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Okay, I know this is slightly tangential but I'm upset and really need to bitch about it.
I'm under an insane amount of stress right now and I think I literally worried myself sick. I managed to catch two infections that I have to take antibiotics for AND got bit by a mosquito three times in the ankle which I'm highly allergic to. The antibiotics mean I won't be able to drink think week or eat anything sugary. Which you know... it's fucking Halloween, it's the holiday of goddamn sugar. I've been looking forward to it all month. Even so, I could get past that. But the allergic reaction I'm having to the mosquito bites is making my ankle swell like crazy which means I won't be able to wear the shoes I wanted to with my costume. It's killing my drive to dress up at all, but I already bought everything so no sense letting it go to waste. This was my one break from all of the stress and I can't even enjoy it. It's only going downhill from here and I don't know how to cope with it anymore.

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Those delicious little Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies are sold out everywhere. I can't celebrate Halloween now.

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I've tried typing this like four times and I'm just too tired. I hate the working world and I've only tasted a fraction of it at my internship. I have zero time to be on my phone anymore let alone the hobbies that actually bring me joy. My sewing machine is rotting untouched, my cosplay is still only half-made in my project bin, and the commission I was assigned before this shithole began is glaring at me. I've barely managed to sleep 3-5 hours each night this week because of the fucking workload and it's only week 1. I'm genuinely so afraid that I've put all my passion into a career that is going to suck my soul dry and spit me out a bitter person.

I just want to see my boyfriend and sew pretty things and sleep at reasonably times and hours.. And of course I have to be gaining weight on top of it all. I have to choke back the bad-body feelings every time I get dressed for work. I'm so afraid and sad and unhappy anons. Please tell me its not always going to be like this for the rest of my life

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