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At least we weren't completely flooded with oversensitive newfags who refuse to adapt to imageboard culture, fatties, scrotes and 0 moderation back then. I'd trade 2013/14 cgl over the downward spiral we are in now for any cost.

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it's not real.

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>tfw more and more asians buy on LM

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>recently diagnosed with chronic illness
>life is completely changed
>worried about going to cons (or traveling at all) and managing this
>also my hair is falling out due to shock

at least I'm not dying anymore

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Is that really h.Naoto? I wonder if they also carry this one in black

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No I have both arms.

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>ripping on a non-obese girl's weight

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I fucking hate the /cgl/ banner.

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Glad the other one got deleted. I want to try again with a better intro.
>Lolita and photography! I mostly take pictures of scenery and architechture.
>I've only been to Rose City and Megacon. I like to shop and take pictures of people. I've never gotten to go to a rave or a party after, so I want to try that some day. Not in a place to go to a con lately, though.
>I like old Legend of Zelda games. I haven't played any of the newer ones but I'd try them out if I could. I don't really watch anime but I'm okay with Ghibli and I like Elfen Lied and I own Paprika cause I like surreal stuff.
I'm a lamewad and like most lolita. Like I have very few things I don't like about it. The only thing I really truly don't care for is country substyles. But even then it can be really fitting for some occasions. I like military lolita best. I need more of it in my closet. I love Dolly Cat and want to get most of the color ways. My dream right now is to get my hands on Holy Lantern because I bet I'm one of the few that doesn't have it still. (I legit like the print.. I don't care how over rated the niche community here thinks it is) Also I'm a huge fan of Royal Princess Alice.
>none! But I still kind of want to get into cosplay. My ex is a cosplayer so it kind of put me off it a little.. but there's definitely stuff from horror movies I want to do.
>I listen to old talk radio and podcasts. I love old horror movies and weird surreal stuff like Cronenberg and Lynch. I also took up reading again and I'm in the middle of Naked Lunch and a Korean book called the Vegetarian. Oh and I love Korean films.
>Friends or a relationship I'm seeing someone at the moment but it's a very on and off thing and I kind of want something more serious. Also the closer you are to me, the better!
>To trade nudes or anything juvenile.

>Contact info
you can email me for my kik or just email me as I check it often: [email protected]

or my discord is buttsmcgee#2546

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My post was not about wanting to get in shape it was about being sick of my eating disorder so excuse me for not bowing down to your superior fitness advice when that isn't what I asked for at all. Im not fat, i just have literally 3 inches on my waist that I obsess over. I'm relatively in shape and I know about fitness shit. Im just tired of thinking about food and exercise all the time and upset that lolita triggers it.

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>tfw I lost my job yesterday and now I can't partake in this wonderful festivity

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She's such a fake, ugh

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kek'd at those filenames

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Skin too thin- this amplified my buyer's remorse. I already got a friend wanting to buy it off me for the price I paid (it was cheap as hell)

I honestly didn't think it'd be so frowned upon here. I know "ooh bad language" on a shirt can be pretty trashy to some, but shit man. I remember a ton of gulls wanted pic related and I don't see how that is any better.

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Posting this again hoping for a link

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I got ya covered mate.

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>previously had been looking for trade
>Get offer, its awesome
>Close to finalizing
>Offer-er backs out
>Reply politely of understanding of blah reason, ask if she was interested in selling set she offered
>Never even opened my message

Just really put a bad taste in my mouth.
And whenever I am pissed (like I am now), my mind just floats back to this event, since I just want a fucking reply.

Real reason I am pissed
>unfinished university shit
>uni email removed, can't access
>need to update to alumni email
>read all the information and directions
>"old emails will be forwarded"
>updating email, on the updating screen "all emails have been deleted, you cannot access old emails"

I am so livid, I am shaking. I hate this fucking University and all of it's fucking bullshit.
Top it all off, I can access my "new" alumni email

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Nigga you dumb, that's just your personal opinion. I think that the previous president of Russia is fucking adorable and you can't prove me wrong because you simply can't make up rules on what people are allowed to find charming, delightful or appealing.

Yes, they are pajamas. I don't see what pajamas have to do with edge or cutting. Why are you complaining about animal pajamas on a fucking cosplay/lolita board? Many of these people go out dressed as cartoon characters.

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>work at jo-ann's
>woman and her daughter come in a lot
>woman is older, extremely talented seamstress
>daughter is like 28, a substitute teacher, art degree etc
>recently learn that daughter is also a convention goer, has an artist alley booth at various cons, does some cosplay
>cool, speak with her about it, she's nice

>her mother comes in one day, daughter not with her
>I explain that I had a nice chat with her daughter about conventions and cosplay
>"Oh yes, that's great, glad you do it blah blah"
>goes on to explain to me how she made her daughter's costumes
>speaks about one costume in particular, not sure what it was, but it was apparently very elaborate

>"Yeah, she texted me a picture of what she wanted while she was in college and said 'mom, can you make me this?' Haha, it took like 3 weeks with all that tulle and corset boning. She won so many contests with it!"

>Basically told me that her daughter is taking first place in cosplay competitions that she had absolutely no part in creating

I don't have any connections or standings within the community, I do not and never have competed, I am not really in the 'cosplay politics' but it I think that's a little shitty. Those people spent years and so much money on making their shit themselves, and it seems underhanded and really sad to want to cheat at a contest that you don't even really win anything in.

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