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That's customer fucking service. Doing the same shit all day for 8 hours. If you can't handle it, don't table. Retard.

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>meet-up at the mall

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I hate these easily offended SJWs with their safespaces. We need some sort of space safe from these people so I don't get so irrationally mad over their choice of hairstyle.

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>Kind of confused why she would compliment me and then shit me down
It must be nice being this painfully oblivious

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I think you'll find a lot of gay men think tranies are mentally ill too. I think I saw one gay man and I quote; "There always the huge mess crying at the bar that nobody wants to talk to."

End quote.
But then most gay men don't want much to do with L &B&T anyway but they needed them for common cause.

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