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So, why don't you in particular host meets? Personally, I don't because I know that I'm too irresponsible to make a nice experience for my comm members.

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I totally agree with the taking care of yourself part. I know quite a few girls who look 5 years older because of their intense desire to be a leather couch and abuse of tanning beds/cigarettes. Getting into lolita was actually a major factor in me really getting into skincare/exercise, which will be a lifelong benefit.

Everything is case-by-case. Body types, face shapes, personality.I fully believe that there is a style that will flatter everyone, and they'll find it. I started the fashion in my early twenties and am about to hit thirty. I have toned some things down, my tastes a little more on the elegant side, but I will still continue to wear it.

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Previous thread: >>9484586

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I wanted to fulfill your request but I also wanted to put in as little effort as possible.
Repost because I forgot to change the transparency on something.

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