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>Halloween approaching
>my favorite time of year, always make a big deal about costume
>no idea what I wanted to wear this year
>panic and despair
>look through related thread today
>suddenly reminded of character I loved as a child
>inspiration: GOT

I'm so hype right now. now I get to buy a few things and plan my make.
I'm so happy, gulls. I wasn't able to celebrate Halloween growing up so it's been a big deal for me as an adult. having this to look forward to is wonderful.

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old one here: >>9456646

>be lonelita
>visitor stops by my workplace
>mentions she's seen me in lolita
>we talk briefly, find out she also wears lolita but sold most of her wardrobe
>offers to hang out and get frilly together
>before she leaves we exchange contact info

might have her over to my house for the dress up hang out of my dreams!!!


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