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I love wearing bloomers,make scrotes mad they can't see shit.
>inb4 w-well ur probably fat anywayayayay

Dear lord,reading this thread makes me thing how good of a thing it is that the men in this thread are all basement dwellers and won't ever reproduce. Men really are nothing but useless cumbrains that are confused about their real market value.

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>mfw facebook starts recommending that 'trans' sissy to me because I'm starting to amass lolita friends

g r o s s

(inb4 just delete the suggestion, i did, it's just fucking gross people humor this man)

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Here's the original btw, both are useful though slightly different

Aww ye one of mine

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>the feels thread

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Snotgirl edition

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>decide I'll do all the cosplays I have yearned for (but never created since I was overweight) once I attain a fit body
>(god I want Chun Li's body so so bad)
>(that ass... those legs...)
>(Chun Li, please wait for me...)
>get off lazy fat ass & start using at-home exercise routines
>finally achieve somewhat basic level of fitness after a year of on-and-off exercising
>aw yiss now I feel ready to start lifting
>go to gym
Dudes yelling by the bench and screaming & cheering in the squat rack (very enthusiastic!). Dudes gracelessly hammering their feet on the treadmill like their lives depend on it (how are your joints still functional? how has the treadmill not collapsed?). Migraine-inducing music blaring from dudes' phones (what is etiquette). Dudes not-so-subtly looking at women's behinds (creepy!).

Is this just a shit gym or are a lot of gyms like this? I think I'll start saving up for a set of weights instead.

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