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>make some online friends because of new weeb hobby
>find out they browse here and lolcow
>It's great at first but then slowly realize how kind of crazy some of them are
>realize why they don't have many friends in the first place

Sucks because they can be fun but when the salt hits it's really awful and some of them drive people away from the hobby.
just wish some of them would get some help

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>tfw get a bunch of great merch in the mail for my husbando
>Parent sees it and just kinda side eyes me and silently judges me for it

Feels bad man, it makes me second guess myself and my spending.
Its not going to stop me but it is discouraging. I'm so close to finishing my bag.

Do any anons sometimes regret spending money on something/or second guess yourself in this hobby?

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>mfw the taobao shop that sold a base bag I really wanted removed everything from their store
I hope they come back

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ah shit I forgot about chinese new year too
20 days? jeez guess I'll save up until then and splurge

I think you should just do what they say and dispute anon

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