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Just a heads up, did some searches and saw that /cgl/ had been mentioned on /v/, /pol/, /ck/, /lit/ and /r9k/ recently, which reminded people of /cgl/'s existence. This is likely why the entire board has gone to shit. Of course, these crossboarders mostly don't care about board quality (one poster tried to link an off-topic thread he made here back to /ck/ and failed miserably), and they think it's a novel experience to be on "the girl board". It's happened before, they'll eventually learn to fit in or shift out, so just hang on tight till then, report low-quality posts and don't take the bait, okay?

I love you gulls.

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I have two accounts, 1 for buying and the other for selling.

I'm bloody honest with feedback on the account I buy with.

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this whole thread.... it's so nice to see gulls being so supportive of new lolitas!

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