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>Savings for con is going great.
>Brother moves back home with kitty (Zell) that I miss dearly after breaking up with his cunty girlfriend.
>Zell looks bloated and I'm worried it's cancer.
>Take him to the vet and they say it's spleen enlargement or cancer.
>Fuck con savings because I helped birth this cat and he isn't getting taken out by this shit.
>Dump all of con money into vet bills.

I'll know tomorrow morning if Zell is missing his spleen and well or if I have to put him down.

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>Tfw I just now decided to start a cosplay FB page.
>Tfw I worry if it's too late in my life for this kind of thing.
>Tfw I'll be 30 in July.

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a neighbor stole a package from my mail room full of lolita I bought myself for christmas. I rarely ever have spare money for lolita so it's really exciting to get new pieces and accessories. But someone just took it for no reason. I've had small stuff stolen in the past but usually I can replace it but not this time. It was a pretty big order too. I've had a really tough time recently and lolita is the only thing I can really find joy in right now. I'm feel so hopeless Filled a report but I doubt i'll ever get it back.

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