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Pre-workouts helps for a lot of people (or just caffeine of some sort). I find a lot of it is mindset. I use hype as hell music for heavy lift, grunt when need be and even get mad before big lifts.

Be sure to track your weight, weigh yourself first thing in the morning and compare your weight after a week to the previous number. From there, increase or decrease your food as needed. I know people that have lifted for years and are still very small because they just don't eat enough.

Diet should look something similar to pic related. Most important thing I find is just avoiding sugar and overly process garbage.

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You're diet still sounds meh.
Try and eat as raw as you can. Cut out all processed carbs (bread, white rice, pasta, etc.) and sugar (even natural shit).

Cut out the 150 kcals of junk food. You need it COMPLETELY out of your system, absoultey nothing with added sugar (it's in most stuff)

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this. Basically just stick to whats on this image

want a snack? Eat carrots or celery, not super calorie dense food like chocolate and shit.

Drink lots of water, black coffee/tea. Ez pz lemon squeezy.

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