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>you must stop liking things that you've enjoyed most of your life at this random age that i just pulled out of my ass!

i hope in a few years you cringe when you remember this conversation

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>I have no idea who this Mana fellow is

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I have no problems with drag, but the moment queens get their hands on jfash and especially lolita I become uncomfortable with how hideous they are. They all look like sissies, and the women who fawn over them are embarrassingly tasteless.
Posting in this thread because apparently having aesthetic taste makes me a bigot.
>inb4 Mana
>Mana is a crossdresser, not a queen and he looks infinitely better than any of your tacky idols

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Sorry you can't sit with us, anon. Please remember to buy a petticoat before you waste money on wigs and don't attempt OTT as your first coord, you might embarrass yourself.

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>worried that the red wouldn't be suitable for Ouji
i think it can work, especially for gothic.

for your makeup, i personally like bottom-left best. i think swirls would look better if your brows were also darkened, since in the upper photo the vine crawls over it and makes it seem weak in comparison, which highlights the unnaturalness of the squiggles, but i am NOT a makeup artist or any kind of expert. in my unexpert opinion, to j-fashify your current makeup style, i think i would go subtler and play with the gradient idea on bottom left, bringing the brows closer in for that visual kei scowl (like >>9639029 and >>9639031). the Boz dude has a gradient shimmer up to his browbone but it is much lighter. even the relatively raccoon-eyed example (>>9639042) keeps the deepest colors closer to the eye. so i would try to blend the color into something paler approaching your brow, if that makes sense.

Mana-sama is always good inspo for dramatic makeup, and gothic lolitas & oujis still imitate his style. even in a dramatic Aristocrat look, like pic related, there is the blending i was trying to describe. compared to western goth, Japanese goths seem to prefer to keep the deepest pigment concentrated around the eyes with any color directly beneath the brows blended more mildly.

also, the matchiness of choosing eyecolor based on hair color could work well for gothic ouji, even that wig you mentioned. i imagine a black wig with a red streek worn with dark, black eye makeup that has a pop of red. or black+red gradient lips, which are a longtime staple of visual kei looks.

another thing, which i have been gather inspo pics for for a different thread, is that colored hair is trendy in Japanese street fashion of all kinds right now, and all genders. the colors are on the softer side, mostly, and often they have a gradient involved. i have been looking for an affordable short wig like that without luck, but i hope the trend continues and more options appear.

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