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>mfw I keep buying my dream print but in my not dream cut
>so I have like 10 different cuts of my dream print to compensate for not having my dream print and cut

It's a problem. And I just bought another one of them.

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Don't hurt me in this way

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I lost in the Elizabeth OP lottery AND missed out on the Summertales collection that dropped today because I was cooking

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oooo I love this one

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Starting to get gray hairs and I'm not even fucking 30 yet, is this normal, could it be a stress thing?
Anyone else out there faced with the impermanence of their youth and hating it as much as I am?

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tfw fruitloop

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>have money but need to transfer it
>transfer takes one business day
>its the weekend

Hopefully it goes through on Monday and I don't miss out ....

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i lost weight to fit my dream dress but now i have bulimia and dont want to wear lolita because of body image issues why me

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Jesus Christ

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>tfw you're not skinny and cute enough to pull off larme

At least I can enjoy how it looks on pretty girls, it's such a pleasant aesthetic

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are you me because same honestly. i want a qt bf to dress up for christmas with me and make a big dinner with me

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My condolences anon.

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I feel like moving to the USA ended up killing the fun in lolita for me.
I mean, it was a good choice overall, I have a great job, I make more money than I could ever hope for where I came from, my husband and I are happy, we travel a lot and I'm very pleased with life overall... But I find it very hard to get myself to dress up on the my free time, as well as spend a few hours speaking a language that's not my native one (so I'm double-checking everything I say) with girls I don't know, who already have their own friends in the community... They're all really nice, don't get me wrong, it's just tough. So I find myself skipping meets all the time and spending time with friends who speak my language instead. But they're not geeks at all, and dressing up with them would just look awkward and would make me feel out of place...
I still love lolita, but I'm very close to start selling all my dresses and moving on. And that makes me sad...

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Just when I want to use it, lolibrary's down.

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FUCK I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

someone hold me

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Yeah I only got one card out of three!

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Those Chinese bastards are lucky af.

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>be me, lolita gf
>have committed long distance bf
>buys me lolita stuff pretty regularly, he offers the moment i express interest in something
>recently find out he's been supporting his parents and his entire family because they're all deadbeats/junkies
>they siphon cash from him without even saying thank you
>mother literally uses him to support her pill addiction
>mfw he's been buying me burando all this time when stuff like this is happening
>i had no fucking clue because he didn't tell me
>literally so guilty that i picked up a wageslave job with ridiculous hours so that he never feels the need to buy me anything ever again

i wish i had known because i wouldn't have let him buy me frivolous stuff for as long as we've been together... don't get me wrong, this isn't about me being sad that i have to work for my brand now. this is me feeling disgusting for being a moneysink when he had all of that other stuff going on...

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You flatter me by even asking. But I don't! I'm not a "real" artist, but if I get enough of these pins done, I could start up a twitter (since Tumblr is losing it's mind currently and dying steadily) just for my art/doddles/merch. I'm just so utterly embarrassed by my lack of talent that I'm too critical and too self judgmental to post my stuff with a non-anon name behind it. I'm long out of my teens and I still have that stupid voice in the bag of my head that says everyone hates you, don't bother them. I know, cringy. I disgust myself.

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>Tfw 3 cons are happening in your home state this weekend/within the next few weeks and you see pictures of all your old con friends having fun.

I-I miss you guys.

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Alright, are July and August that unbearably hot and humid that I should try going in December? I'm originally from Texas, so hot/humid isn't new. But I'd like to wear lolita for most of my trip.
>tfw dream times of the year to go are Sakura Season or October, but I'm a teacher.

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