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>gem edition
>best /cgl/ feels thread ever
>non-gem edition
>full of petty arguments
Anyways any other gulls do salsa? I’ve been going to a salsa class under a friend’s recommendation and it kills me every time.

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>running around in HnK cosplay costume on Halloween
>freeze my balls off
>get catcalled and strangers ask if I do escort work
I’m a guy.

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>Getting ready to fly out of state to meet up with friends from over the country I see maybe once or twice a year in person at a con
>Local con buddy starts to get cold feet after we buy tickets and pay for a hotel room
>Claims some of our friends have become too cliquish and distant
>Tell her they literally just moved across the country and were still getting settled in
>One of our group sucked it up last year to hang out with her ex-husband and his fiancée
>Says she doesn't feel like a part of the group anymore
>We were supposed to fly out a week early to meet friends from Australia to give them a microtour of America before the con
>Know she wants me to cancel so she doesn't feel like shit for not going

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