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I have a few ancient ones.

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But do you regularly post those? I'll take a guess and say no.
I understand the sentiment of "I can't manage to..." but try not to fall victim to it myself. Screenshots are easy to create, and if it's from instagram you'll have the source bundled in one image. My pet peeve is when people post them in situations that only call for the original image itself, such as a reaction image. Shitty facebook reposts recreated in a screenshot such as the one above makes my blood boil.

You're giving them ideas. (Pic related)

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This place changed a lot over the years. I still just really love lolita, but I don't like cgl that much anymore. I think my time has finally come. Goodbye gulls, see you "tomorrow".

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So is Canada post being as terrible for you guys as it is for me? The holiday season is an actual nightmare with no tracking anymore and everything just seemingly getting lost in mail limbo for ridiculous lengths at a time. I had some last-minute gifts shipped out from just one province over almost two weeks ago (with a 4 day delivery estimate) and still not so much as a failed delivery slip. My cyber monday Honeycolor order was confirmed as arrived in Canada by the origin post tracking at least 10 days ago, and no sign of them either. (Also a bunch of aliexpress stuff, but i'm used to/resigned to waiting on those for ages.) Pretty miffed because I'm leaving to go see family for the holidays tomorrow and if people's gifts don't arrive I won't be able to give them in person/on time

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Simple answer.. she was the best friend I had in a dark time when we were in a friend-pack of older weeaboos. I'm talking we're 18-19 and they're mid 20's and yelling in broken Japanese and doing closet cosplays and making out in public with zero sense of inside voice or acceptable public behavior.

Once we split from the weeaboo pack we were pretty much all each other had and I just had blinders on because "muh only nearby friend I can hang out with" but now that I've moved nearly an hour away and haven't seen her in person for a few months, it's like everything she does grates on my nerves.

Flip-flopping over "oh I'm broke" to "hey look what I just bought!" and "Waah I can't go abroad for a year!" to "We're going to discuss me going abroad again!"

And endlessly tagging/tweeting me on stupid FB reblog posts that I don't give a fuck about. Like yes, that is a cute baby animal or funny post, just like the last five you've tagged me on today.

I don't want to get into a fight with her though or break up our friendship because we both work together at a convention and she helped me get my job there.. it's gonna be awkward as fuck if I have to work with her in the same department for four days straight with her pissed off at me for telling her to just shut up about her problems.

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Lesbian gulls are everywhere if you know the secret mating calls.

>tfw lesbian cosplayer who just wants to cosplay fujoshit and yurishit otps with non-existent girlfriend

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There was an IW model who had the nickname Draco

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I think it's pretty in teal and pink (not a huge fan of the other colorways). More for me I guess

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contributing what i think i didn't see!

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I'm currently doing international relations with a focus on German, but I have no idea what I can do once I graduate.... anon, what are your plans?

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Are you the same anon who says this in every thread? It wasn't funny of clever the first ten times, either.
>b-but tumblr is 4chan's sworn enemy and you're filthy traitors for using both sites!!!1

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I will still never get over "ur promoting".

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I swear to god it'll be mine.

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I've noticed that the anons who get defensive are the ones who either are ignorant, read about someone in here correcting a mistake someone else is making, and then come to quote the anon and turn it into a personal thing because they feel attacked even if they weren't the one in question and nobody would have known if they just didn't post, at all. The others are of low income and try to get condescending about what products others use because it makes them feel better about the fact that they're either incapable or just too cheap. Nobody (well, nobody sane) faults people who honestly can't afford certain products and for those who are of low income, cost effective solutions such as natural or good drugstore brands have been recommended for them. However, I don't really see the point in derailing an entire advice thread in order to throw shade at someone just because they're able to afford shit that you can't. People try to act like anything expensive is automatically shit, despite having never used any of it themselves. It's true that not everything that is highly priced works for everyone, but that is literally all skin care; What is the holy grail for one girl is going to be money wasted for another, until she finds her own perfect fit. And, instead of realizing this, people dub a product "shitty" and try to force others into not using something that may very well work for them. That's pretty cunty and selfish, really.

As for cosDNA, that website tells everyone something that is common sense; Shit can irritate you, but it doesn't mean it will or that it's the case for everyone. The anons forcing it onto others got miffed when people didn't automatically bow to their word, which makes me less inclined to trust them.

tl;dr We have cunts getting arrogant and thinking they're professionals because they can scan things without actually knowing everyone's individual skin, what it does and doesn't react to, etc.

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ITT: vapid bitches taking selfies in order to accuse others of being vapid bitches

This board never fails to contradict itself. You niggers talk about who does and doesn't belong in cosplay or at cons, how you know you're fat and don't care, yet the moment someone comes along and criticizes you you're all up in arms and ready to act like the shallow, shitty whores that you accuse everyone else of being. All I see are a bunch of angry fat girls or thin ones with no breasts aching for attention and validation. People like Nigri aren't the problem with this hobby. It's you fuckers and your incessant need to compete with anything else with a vagina.

Just shut the hell up.

inb4 b-but I'm not c-catty!1!1

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