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Yesterday I ordered something from Japonica with a small time frame.
Thoough, they responded quickly and invoiced me as well. When I paid there were still 2 hours left on the auction.
They forgot to make my bid. Just like that. I'm really angry. They already refunded me, but paypal will keep my refund for 10 days which is the most annoying part.
Lately they haven't been as reliable, because they take more orders than they can handle.

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>sell stuff
>girl asks a bunch of questions about my dress, asks for more photos
>suddenly interested in bag I'm selling
>asks another bunch of questions and photos
>decides the dress wouldn't fit her and she doesn't need a bag like that

God, I HATE buyers like that. Just buy my shit.

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>Seller ignores me for 4 days straight
>posts on facebook and replies to other people asking about their stuff
>I have nor records of being a troublesome buyer, infact I once agreed to a payment plan with said seller

what have I done wrong. I'm extra salty because it's a dream dress for a really good price.

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>buy cardigan
>seller takes ages to ship, doesn't reply most of the time
>buy without tracking, already expect opening a dispute
>arrives really quickly actually
>unpack cardigan
>reeks of cold ash and bad storage
>never smelled something this awful

I hope a wash will do it, poor burando cardi.

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Uh, since when is calling a style what it's actually called a weeb move? Oh nooo, Hime Classic,Gothic, Kodona, desssuuu!!

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>can't afford to buy lolita all the time but I do manage to buy myself a new brand item three or four times a year
>I put together one complete coord every year
>mom scolds the shit out of me and acts like I'm buying a new item every week
>"Well anon, it seems to me you spend too much money on this bullshit. Yeah other girls spend more than you? Well maybe they just have rich parents."
She manipulates me and guilt trips me so much. Yesterday she made me cry for four hours because we got into a fight about my self-image:
>be miserable lately because I gained some weight from holiday eating but have consistently dropped thirty pounds since May
>have a breakdown in my room
>she comes storming in indignant that I'm "upset over nothing"
>"Well I'm sorry anon, but you eat bacon every chance you get..what? Oh yes indeed, this is why you're fat you see.."
>mfw I prepared bacon ONCE last week and had four strips out of the entire package
>MY FUCKING FACE when SHE was the one who prepared bacon for me and my stepdad two days prior
>mfw she knows jack shit about nutrition, smokes, and never exercises like I do
>ask her politely to get the fuck out of my room because I wasn't about to take her shitty lies
>should have known better than to stick up for myself
>"Oh, so now this isn't my house and your weight is all my fault, eh? You're a self-hating miserable bitch and don't take it out on me :)"
>mfw she's been giving me the silent treatment ever since

I can't wait to move out this semester. She's a fucking mental cancer.

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What are your pet peeves in Lolita?

Lately I've been noticing loads of people wearing wrinkled dresses and it annoys me a lot more than it probably shout. Iron/steam it, it's not difficult unless it's a really delicate material.

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commencing file dump

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oh my glob! who's starting the drama?? hmmmm?

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tap out!!!!!

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