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I've got a freaking headache.

In the library I found some old KERA magazines and flipped through them happily. On one page I found this dress with a print picturing foxes and grapes... What? Foxes and grapes? Why? I don't know, BUT I LOVE IT!

I thought it said was Meta, and I seriously went through all of their jsks on lolibrary, but apparently I was wrong. I tried filtering for fruits and animals in general, but nope, nothing. That's scouring through 60+ pages on lolibrary in total, and I've got no freaking results.

Now I have to go back to the library and find the specific page in the specific magazine which I don't remember which and basically fuck me for not taking a picture of it immediately.

Did I mention that I have a headache?

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>quit shitty job after it made me stressed to the point where I became physically sick constantly and gained weight
>not chubby or anything, but it doesn't feel good at all
>the job grind is also hitting my self confidence
>the only thing slightly motivating me now is cosplay and looking at jfash
>at the same time i'd feel irresponsible if I participated in either without a job to back it up
I just want some stability and to feel content.

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