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Broos, are you me? Wanted to take a semester off, parents said I could not and I just stooped going to class my JR year of uni due to anxiety and depression. Instead of going to class I would just collapse in my apartment and cry. Or watch the train tracks or traffic and dream about jumping into it.
Tried to contact the school psychologist, his opinion was "You won't be anxious if I let you drop these classes so you don't really have anxiety so I can't help you"
Then my grandfather died during finales and I just could not function.
Some teachers were cool about it, some teachers told me to fuck off, called the dean and I had to prove my grandfather had passed to miss the final without the auto F. Then, since he was my mom's dad I had to prove that was my mothers maiden name...
In the end I could not pull myself together in time and the incompletes turned to F's and I was dismissed from the uni.
Tried to appeal it but the dean took herself off the comity and they denied my appeal. In retrospect I should have gone to my adviser and had him right them a letter instead of the crappy one I did but oh well.

Have not told my parents or boyfriend to this day that I was dismissed. That was 4 years ago now. Told them I was firmly taking a semester off and just never went back. Dealt with all the "No you will never go back" and the screaming because I was too scared to admit I failed. They still give me shit about it.
"when are you going baaack?" NEVER. FUCK YOU. I NEVER want to feel that way again and you have no idea just go fuck yourself. My grandma went up to me at my grandfathers funeral and asked "Your graduating this year, right?"

I work in retail management now. My then boyfriend and I are engaged. I'm staff on a convention I really like to be part of. I'm in recovery now.

Job kinda sucks, but I am glad with even all that shit I did not end it, even though I very much wanted to.

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hey look it's the girl who did crowdsourcing so she could go to a convention. good choice, a+++

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