me and has a bigger butt

>tfw he's only with me because he has shit self esteem and I'm the only person he talks to, even tho he's a solid 4 points higher than me

>trying to help him overcome his demons, control his drug addictions, ect but worried to fuck that if he ever gains confidence in himself he'll leave me for his looks match

>been making decent progress getting him to open up to me, he's a really quiet dude he legit speaks only 20-50 words average a day. He mostly just follows me around when we hang and just smiles and laughs when I'm talking to him, maybe give a one word response.

What do, gulls? On one hand i want him to finally be happy and love himself, but i feel like me building him up will backfire on me someday even though thats selfish as fuck. I really, really like this boy he looks like an angel and I want to dress him up to show him off at cons.

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>tfw rail thin, borderline anorexic
>tfw bf has a bigger, nicer butt than I ever will have
>he tells me I look fine as I am, but I cant help but get incredibly jealous when i see him walking
>tfw the bitch side of my brain is taking over, and ive actually started to resent him for it

I think i might be one of those psycho chicks guys warn each other about, and I cant help it. I really like this guy too, hes so confident and fit. Im afraid i wont be able to hide my power level and scare him away, any tips?

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