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why would voldie respond to her own post like >>10485494 you retarded fucking namefag?
Fuck you, it's called fucking nostalgia, if you weren't retarded, you would remember we used to like that here
oh you hate nostalgia so much huh, that's why you're namefagging like a decade later during a pandemic?
here's your fucking modern age; begone, scrote
Fuck all fucking namefags and tripfags, you were fags when you were teenagers, you're even worse now, congratulations, I shiggy diggy doo
Sage for eat my asshole

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If I do, will you take responsibility and date me instead, anon?
>tfw great boyfriend has awkward, judgemental family
>tfw they spend all of Christmas dinner having an intellectual dick-measuring contest and one-upping each other
>tfw can't open my mouth without his asshole brother interrupting
>tfw I put on a full coord for this

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you're an idiot dude

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>is non-print more expenssive
lurk or shut up.
why are non-lolitas always the obnoxious vocal ones? this is the dream dress thread. it's supposed to be a nice and encouraging thread. we don't criticize people's dream items, we help them find those items.

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haaaado passu on this self-deluding predator.
>I'm not even particularly slightly at all kinda sort of not really even sexually attracted to children at all...in the least...but ~physically~ I'm attracted to aroooound 14, though I prefer that 12-yr-old look, know what I'm sayin'? ;-)

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how long have you been illiterate?

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>If someone had vitiligo, would you point that out as bleach spots?
holy shit, come on. I'm all for wk-ing scenequeenclaire's-chan because I like this different style pov she offers and want to encourage her towards gitin' gud but don't you dare compare something a person can't control, like a condition like vitiligo(!), to >>10127225 poorly executed nose contour, which is not only a matter of skill, but completely a choice to attempt.
just stop.

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>biological womens’ struggles
revisit the thread description and tell me where you see anything about this being for women only?
it's a Tall Lolita inspo&info thread. project somewhere else.
try being secure for a change. I've been tall all my life. I don't let anyone deny me my femininity and neither should you. you have some issues to work out if you are even the slightest bit threatened by males or folks assigned male at birth.

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>asks if replicas are okay, seeming to want group's approval
>gets offended when people answer her question
>proceeds to deny needing anyone's approval

??? did she expect people to say that replicas were awesome and to give her asspats? seems like that's the option she was hoping for.

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>Every other race likes me
>WHOLE races, I'm sure of it
already grimacing, but then you hit me with >mutt mystery meat

you sound like a gross person. It's very likely you.
a lot of international people can be cliquey after immigrating but if people continue to be rude to you maybe, just maybe, you are doing something to offend them.
It's possible that you are prejudiced against asian women and some are picking up on cues in your behavior or speech.

I knew someone who would straight up unknowingly prepositions in her sentences or otherwise speak in broken english when speaking to the waitresses at a local Chinese restaurant. it was terrible. Like, once she heard the accent her sentence structure with them went to shit.

Bring it up with someone who you trust so they can let you know if you are flashing distasteful microexpressions at Asian people you encounter.

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what do you think anon?

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okay. I've just about had it officially.
we don't bitch each other out about eeeverything here. you are keeping the atmosphere negative by being so aggressive and insulting from the jump. please take a nap, have one off, eat some vegetables...whatever you need to do to take the edge off and properly interact.

you've been calling everyone and their mom's a retard and escalating disagreements. Find another way to contribute or go instigate on another board.

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the purpose if this thread is to post itas, not nitpick coords you would otherwise like if one or two things were switched out.

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>says can vote for multiple candidates once a day
>unchecks other candidate when I click an additional one
>figure maybe it's one vote per candidate per day
>go through with single vote, hoping to be able to return and cast different vote
>"Voting is limited to once in 24 hrs"

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So, I was so excited thinking I could wear lolita to my new job once or twice every week.
welp, those dreams have been dashed.
I've worn lolita 5 times so far, mostly sweet/old school sweet, once a casual spank-inspired coord. Just heard from my supervisor who told me in private that some of my male coworkers are 'uncomfortable'. Someone mentioned to her that I wore a french maid outfit once.
I haven't even worn an apron coord yet, let alone anything that resembles a freaking maid outfit.
I am aware that normie+older in age is often the worst combo for wearing jfash around, but it was immediately apparent from the bit she repeated that it had little to do with my outfits and a lot to do with how one or two guys perceived them.
so now I guess I have to only wear on days off and weekends. supremely bummed.
>thanks to ignorant normies, who think anything with lace and printed stockings is a maid outfit, my fashion Friday tradition is no more.
>still dressing up for the holiday party though so dwi

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I was wondering when the extreme nitpicking would begin. Beige is a neutral friendo.

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Both of you are terrible now move on and be terrible with the rest of us

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