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nayrt but >you have a single qualm with wearing a face mask constantly? yeah, well you must be u-ugly!

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Unlike 95% of the people posting here, I´m not a landwhale acting cute. Maybe that´s your problem? Being too fat, spending your money on clothes acting cute, posting pics from one angle from which you look slim and decent, hoping you will get some attention online, but since you are not physically attractive, men don´t find you attractive, so you adopt an anti-family, radical ecological, "progressive" SJW world view in order to justify your day to day existence and make yourself believe in the thought that you don´t need kids and that people who are more attractive, more successful who want kids are somehow evil.
You are a sad shell of a person. Probably you are a member on several dating sites where you find instant-date partners who you sleep with on the first date, hoping that one of them will respect and have a relationship with you, but since you´re overweight and squeezed into tight pink stockings no guy wants to see you after they are finished with you.
Face it. You are a failure

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I don't even want people to do things. I'm surely far away from anyone in this whole board.

I just need someone who likes the same fucking thing so I can have a escape vent to it.

Nah thanks.

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I need to stop with my obsession/objective of wanting a cosplayer friend with benefits/seek specific fandoms to find partners within.

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I'm not the quoted one, but pic related.

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You’re definitely uglier and not as clever as you think you are. You sound like a pathetic chuuni whose hiding from her insecurities by being this kind of thot but you know that already.

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>having a boyfriend

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