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What’s your local lolita comm like?

Is it big or small?
Rife with itas, well-dressed lolitas or a healthy mix?
Are people nice, or does your comm suffer from infighting?
What kind of meets does your comm hold?
If you aren’t active in your local comm, why not?
How has your comm weathered the plague?

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Last thread bump limit >>9346640

Recap of last thread
New England doesn't travel for meets
LA comm about to have what Arizona pushed out
Strippers are okay if they don't gloat
Mormons get excited for Lolita fashion

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Hey cgl, I'm hosting my very first lolita tea party with friends and I need help getting inspired for decor, and even coming up with things to do/things to talk about. What happens at lolita tea parties?

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Hey /cgl/, I'd like to ask about what kinds of meetups your comm does. Mine is small and hardly meets up in person, but it's not really a fashionable city that I feel comfortable going alone in Lolita. Plus, I'd really like to become better friends with the girls. Some questions:

>What was your favorite meet?
(please give me lots of ideas actually, anything you can think of)
>Do you meet up more than once a month as a comm?
>How long/how many meets do you think someone should be in the comm before planning something?

I will add: summer weather here is terrible, upwards of 110°F/40°C until about September. So botanical gardens and the like are not really a thing here until winter.

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go to the other thread if you want to whine about kate, I want to hear about actual comms

Are you comms doing any fun meet-ups this month?
Any drama?

let it all out, gulls

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For those unaware already, ILD is coming up really soon (June 7th, to be precise).

>What's your comm doing that day?
>Flying solo?
>Celebrating in spirit?
>What are you wearing (or would be wearing)?
(I suppose you could direct it to the coord help thread unless the image limit is breached)

I personally haven't decided what to wear yet and my meet up is mostly outdoors, but I don't think I'll be able to go all out because it would be hot out. My friends and I are going out for lunch and then check out a neighborhood antique sale.

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