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I feel like I just annoy all my lolita friends when I try talking to them. I rarely get responses and I am getting scared they don't want to be around me anymore. I'm not sure what I have done besides be super excited about their coords. I'm not trying to be weird, it just makes me super happy to see them wearing stuff they love! I'm very lonely and don't have many friends in person, so I'm very socially awkward, and I am worried my awkward behavior is scaring off people I like talking to.
It's probably just my anxiety talking but I don't want to lose more friends because I don't know how to calm down.

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qt coworker wouldn't actually talk to me, he's ran away everytime i've tried talking to him

i found out days later he's quitting and got a different job. not related to me at all, i guess he just didn't want to break the news to me. he had made banter with me before about searching for a new job, but i didn't expect him to do it and just stop speaking with me

or i am that insufferable and no one will tell me. anyways i spent about 500 dollars on 3 new dresses, an usakumya, a new pair of shoes and a bonnet so you can say i'm doin... okay.?

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