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>that fuckin feel when you spot a high priority wishlist item for a giftee on Fril and when you check it today it says "awaiting seller's response" and look at the listing and it says it's sold out

I hope at least another gull got it for that person..

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>Living abroad so sending christmas presents home
>Ask for help with the post office as im not fluent in the language
>Someone offers to send them for me
>I happily accept, tell them these are Christmas presents, I would want to spend more money to make sure they're tracked and get there on time
>Today I get a message "yeah so i sent them SAL to save you money, so they should arrive within two weeks"
>MFW two weeks is 20th december and thats cutting it way closer than i'd like
>Don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but also, i specifically said i would pay them back and i didnt care about the money?????

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> see my DD on sale
> coveted print I've been wanting for years in crispy new condition
> pretty pricey, but okay
> overspent as shit, need to count every penny now
> my ss mails me they missed on it
> my banks freeze refund in case if there's fraud

No dress, no money, good luck to me buying it ragged for scalper price next time.

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>extensive clothing options...

> when you're 5'2
> average japanese girl's height
> every dress I like is barely reach my knees

da fuk is wrong with this fashion??!!

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>Getting ready for a convention tomorrow
>Kneel down to put some stuff away
>Nearly lose my balance but catch myself
>Land straight on my thumbnail
>It splits deep down and all the way across
>Tears some of the skin
>There's a lil bit of blood
>Now I can't wear the false nails I was really excited to wear because it emphatically states "DO NOT USE ON BROKEN NAILS"

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>Planning a cosplay that was sort of an impulse but I was really excited to put together
>The final main dress piece arrives and it's just shitty quality
>I can embellish it and try to salvage it somewhat, but the fabric itself is just awful
>I cannot, for my own perfectionist mental health, wear this to MCM in front of people who can actually cosplay
>I've basically spent £50+ on a relatively crappy halloween costume

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>OTT Sweet Lolita
>Very Liberal
>Would probably be called a SJW by most of the people on here
>Trans guy friend asks about my dresses
>Happy to help him out, who the fuck am I to judge if he wants to wear dresses
>Show him to some my-lolita-dress and devilinspired because it's the easiest for him to navigate for first time and still get quality
>He seems understanding about the pricing and such, feel pretty encouraged
>Then suddenly "my daddy type thing wants to buy me some because whoops he thinks I'm super cute lil princess boy???"
>My stomach fucking drops
>This is not what I wanted
>MFW I want to be a good friend and respectful of choices but also want to scream and take back everything I just helped him with

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Ever had a time where you just feel confused about lolita?
Like if you really look good in it, or what kind you like/suit best (prints? non prints? both? sweet? gothic? sweet in darker colors? old school?).
I don't even know what I truly love and havent bought a thing in 3 months. I used to be utterly passionate about lolita as a teenager but had very little money and now that I have more of it, I'm not as passionate even though I really want to be.

That and I'm starting to "feel" old (23), it's still a young age but I feel like i'm not really a ~~pretty maiden desu~~ anymore and am getting closer and closer to the "christmas cake" age

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>decides to dress in lolita today, feels good
>check in the mirror
>i'm kinda ok, not pretty but ok
>decides to take a picture because i have seen cute poses
>forget that if you're not a cute girl it doesn't work
>i look awful on the pics
>i even put on makeup but i feel like i look even worse even though it's "well done"
>can only see my flaws
>feel like i look too ugly for lolita,especially sweet
>takes off everything,get into pjs and sulk

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So, I still haven't heard back from Japonica since they messaged a fril seller about her item (which is the only one that didn't reach the warehouse) 4 days ago. Can I abandon hope of ever getting it (or my money) back?
Went to check her ratings, Japonica had business with her twice and it went well. Last person rated her on may 18 and Japonica bought the item on may 22
They can hold my other items til the 21th

On another note I messaged a seller of my dream dress on LM two days ago,the auction will end in a few hours, still no response on the shipping quote. Don't even know if she sold it on another website already.

Why is this happening to me? I just want to get nice things for once that I can afford it.

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This was so cheesy and tacky especially the ending but god I love it, it's so silly
>mfw i'll never spend happy days in Candyland wearing BTSSB with my kawaii tomodachis and usakumya chan

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>what's your little age?

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Wait are you mb from australia, you did mention cookie cutters in your about you and I might have followed that direction as Im not a mori girl at all.... well I hope you enjoy your gift anyway if this is you. Im feelin a little nervous now.

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HOLY FUCK IS LACEMARKET BROKEN. Like, more than usual. Everything is wonky; the buttons don't work you can't see the sellers name on the item pages anymore. It's getting more and more ridiculous. I had no idea it had gotten this bad.

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>watching vlog of indie fashion show
>mfw fugly underskirt trend has hit a literal new low

border prints should not be fucking halfway down the total skirt length

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>finally man up and figure out tenso (not hard but a pain in my asshole)
>submit id to get approved
>holy lantern MTO gets cut
>miss AP USA cut off by an hour

all my rage

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