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>you were allowed and even expected to express it with mementos and jewelry and fashion well beyond the burial of your loved one
Yeah, my mother told me that she remembers her mom (my grandma) being kinda grateful for the widow's veil. My granddad died very suddenly and left her with 3 kids and a difficult situation, and she had to balance both mourning for the sudden loss and somehow rallying to go from society housewife for sole breadwinner for 4 people, and apparently she would scream in her nightmares calling for him for months.

She would occasionally also burst to tears of anguish while doing the groceries or such, and people just saw the black clothes and the black mourning veil and immediately knew what the problem was and sort of knew how to react. The mourning traditions gave her a permission to fall apart publicly, in a way, there was a pre-agreed social code of conduct for those situations

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