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my loved ones like lolita and buy me brand, i have fun and productive hobbies, i have a group of lolita friends who like and respect me, i'm pretty cute, and i'm set up for a successful future

it sounds braggy but not enough people recognize their own strengths and how good their lives are. try it some time

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lolita from the southern USA here! i'm lucky to have received no negative reactions besides attitude from smug and scantily dressed preteens. i was thrift shopping and i saw them snap some pictures of me without my permission. i turned around and posed for them. it freaked them out a little!

boyfriend, friends, and family are all 100% supportive of my lifestyle and even pitch in to buy me pieces. they are all willing to actively learn about lolita and know that it makes me happy.

as for strangers, i'm mostly approached by happy old ladies. every one who's commented on my coord has something nice to say, and usually say how they wish their grandbabies dressed in a similar way. (not if they knew the price!) also approached by nice boys a lot, but not in a creepy way and more in an "excuse me miss, just wanted to say you look absolutely beautiful today" way. very polite.

i feel really glad that people have been so kind to me when i'm in frills. being a lolita in the conservative bible belt isn't as bad as i thought it would be!

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i'll start:

>be me, lolita at Orlando Disney
>wearing Marie (Aristocats) themed coord
>sit on a ledge, waiting for parade to start
>two Japanese lolitas pass by
>compliment their coords
>they literally hold up double peace signs, smile, and say "totemo kawaii!!"
>listen to them say something in Japanese about how cute gaijin lolita can be as they walk away

i've passed the initation

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>tfw post to CoF for the first time and it has a very good reception

i'm not really about the numbers game, but i'm happy that people seem to like what i'm doing. maybe i won't be so hesitant to post next time. i'm a lonelita so my coords are never really seen and it's a good feeling to be noticed a little bit.

you and me both, friendo

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>look at her and smirk
>walk away laughing with bf

Maybe a blow to her self esteem will teach her to keep her hands to herself. A good way to get at a girl is to make her feel unattractive while paying her as little attention as possible.

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