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>Ladybeard and not Mana
How dare you?

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Hi Chinese Anon, I'm a man who previously wore lolita fashion. I met Misako Aoki several years ago and she didn't react to me at all, she's met a lot of men who wear lolita.

Some look better than others, depending on how tall they are and how their face look. I'm short and androgynous so I don't stand out. Some date other men, some date women (I have a girlfriend). I live in Europe, in my city there are several men who wears both lolita and aristocrat. Men wearing lolita is considered normal among lolitas in my city.

Several years ago there was a man who came to events who wore lolita, but as a way to creep on girls and for fetish reasons - he was not accepted in any way. If the man who wears lolita is nice, it is considered good, but if he's not nice it is considered bad. /blog post

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Are taobaospree/spreenow still active? I've been collecting a list of items, but it makes me nervous that their site hasn't changed in months. :/

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>posing for photo in con hallway
>wearing long-ass wig, early days of cosplaying, got a bit tangled throughout the day
>some normie walks right behind me as the photo gets taken
>wig catches on bag zip, rips right off my head
>photographer kindly deletes it, but at least 4 people start laughing and getting photos as I struggle talking to this normie, who has walked off with my wig trailing on the floor behind her
>don't attend that con ever again
>don't wear that costume ever again

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If you keep this up, I'm going to selfpost. And no body needs this.

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What jobs do lolitas there have? What do they wear outside of lolita? What are their spending habits? What do they think of the wig trend, if it ever really took off there?

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