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>Break a friendship with my Best Friend from in my primary school days
>Barely talk to my high-school group anymore
>The friends that were going to PAX Aus with me had to pull out and gift their badges to their friends I don't know because of University
>Girl who showed interest in me over a year and a half dropped all conversations, and the other I'm talking to can't take it further because of religion
>I've already put a large amount of money into my cosplay to pull out
>I'm literally going as Jacket from Hotline Miami to PAX as if I was actually him; be it personality or social standing (bar the violence)
>I don't even have 'being depressed' as my excuse because I've been making changes in my life for the better

>My literal face when

Sorry for the shitty vent, but how the hell do you gulls deal with this sort of shit on a seemingly weekly-basis? And to add onto this, how do you connect with others better at cons when going solo? I've done it before, but now it just seems a bit of a confidence hit because of the situation I was left in.

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