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>Finish doing my course in design recently
>Feel so ready to finally start working again and buy all the burando I've been wanting this whole year
>Not have much luck but fingers crossed
>Get a group interview at a call centre
>beginner role aw yiss
>Go to interview to only spend 4 hours getting stomped on by people in their 40s who have been in the industry for their whole lives
>Feel genuinely embarrassed and don't understand why I even got the interview
>tfw I just want to sew pretty dresses and wear cute clothes

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>tfw can feel anxiety and suicidal feelings flaring up again the moment I get the slightest bit stressed
>tfw a month into classes
>tfw a million deadlines, a million assignments
>tfw struggling so hard
>tfw breakdowns almost every night

A-At least I'm cute, right?

>tfw gaining weight from stress

Never mind, it's not like I wanted a nice life anyway.

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>Just got Email from Clobba saying the skirt I want is only available in blue now
I swear to fucking god I'm cursed

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i'm broke as fĂșck and there's so many dresses I want to buy

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>bought a dream dress but not in my preferred colorway
>have to try and incorporate a new color into my wardrobe entirely now
>can't find accessories to go with it, either the color is wrong or the theme is

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>a con I'm going to for a specific guest is coming up in the next few weeks
>mid-late last year I saw the guest and he blatantly hit on me/would try and talk to me at any given chance/stopped me in line to draw stuff when I went for autographs
>was a massive autist throughout every interaction, blatantly laughed in his face bc i'm awkward and literally never expected him to be into me
>he's cute and I admire him a lot but because I wasn't prepared for this response at all I handled it poorly
>getting more excited and more nervous as it gets closer to the con
>start nitpicking my coords EXTENSIVELY
>self doubt on what I once thought were 10/10 coords creeping up every five seconds
>feel like I'm getting whiplash from this constant back and forth of super happy to super panicked

The cherry on top of this is I'm sure I'll embarrass myself in front of him again and I'm pre mentally beating myself up about it.

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