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Sorry for being retarded nonnie

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Why the fuck do people list items for sale and then not get on Lacemarket all week? You’d think that if you’re selling something, you’d at least check every couple days.

>I just want a jacket I won and the seller won’t respond to my message

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Dear god this is painful.

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There's no point in having dream dresses with my level of patience and poor luck. Why go on!!

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Youma probably wouldn’t care, but a couple members of my comm are staff in my department, and I don’t want to risk getting shit for it at meets

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i let out a silent but deadly while comm dad was examining me in front of the comm jury. i blamed the smell on this one fatass ita and comm dad was the only one who saw my pert little cheerio flex. he didnt tell and the fattychan got guillotined

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