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There's two. One's a perma-ita. She insists on handmaking everything and always chooses horrible lace and quilting fabric to make her sorry dresses out of, despite being politely directed towards more suitable fabric. She then pairs them with atrocious obviously not-lolita blouses. She's very obnoxious and now wants people to buy her awful trash. The second is less obnoxious but just as embarrassingly ita. She tries to turn thrifted prom dresses into lolita items and wears furry paraphernalia in coords.
There's also an ageplayer but at least she has the decency to keep her kinks private.

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>On my way to buy cosplay materials
>It's dark but I'll do it quick while it's still open
>Buy stuff
> Around 19:30PM. Very dark outside.
>Put cellphone + wallet in my backpack
>Get on the subway to come back home
>The busiest hour, I merge in a human river
>Going back home
>Get off the subway
>I look for my phone
>It isn't there
>My wallet isn't here neither
>pic related my exact reaction
>I go home almost crying

>I can't call anyone, nor I remember any phone numbers
>The person that stole my phone can now look at my social media and my photos
>I had credit cards and around $15 in my wallet

Anons, I want to die

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I was 14 years old and didn't have enough time to get a good costume, so I wore a white shirt, white trousers, white cloak, I painted my whole face white. Thought it was obvious I was a fuckin' ghost.

"What are you? I see! You are a prince!"

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