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Jesus Christ, you sound like a miserable cunt. Imagine being this bothered by a meme print

>inb4 getting called CTP anon

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Why are white girls so cringe at dancing? And why do they feel the need to show it to everyone?

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The cosplay looks cheap as hell.

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I'm so tired of those AGP/sissies fuckers making real trans look like shit because they can't keep their fetishes in the bedroom.
Why aren't the mods deleting this degenerate from the groups?

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>those boney shoulders
>that dead stare
>that ratted out wig
she looks like a straight up junkie

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>who would subscribe to my patreon?

Oh honey no...

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I just remembered how much I loathe "littles" and ageplayers. I wish they would all die already. Especially those touching anything to do with lolita or general cute japanese fash.
>tfw uses ":3" sometimes because using emoticons make me appear less cold
>tfw gf calls me kitten as one of my nicknames
Actually shivered in disgust.
Also whenever I see someone calling a stuffed animal a "stuffie" i have to remind myself it's not ok to punch someone

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>all those awful wigs
>is that girl wearing goddamn cat ears?
>those girls with ballerinas flats or sneakers
>that girl who's fucking barefoot
>paper plates and paper/plastic cups
It looks more like a princess party uwuwu thrown for an actual child than a tea party (is there even tea at all to begin with?) , much less a brand tea party.
That's the tackiest thing i've seen in months

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I bought Polyester Resin because it was the only type available to me (seriously fuck this art store that bumped the Epoxy price resin to the double the regular price) and I don't know if it's just because Polyester resin is tricky, or my catalyst is off or whatever, but nothing is turing out right. So far I've only tried simple doming (so, thin layer, like 2mm) but even so the resin isn't curing at all :( (And yes, I mixed the two components according to the instructions)
The only way I've managed to cure it is by holding a flame directly to it for about an hour, and it's still a little sticky to touch by the end of that!
Does anyone have any tips for Polyester Resin? What am I doing wrong?

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There's this Ita weeaboo fatty that's been all over my friend just because said friend is studying in Japan. It's so freaking obvious Fatty-chan is just all over Friend because "omg Nippon desu buy me merchandise and japanisu snacks", but Friend is oblivious to her self-seeking attitude, and I'm not about to be rude and point it out.
Plus Fatty-chan is trying to learn Japanese when she can barely speak English (she makes super basic mistakes even though she INSISTS on talking in English to everyone even if they speak her mother tongue).
Yes I am aware this isn't any of my business but I'm still salty people like this exist and can get away with their shit.

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I just watched a lolita haul video where the girl pronounced bonnet as "bo-nay"
It hurt me

none of that is poison oak or poison ivy, learn your plants anon.

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Yeah but did you see the girl who looks 14 and is trying to become a Japanese Idol?

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>pastel twin-tail wig
>"gimme cummies daddy uguu~" pose and expression
>problem glasses
>crappy tattoos
She could be wearing the most gorgeous coord ever and she'd still look like shit.

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Weebs and their social retardation I swear to god. Why are congoers so touchy-feely?
>be very uncomfortable with touch
>tell people this when they try to hug me so they know it's nothing personal, just me being weird
>only people I don't mind hugging are boyfriend and best friend I've known for over a decade

>dude I only just met tries to hug me and I turn him down with the aforementioned apologetic "sorry I'm weird about this" spiel
>bff (who dude is already familiar with) shows up and gives me a sort of half-hug as a greeting
>dude fucking growls and practically glomps me
>push him off me and ask what the fuck, dude?
>apparently I'm a shallow bitch who was lying about not liking to hug strangers and if I'm going to hug my best friend of ten years I should also be happy to hug every random guy I meet
and then these assholes wonder why no girl wants to be near them for more than five seconds

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I can't get over this "Victorian Era"-shit. Like, seriously, OP sounds like one of these normalfag idiots who think eveything past the middle age, from history to fashion to frilly dresses, is "Victorian". It's my personal pet peeve.

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The fact that you can see the pure white elastic through the cream fabric aggravates my autism.

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Old thread is on autosage.

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Wow, you really need to get out of there ASAP. That's an abusive relationship. If I were you I'd talk to my family about going to visit/stay there.

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>mfw I realize that my comm's resident ita is actually better dressed than half (if not more) of my comm.

I just want to live somewhere with a bigger community and have a well-dressed lolita friend who I can talk to about coords and drama.

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fucking christ, no.
that would be bad even if it was just ~casual~

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